GS Caltex

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GS Caltex
Type Joint venture
Industry Oil refiner
Founded 1966
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Area served Worldwide
Products Petroleum products
Parent GS Energy

GS Caltex is a South Korean oil refiner. The company changed its name from LG-Caltex Oil Corporation to GS Caltex Corporation on January 27, 2006. It is jointly owned by Chevron and GS Group.

GS Caltex[edit]

GS Caltex was founded in May 1967 as the first private oil company in Korea.[citation needed] GS Caltex provides more than one-third of Korea’s oil needs and exports over 50% of its products.

Production Base[edit]

  1. Refining Facilities : GS Caltex has crude oil refining facilities with a capacity of 775,000 barrels per day (123,200 m3/d).
  2. Kero-Diesel Hydrodesulfurization Facilities : GS Caltex desulfurizes 272,000 barrels (43,200 m3) of kerosene and diesel each day.

Business Domain[edit]

  1. Petroleum : GS Caltex has a daily production capacity of 775,000 BPSD and more than 50% of total output is exported.
  2. Petrochemicals : GS Caltex constructed a polypropylene plant in 1988. That was followed by expansion into the aromatics business in 1990. Currently, GS Caltex manufactures basic petrochemicals.
  3. Base Oil & Lubricants : In November 2007, GS Caltex began base oil production with a capacity of 16,000 BPSD. As of 2011, its production capacity reached 26,000 BPSD;GS Caltex exports more than 70% of its total base oil production. GS Caltex produces 9,000 BPSD of lubricants per day and 8,000 MTA of grease products a year.

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