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GC may stand for:

Education organizations[edit]

Other organizations[edit]

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Other sciences[edit]




  • Gas chromatography (gas–liquid chromatography), a common type of chromatography used in analytic chemistry for separating and analyzing compounds that can be vaporized without decomposition
  • Gigacoulomb, an SI symbol for electric charge equal to 109 coulomb

Other uses[edit]

  • GC (character), a fictitious cat on 1980s Mexican television
  • gc (digraph)
  • GC (gene), encodes the vitamin D-binding protein also known as gc-globulin
  • Gambia International Airlines (IATA code), the national airline of The Gambia, headquartered in Banjul
  • Nintendo GameCube, a video game console
  • Games Convention held in Leipzig, Germany
  • General classification, the aggregate placing in a multiple-stage cycling race
  • General counsel, the chief lawyer of a legal department, usually in a corporation or government department
  • Genetic counseling, in which patients are advised of the consequences and nature of a genetic disorder
  • George Cross, the highest civil decoration of the United Kingdom, and also holds, or has held, that status in many of the other countries of the Commonwealth of Nations
  • DIN 19303 code for pigment-coated, virgin mechanical pulp paperboard
  • Global Community, the fictional world government/state described in the Left Behind series
  • Green card, the informal name for an ID card attesting to the permanent resident status of an immigrant in the United States.
  • Geocaching, Geocache