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GNO Multitasking Environment
Developer Procyon Enterprises, Devin Reade
OS family Unix-like
Source model Open source
Initial release 1991; 23 years ago (1991)
Latest release 2.0.6 / February 15, 1999; 15 years ago (1999-02-15)
Marketing target Personal computing
Platforms Apple IIGS
License Freeware
Official website

The GNO Multitasking Environment, also known as GNO/ME or GNO for short, is a Unix-like operating system for the Apple IIGS computer. It was developed by Procyon Enterprises and sold commercially from 1991 through August 1996, when it was released as freeware. Development continued by Devin Reade, who released the current version 2.0.6 on 15 February 1999. The source code has since been released via GitHub.[1]

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