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GMV Nashville
GMV Nashville Logo.gif
Founded 2007
Founder Jeff Walker
Genre Country
Country of origin USA
Location Nashville, Tennessee
Official website

GMV Nashville is a digital record label based in Nashville, Tennessee, founded by Jeff Walker in 2007.[1]


Walker founded the label primarily to release digital versions of classic releases from Con Brio Records, which was founded by Walker and his father, Bill Walker. Con Brio Records was active from 1975 to 1979 and won Billboard Magazine's "Best New Label Of The Year" in 1977.[2]

GMV Nashville's first releases included out-of-print material from Con Brio artists Terri Hollowell, Dale McBride, Lori Parker, and Don King.[2] It later expanded its catalog to include contemporary artists such as Lane Brody, Maggie Sajak, Exile, Amber Hayes special releases from the Charlie Daniels Band, Toy Caldwell's only solo album, and compilations such as the This Is My America collection.[3]


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