GN Bouw Stadion

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GN Bouw Stadion (Dutch pronunciation: [ɣeɪ̯ʔ.ˈɛn ˈbɑu̯ ˈstaː.di.jɔn]) is a multi-use all-seater stadium in Dordrecht, Netherlands. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of FC Dordrecht. The stadium is able to hold 4,100 people for football matches. The Stadium is named after the buildingcompany that rebuilt the stadium in 1996. Formerly the stadium was known as 'De Krommedijk' [də ˈkrɔ.mə.ˌdɛi̯k].

Coordinates: 51°48′09″N 4°41′24″E / 51.80250°N 4.69000°E / 51.80250; 4.69000