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GFMS Ltd (formerly, Gold Fields Mineral Services), formed in August 1989, is a leading independent precious metals consultancy specialising in global gold, silver, platinum and palladium market research.

GFMS Ltd has three sister companies under the parent GFMS Group: GFMS Metals Consulting-focusing on base metals and steel; GFMS Mining & Exploration Consulting-mining and exploration; and GFMS Analytics-immediate market analysis.

The consultancy’s core publication is the annual Gold Survey, which began in 1967. Consolidated Gold Fields – a mining conglomerate that was later taken over by Hanson in 1989, originally launched the Gold Survey. After the take over, GFMS was formed the same year to continue the Survey. GFMS also produces the annual World Silver Survey and the annual Platinum & Palladium Survey.

In 1998, members of the research team completed a management buy out of GFMS from GFSA, and the consultancy gained full independence. In 2002, GFMS became the first research company to become an associate member of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

In August 2011, GFMS became a part of Thomson Reuters.[1]

The consultancy is based in London and has representation in Russia, China, India, Australia, France, Germany and Spain.

Philip Klapwijk was formerly GFMS’ Executive Chairman.

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