GSO Stadium

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GSO Stadium
Full name Gymnastikos Syllogos Olympia Stadium
Location Limassol, Cyprus
Owner GSO
Operator GSO
Built 1898
Opened 1899
Expanded 1910, 1954
Closed 1975
Demolished 1975
AEL (1930-1975)
Aris (1930-1975)

GSO Stadium or Gymnastic Club Olympia Stadium (Greek: Γυμναστικός Σύλλογος Ολύμπια; Γ.Σ.Ο.) was a stadium in Limassol, Cyprus. In July 1892, a group of locals founded the gymnastics club "Olympia" (GSO), which is the oldest gymnastics club in Cyprus. The stadium was constructed in 1898 and opened in 1899 with the event of the 3rd Pancyprian Athletics Games. The gym then had a perimeter track about 300 meters and a capacity of 700 spectators. In 1902 horse racing competitions were held in the stadium, and in 1904 the first flower festival was organized. In 1908 the stadium held the first tennis matches. In 1910 a new 1000 spectators stand was built.

In 1925 the association organized the first Pan-Hellenic Athletics Games, and in 1929 the first island-wide school competition. In 1931 the Metropolitan Nicodemus Mylonas initiated the national uprising, known as 'Oktovriana'. In 1954, after a donation by the N. Lanitis family, a new entrance was erected, while additional wooden benches for 2000 spectators were added.[1]

The stadium served as home ground to AEL, and Aris. In 1975 these teams relocated to the then newly built Tsirion Stadium. Since 2008 the area serves as a sports park.