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The GRES Unidos de Padre Miguel is a samba school in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Headquartered in Rua Mesquita, in the neighborhood of Padre Miguel, the school appears to be seen like the younger sister of Mocidade.

In its first parade in 1959, which took place in Praça Onze, it was one of the councils of the Rural Zone that won the championship and acquired the right to present itself among other famous samba schools for the commencing year (1960). However, the bad rank it obtained caused it to return to be "A poeira" (The dust), and part of the inferior categories again. In 1963, it was awarded a good grade in the intermediary group and ascended to Group 1. So, for the next season, it was able to return to Group 2.

The school, that came to parade for other two years in the First Group (1971 and 1972), has recently had a su with three consecutive accesses obtained from 2003 to 2006. Already in Grupo B in 2007, it conquered an honorable sixth position. This is a remarkable performance, considering it had stayed in Group E until 2004.[1][2]

In this way the sympathetic and lovable samba school displays itself to the public, overcoming the little resources it has, with enthusiasm and passion at the parades.


Unidos de Padre Miguel
Place Group Plot Carnival Producer
1998 7th D Pelo seu vôo quero me guiar para a Amazônia Ronaldo
1999 4th D Paixão Carioca Fernando Muniz
2000 4th C Bahia de todos os negros Cidinho
2001 12th C Trinca de ouro – Mocidade e seus tesouros By Lucas
2002 12th D Brasil de Ouro, Cinco Séculos de Tesouro Jaime da Silva
2003 6th E Unidos pela preservação, somos mensageiros da floresta Chiquinho Murta
2004 2nd E Bangu, glórias em séculos de histórias Márcio Marins
2005 1st D Abram alas que eu quero passar. Sou carnaval carioca sou Unidos de Padre Miguel André Cézari
2006 1st C Da lágrimas do tupã, nasce o fruto divino: o guaraná Edson Pereira
2007 3rd B Unidos pelos caminhos da fé, desbravando os carnavais Edson Pereira
2008 3rd B No reino das águas de Olucôn Edson Pereira
2009 1st Place RJ-1 Vinho, néctar dos deuses – A celebração da vida Edward Moraes e
Guilherme Alexandre
2010 11th Lugar Acesso Aço: Universo presente na riqueza da terra – o futuro a ti pertence Edward Moraes e
Guilherme Alexandre
2011 3rd B

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