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Gabdulkhay Akhatov
Габдулхай Хурамович Ахатов
Габделхәй Хурам улы Əхәтов
Portrait of Professor Gabdulkhay Akhatov
Born (1927-09-08)September 8, 1927
Staroye Aymanovo village, Menzelinsky Canton, Tatar ASSR, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Died November 25, 1986(1986-11-25) (aged 59)
Naberezhnyye Chelny, Tatar ASSR, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Residence Kazan, Tatarstan (1947-1954); Tobolsk, Tyumen Oblast (1954-1958); Ufa, Bashkortostan (1958-1985); Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan (1985-1986)
Nationality USSR
Ethnicity Tatar
Alma mater Kazan State Pedagogical Institute
Occupation Professor of Philology, Turkologist, Linguist
Known for foundation of the modern Tatar dialectological and phraseological research schools
Spouse(s) Rosa Akhatova, nee Deminova (born (1929-07-11)July 11, 1929)


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Alma mater of professor Akhatov - Kazan State Pedagogical Institute (now - the Kazan (Volga region) Federal University)

Gabdulkhay Khuramovich Akhatov (Russian: Габдулха́й Хура́мович Аха́тов; Tatar: Габделхәй Хурам улы Əхәтов; Ğabdelxəy Huram ulı Əxətov; September 8, 1927 - November 25, 1986) was a Soviet Tatar Linguist, Turkologist and an organizer of science (earning his first Ph.D in 1954) and then a second doctorate of Philology in 1965[1] Professor (1970).[1]

Akhatov graduated with honors from Kazan State Pedagogical Institute in 1951 and later from graduate school in 1954. He became a member of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and was also chairman of the specialized boards for doctoral and master's theses in a number of universities across the now-defunct USSR.[2]

Akhatov was the founder of a number of research institutions, including the modern scientific school of Tatar dialectological and the phraseological Kazan school.[3]

By studying the phonetic peculiarities of dialect of the local population of Siberia, Akhatov was first among scientists who discovered in the speech of Siberian Tatars that there is such a thing as the pronounce,[4][5] which in his opinion, was obtained for the Siberian Tatars of Kipchaks.[6] In his classic fundamental research work "The Dialect of the West Siberian Tatars" (1963) Akhatov wrote about a territorial resettlement of the Tobolsk-Irtysh Tatars in Tyumen and Omsk areas.

After a comprehensive integrated analysis of the phonetic system, the lexical composition and the grammatical structure, the scientist concluded that the language of the Siberian Tatars is a separate dialect, it is not divided into sub-dialects and it is one of the most ancient Turkic languages.[5]

Akhatov, for the first time in Turkic studies, gave a theoretically consistent and systematic description of the idiomatic expressions of the Tatar language. He is the author of the widely known book - "Phraseological dictionary of the Tatar language" (1982).[7]

For more than 30 years, Professor Akhatov headed the department of Tatar philology at various universities and institutes in Russia.

Akhatov also did research on the general theory of language. He published a fundamental work on the main sign of paired words,[8] explored and thoroughly investigated the nature of the double negative in the Turkic languages,[9] and also discovered and formulated the law of pairing in Turkic languages.[10]

Akhatov trained over 40 doctors and candidates of sciences, and published about 200 scientific papers.

He was a true polyglot. He knew more than two dozen languages.[11][12]

A number of his scientific works were highly praised at the XIII International Congress of Linguists (ICL) (Tokyo, 1982).[13] Akhatov organized and led several dialectological expeditions and was the author of fundamental scientific works, dictionaries, textbooks, manuals and programs for dialectology, phraseology, and lexicology.

He was a recipient of the Medal "For Labour Valour" and the Medal "Veteran of Labour".

His son Aydar Akhatov (born 20 June 1957) is a Russian state, political and public figure, Economist, a second doctorate in Economics, Ecologist and Lawyer[14]

Major works[edit]

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