GP Basic

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GP Basic
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Genres Pop, dance, hip hop, R&B
Years active 2010 (2010)–present
Associated acts
  • Kim Shin-Il (manager/producer)
  • Ye-A
  • Zion
  • Trinity
  • Amet
  • Mui
  • Janey
Past members
  • Hannah
  • Leah

GP Basic (Korean: 지피 베이직) is a South Korean girl group who debuted on August 15, 2010. At the time of their debut, they were considered to be the "youngest" South Korean girl group with an average age of below 13.5. The age of their youngest member, Janey, caused controversy followed by the debut of a much younger girl group, G-story, who were all below 10 years old. This led to new broadcasting regulations in South Korea.[1]

Their official fanclub name is Spade.


The group is composed of five girls under GP Basic Entertainment. The girls made their debut with their song "Game" in August 2010. The group's average age during their debut was 13.5 years old, causing controversy.

In November 2010, the youngest member, Janey, was prohibited from performing on music shows due to new regulations regarding age.

In 2011, GP Basic made their comeback on various music programs with the single "Jelly Pop". Their new song consist of a very interesting concept regarding the color of their hair, which were all dyed blonde. The youngest member, Janey, garnered much interest due to her exceptional confidence, rapping and dancing skills on stage despite her young age.

In 2013, it was announced that Janey would be joining D-Unit as a guest member.[2] However the group sat down for an interview with Star N News, where Janey stated that GP Basic has not disbanded and she is still a member of the group. She explained: “I take charge of rap, energy, and prettiness in the team. In the past, I've always wanted to try being with D-Unit unnis and I'm glad that I actually had the chance in their anticipated comeback.” and “Although I joined D-Unit, GP Basic is not disbanding. I fit in D-Unit’s current album concept so I joined as a guest member."[3] She was recommended by Block B's Zico into D-Unit. Janey returned to GP Basic in July 2013.

On January 1, 2014, the group's official Facebook photo was changed to announce their comeback in February 2014. The group made a comeback on February 6, 2014, with "Pika Burnjuck". Their comeback was made with only five members - as Leah has reportedly left the group due to personal reasons - although the company has not made an official statement on the matter.

On July 14, Leah was revealed as one of the members of the new girl group Ye-A, named Chai.


Current members[edit]

  • Zion (Park Sohee 박소희)
  • Trinity (Jung Hyesun 정혜선)
  • Amet (Kim Yunhee 김연희)
  • Kim Mui (김무이)
  • Janey (Byeon Seungmi 변승미)[4]

Former members[edit]

  • Hannah (Jeon Yejoo 전예주)
  • Leah (Kim Yoohyun 김유현)[4]



Digital singles[edit]

  • 2010 : Game
  • 2010 : I'll Be There
  • 2011 : Jelly Pop
  • 2011 : V
  • 2011 : Christmas Carol
  • 2012 : Edge Ta
  • 2014 : Pika Burnjuck (Sleek/Shiny)


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