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Developer(s) Tian et al.
Stable release 6.4 / July 26, 2006; 8 years ago (2006-07-26)
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Database management system
License GPL
Website http://home.gna.org/gcfilms/

GCfilms is an application for managing a movie collection, now replaced by GCstar. Detailed information on each movie can be automatically retrieved from the Internet and the user can store additional data, such as the location, format or whom he/she has lent them to. The user may also search and filter the collection by criteria such as director, genre, rating and more.

According to the developer's web page, GCfilms is being superseded by a similar, more generalized personal collections manager, GCstar.


Automatic retrieval[edit]

Information concerning the movie can be automatically retrieved from various Internet websites. Information about movies can also be entered in manually.

Import and export[edit]

GCfilms supports importing collections created by other movie database programs such as Tellico or Ant Movie Catalog. The movies lists can also be exported to various formats including HTML, XML or SQL.

The mascot[edit]

The GCfilms mascot is a blue periscope named Péri. He was created by LE SPEKTRE.


GCfilms may be used on any system for which Gtk2-Perl is available. It is included in many Linux distributions, and also in FreeBSD ports. A version for Microsoft Windows also exists.


GCfilms is released under the GNU General Public License. Images associated with the project, for example Péri, are released under a dual license: GNU General Public License (to be used in GCfilms) and Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike License v. 2.5 (to let other designers use it).

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