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Gea is an Italian comic created by Luca Enoch and published by Sergio Bonelli Editore. It's the first series published by Sergio Bonelli Editore written and drawn by a single author. The first edition of the series has been published from July 1999 to November 2007, counting 18 issues.

The Characters[edit]

Gea is an orphan teenager that plays the bass guitar in a band and practices Kendo, but she is also a member of the "cast of the bulwarks" that defends the Earth from extra-dimensional's beings, her weapon is a sword that she pulls out of her bass guitar.

Like every other member of the “cast of the bulwarks” she is affected by photophobia and achromatopsia, this forces her to alway wear sunglasses. Gea shares the loft where she lives with three sprites and a cat Called Cagliostro.

Cagliostro is Gea’s black cat and helps her in her mission, warning her of eventual dimensional intrusions through a white star that appears on his head.

The “Uncle” is a mysterious character that supervise Gea’s work, communicating with her just through the telephone. Gea’s mission is to make sure that different worlds don’t get in touch, avoiding any cultural and affective contact between the different dimensions. Gea doesn’t follow strictly the rules, letting some harmless “intruders” illegally stay in her world.


In 2005, collaborating with the Venetian University “Ca’ Foscari”, Luca Enoch publishes a special issue of Gea, “Gea nel paese delle differenze” (Gea in differences land) with the purpose of celebrating disable students pride.