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Studio album by GRITS
Released March 7, 2006
Genre Southern hip hop
Label Gotee Records
GRITS chronology
Dichotomy B
Heeyy EP

GRITS 7, the musical group GRITS's Seventh CD was released on Gotee Records in 2006. The majority of the songs come from previously released albums, heavily from the Dichotomy albums, but there are three new songs: "Changes", "I Try", and "Time to Pray".

Track listing[edit]

  1. Here We Go
  2. Tennessee Bwoys
  3. Make Room (Pettidee Remix)
  4. Ooh, Ahh (Liquid remix) (featuring TobyMac)
  5. Where R U Going?
  6. Bobbin' Bouncin'
  7. Hittin' Curves (featuring Syntyst)
  8. I Be (featuring Pettidee)
  9. Changes
  10. If I...
  11. I Try (featuring Jason Eskridge)
  12. Get Down
  13. Lovechild (featuring Antonio Phelon)
  14. High
  15. Sippin' Some Tea
  16. Time To Pray (featuring Lisa Kimmey)
  17. Jay Mumbles Mega Mix (featuring IZ)