GMAC Insurance

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GMAC Insurance
Type Subsidiary of Ally Financial
Industry Insurance and finance
Founded 1939
Headquarters Winston-Salem, NC, USA
Products Auto insurance
GMAC Insurance Tower in Downtown Winston-Salem

Founded in 1939 as Motors Insurance Corporation, the GMAC Insurance Group is a property and casualty insurance company in the United States and is a subsidiary of Ally Financial. Ally has agreed to sell GMAC Insurance Group to Maiden Holdings pending regulatory approval.[1]

GMAC Insurance is the only insurance company in the United States to come from within the automotive industry.

The GMAC Insurance umbrella constitute the 15th-largest underwriting company in the United States.[2]

The owners of GMAC insurance are the Karfunkels.

In March 2012, GMAC Insurance was added to the CoverHound comparison shopping platform.[3]

Effective July 1, 2013, GMAC Insurance changed its name to National General Insurance.[4]


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