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GWR 4900 Class 4-6-0 No. 4979 Wootton Hall is a steam locomotive. It was built at Swindon, February 1930, and was one of 258 Hall class steam locomotives constructed.

Its first shed allocation was Plymouth Laira and after 32 years of service it ended up at Oxford. During this time it was allocated to sheds in Penzance, Tyseley, Severn Tunnel Junction, Cardiff Canton, and ended its days in the London Division of the Western Region of British Railways, based at Southall, Reading, Didcot and finally Oxford in July 1958. It was used for a variety of duties including fast passenger service and freight.[1]

It was withdrawn from service in December 1963 and acquired by Woodham Brothers scrapyard in Barry, South Wales, in June 1964.[2]


Of the 259 Hall Class locomotives built, 11 have been preserved. No. 4979 was one of several Halls salvaged from Woodhams' Scrapyard. It was sold to Fleetwood Locomotive Centre in Lancashire, and left as the 179th departure from Barry in October 1986.[2]

In 1994 it was purchased by the Furness Railway Trust and stored at Lytham Motive Power Museum. In March 2007 it was moved to a new storage site at the Appleby Heritage Centre where preventative maintenance has been carried out prior to full restoration.[1] With the completion of the FRT's new accommodation at the Ribble Steam Railway at Preston in Lancashire, it is planned that 4979 will be moved into the new shed where the restoration can continue under cover. In advance of this a number of parts have been gathered.


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