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The GWR 1901 Class was a class of 120 small 0-6-0 saddle tank steam locomotives. Numbered 1901-2020, they were designed by George Armstrong (responsible to William Dean at Swindon) and built at the Wolverhampton railway works, England, of the Great Western Railway between 1881 and 1895. They had wheels of 4'0" diameter and a coupled wheelbase of 13'8".

No. 1935 at Oxford Locomotive Depot 22 February 1953

The class was considered to be part of the very similar 850 Class after the latter was reboilered in the 1890s. The whole series was later rebuilt again as pannier tanks and, in this form, 44 of them survived into British Railways ownership. Their BR numbers were 992 and 1903-2019 (with gaps).


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