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GMAPIR stands for Graduate Master of Arts Program in International Relations. The Program is situated in Warsaw the capital of Poland and is provided by University of Warsaw.

The GMAPIR is a unique format which not only introduces the student to the workings of International relations, but also is responsive to interdisciplinary concerns such as law, finance, history, and culture. All subjects are interlinked in order to enhance the students understanding of the globalized world of today. The program is taught in English, by staff at the Institute of International Relations (Instytut Stosunków Międzynarodowych) and it was created in 2006.

Students at GMAPIR come from all over the world. Students originating from Nigeria in the south, to Norway in the north and from the United States in the west, to China in the east have graduated the programme. Thus contributing to an international environment, which in itself, is important to the study of International Relations. Professors and lecturers come from Poland, England and the United States.

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