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A GS25 store
  • South Korea's representative CVS.
  • GS25 is a South Korean chain of convenience stores operating under its parent company, GS Retail, which in turn is a subsidiary of GS Group.
  • Launched in 1990 as the first independent convenience store brand in Korea, GS25 stands proud as the representative CVS of Korea. Since opening its first store, GS25 has made numerous innovations offering customized services. As a domestic brand which represents Korea, it has firmly kept its position as the industry leader since its establishment.
  1. 14 times Awarded the 'Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index(KCSI)'.
  2. 11 times Awarded 'The most respected company in Korea'.
  3. 11 times Awarded the 'Korean Standard Service Quality Index(KS-SQI)'.
  • GS25 started in December, 1990 with the launching of the 'Gyeonghee Store'.
  • Highest sales per store in the industry.
  • Differentiated goods and living services unique to GS25.
  • Safe and tasty food supplied by 'Fresh Serve'.

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