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Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Samba Unidos de Vila Isabel is a Samba School in Rio de Janeiro. It was thrice champion of the Special Group and is currently headquartered in Boulevard 28 de Setembro in Vila Isabel.

The Unidos de Vila Isabel samba school was crowned the winner of the 2013 Rio Carnival on Wednesday for its attractive and colourful parade highlighting rural life and the customs of the Brazilian interior. Vila Isabel obtained 299.7 points out of a maximum score of 300.


Football is on the foundation of the 'Vila Isabel', as there was in the neighborhood in 1945, a block known as Red and White. The removal of some components has resulted in the creation of a football team with the colors blue and white, later transformed into a new carnival. Antonio Fernandes da Silveira, the "China", registered the company in the União Geral das Escolas de Samba, founded thus on April 4 of 1946, the school.

The home of "China", the first president of the school, he served until 1958 as headquarters of the party. The tests were performed in Field Andaraí. The first plot of the Village,From Slave to Queenwas attended by only 100 components in the parade square Eleven: 27 percussionists, 13 Bahia and another 50 people. Paulo Brazão, one of the founders of the school, was one of the biggest winners of the theme song Vila Isabel in 1960, the school won first place in Group 3, with the plotPoet of the Slaves.

One of the best known figures of the school is, undoubtedly, Martinho da Vila. His entry into the guild held in 1965: it was part of the Samba School Learners of Boca do Mato and it was off to the Empire Serrano, when an invitation to join the wing of the Vila Isabel composers. In the new school, Martin has restructured the way you compose samba-plots, with the introduction of lyrics and melodies softer, emplacando 4 sambas consecutively. In the carnival of 1967, Martinho da Vila composedCarnival of Illusions,in 1968Four Centuries of Fashion and Costumesin 1969,Iaiá Cais Gold and1970,GloryGaúchas.

In 1979, the village was victorious in Group 1B, with a plot made by Yedda Pinheiro, talking about the golden years of Carlos Machado. It was the first time a school honored a major culture still alive. It is common place, but this was the first time this was done.

In the special, Vila Isabel won only their first championship in 1988, the parade theme song Kizomba, a festa da raça. The parade marked the samba runway, for abuse of alternative materials such as straw and sisal, and the claw of the components of the school. For many who know the school parades, this was perhaps the best show that if there is news. Unfortunately, due to a severe storm, which left the city of Rio de Janeiro in a state of emergency, the Parade of Champions was not performed.

After the victory of 1988, the school has achieved a good result withLaw is lawin 1989 (No. 4), that year was marked before the committee made up of women pregnant s. But the 1990s, the school alternated between the 7th and 12th place. In 2000, however, the Vila Isabel was in 13th place, down to the Access Group A. In 2002, with a story about Nilton Santos has left the village up to the Special Group in error of a judge, who left us 10 that the village would be given by a lower note, which would be given to União da Ilha. Thus, the Acadêmicos de Santa Cruz, was champion.

In 2004, with a story about the city of Paraty, the village returns to particular became champion of the Access Group, beating the favorite Santa Cruz, and scholars of Rocinha. In 2005 and Joãozinho Trinta in front, who suffered a stroke can not continue working on the village brought a story about ships gave him 10th place.

After spending years without court trials, Ru, president of the school, arranged for the school hall Ecuador, which lies in Boulevard September 28 with the street Rocha Fragoso, to relinquish its gymnasium. Currently the school has a block of tests located in the Boulevard, in what was the final season of the tramway, which was the car park and garage Detran the former CTC.

n 2006, Vila Isabel Avenue led to the plot "Soy loco por ti America - The town sings the Latin civilization, the carnival Alexandre Louzada, and got his second title, after much suffering in the calculation. With an infectious chorus, the theme song of the Vila Isabel was one of the most made the bleachers singing and, curiously, was what determined the title. The company PDVSA, Venezuela's state oil company, funded the carnival of Vila Isabel with a donation of $ 900 thousand. However, according to a report of "Official in Brazil" by March 3, 2006, Venezuelan authorities are investigating the sponsorship and its true value, as there are versions that the amount was between US$ 450 to $ 2 million. The Venezuelan morningReportreported on its cover more than 500 people traveled to Rio de Janeiro, with all expenses paid by PDVSA to cheer the parade of Vila Isabel.Em 2007, with plot talking about theMetamorphoses, of Cid Carvalho, which debuted solo career, ending in 6th position.

In the carnival of 2008, talking about the Workers of Brazil, the village has a parade with rich and visually perfect. However, a maneuver error in the 8th last car affect the school's Christmas, but have not taken the shine of the new Queen of battery (Natalia Guimaraes) which hit the boulevard.

In the carnival of 2009, the village spoke about the centenary of the Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro, with the theme "In this Stage ofFolia, My Village Announces: Municipal Theater, the Centenary Wonder, authored by the carnival Alex de Souza, which in partnership with the controversial Paulo Barros, finished in 4th place.

For the carnival of 2010, the village spoke about the centenary of Noel Rosa, with the plot "Noel: the presence of the poet'sVillage," with a samba composed by Martinho da Vila, the first time since 1993. In the end, the school was in 4th place.


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