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GU Energy Labs
Founder Bill Vaughan
Headquarters Berkeley, California, United States
Key people
Brian Vaughan, president
Products Energy Gels and other sports nutrition food products
Number of employees
50 (2011)

GU Energy Labs is a Berkeley, California-based producer of energy gels and other performance sports nutrition products. The company was founded in 1994 by Bill Vaughan.

Corporate history[edit]

GU Energy Labs was founded in 1994 by biophysicist Bill Vaughan, based on products he developed for his daughter's athletics.[1][2] It was named GU as a play-on-words for "goo" due to the consistency of energy gels.[2] Bill's son Brian Vaughan now runs the company.[2] In June 2011, GU Energy Labs moved its operations and 50 employees from a 13,000-square-foot (1,200 m2) space to one with twice as much floor space in Berkeley's 4th Street shopping district.[3][4] As part of the move, the company's operations, which were previously spread among multiple buildings, were consolidated and its shipping operations were taken in-house.[4] In 2013, in conjunction with the Challenged Athletes Foundation, GU Energy Labs helped raise money for prosthetic legs for children.[5]


GU Energy Labs produces sports nutrition products, intended to increase the endurance of athletes.[6] It produces and markets energy gels that include carbohydrates, amino acids, electrolytes and caffeine.[7] It also has caffeine-free versions.[8] Gel packets come in different flavors, such as blackberry, chocolate, mandarin orange,[8] and peppermint stick.[9] They have a sticky gooey consistency.[10] Other products produced by GU Energy Labs include energy chews, drink mixes (called "brews"), brew tablets, and a Roctane Ultra Endurance line that includes an energy drink mix and gel.[11]


The Chicago Tribune said the vanilla-flavored products, like most energy gels, tasted "weird".[10] A reporter for The Oregonian said the flavors were "hit-or-miss", but the peppermint flavor was a "bulls-eye" for his tastes.[9] In comparison to other gels, GU Energy Labs products have a thicker consistency and a stronger flavor.[8]


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