GIANT AntiSpyware

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GIANT AntiSpyware
Developer(s) Formerly GIANT Company Software, Inc
Stable release Windows Defender
Operating system Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Server 2003
Type Spyware removal software
License Proprietary
Website Windows Defender

GIANT AntiSpyware was a spyware detection and removal application developed by GIANT Company Software, Inc.

GIANT Company Software, Inc. was acquired by Microsoft Corporation on December 16, 2004.[1] GIANT AntiSpyware is no longer sold and Microsoft stopped releasing spyware definition updates for it in August 2006.

Microsoft's Windows Defender (formerly Microsoft AntiSpyware) program is built upon a restructured version of GIANT AntiSpyware.

Sunbelt's CounterSpy was based on GIANT and is still usable this day. But, the code is completely different now than GIANT.