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GNOME Boxes Source Selection Screen.png
The box creation "Source Selection" screen for Boxes 3.5.
Developer(s) The GNOME Project
Stable release 3.14.2 (November 13, 2014; 2 months ago (2014-11-13)) [±][1]
Preview release 3.15.1 (October 30, 2014; 2 months ago (2014-10-30)) [±][2]
Development status Active
Written in C, Vala
Platform GNOME
License GNU GPL[3]

Boxes, also known as GNOME Boxes is an application of the GNOME Desktop Environment, used to access remote or virtual systems.

History and functionality[edit]

GNOME Boxes was initially introduced as beta software in GNOME 3.3 (development branch for 3.4) as of Dec 2011,[4] and as a preview release in GNOME 3.4.[5] Its primary functions are as a virtual machine manager and remote filesystem browser, utilizing the libvirt, libvirt-glib, and libosinfo technologies.[6] This enables the viewing of remote systems and virtual machines on other computers in addition to locally-created virtual machines. Boxes possesses the ability to easily create local virtual machines from a standard disk image file, such as an ISO image while requiring minimum user input.


Boxes was originally developed by Marc-André Lureau, Zeeshan Ali, Alexander Larsson and Christophe Fergeau[7] and is currently being maintained and developed by Zeeshan Ali.

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