Main Directorate for Road Traffic Safety (Russia)

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A Russian ГАИ officer
Exhibits museum of History of Donetsk militia, Ukraine
A 1970s- or 80s-vintage GAZ-24 Volga, in the period squad car livery, installed as a monument in front of the Nizhny Novgorod Main Directorate for Road Traffic Safety headquarters.

Main Directorate for Road Traffic Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia (Russian: Главное управление по обеспечению безопасности дорожного движения МВД России, ГУ ОБДД), popularly known under its historical abbreviation GAI (ГАИ), is the Russian Traffic Patrol.

They are responsible for the regulation of traffic, investigating traffic accidents, and manning the stop lights. ГАИ officers are called "ГАИ inspectors" in Russia. The ГАИ is part of the Public Security Service of the MVD.

Other names[edit]

  • Departament of Ensuring Road Traffic Safety of MVD of Russia (Russian: Департамент обеспечения безопасности дорожного движения МВД России, ДОБДД) abbreviated as DOBDD, since 1994
  • State Inspection for Road Traffic Safety (Russian: Государственная Инспекция по безопасности дорожного движения) abbreviated as GIBDD, since 2002
  • GAI (Russian: ГАИ; IPA: [ɡɐˈi]), short for State Automobile Inspectorate (Russian: Государственная Автомобильная Инспекция, tr. Gosudarstvennaya Avtomobilnaya Inspektsiya), until 2011
  • DPS (ДПС (Дорожно-патрульная служба (Dorozhno-patrulnaya sluzhba))), Road Inspection Service - a part of the GAI/GIBDD directly responsible for patrolling the streets

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