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Mission type Communication
Operator ISRO
Mission duration 12 years planned
Spacecraft properties
Bus I-3K
Manufacturer ISRO Satellite Centre
Space Applications Centre
Launch mass 3,100 kilograms (6,800 lb)
Start of mission
Launch date 2014-16 (planned)
Rocket Ariane 5ECA
Launch site Kourou ELA-3
Contractor Arianespace
Orbital parameters
Reference system Geocentric
Regime Geostationary
Longitude 93.5° East
Band 24 Ku-band
Bandwidth 36 megahertz

GSAT-15 is an Indian communication satellite similar to GSAT-10 to augment the capacity of transponders to provided more bandwidth for Direct-to-Home television and VSAT services. The satellite will be the 10th one in the series of GSAT satellites.


The satellite will carry 24 ku band transponders and 2 GAGAN navigational payloads.[1] Besides that it will also carry 2 Ku-Band beacons.[2]


GSAT-15 which will be the 10th communication satellite, will have estimated lifespan of 12 years. It will augment telecommunication, Direct-To-Home and radio navigation services.[3][4]


The satellite will launched and insured with an amount of INR 860 Crore.Department of space has approved INR 800 Crore for the satellite in financial year 2013-14.[5]


GSAT-15 is proposed to be launched in time frame of 2014-16.

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