Gable Hall School

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Gable Hall School
Type Academy
Headteacher Dr. Sophina Asong
Location Southend Road

SS17 8JT
 England Coordinates: 51°32′00″N 0°26′58″E / 51.53328°N 0.44946°E / 51.53328; 0.44946
DfE URN 115355
Gender Coeducational
Ages 11–18
Houses Da Vinci, Hepburn, Bussell & Wonder
Colours Violet, Indigo, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Silver, Green, Argent, Red
Website The Gable Hall Website

Gable Hall School is an academy school in Stanford-Le-Hope, Essex.[1] Gable Hall school is a performing arts college which secures students to well working studies within the performing industry

About the School[edit]

Gable Hall school has many clubs and activities and also runs a school musical once every two years, previous school shows include Wizard Of Oz, We Will Rock You, Our House, Annie & Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The school also has several performing arts evenings for the pupils who have an interest in this matter.

The school runs a fast-track system that enters students from the top three colours (sets) into early examinations, such as a language GCSE at the end of year Nine, as well as Two sciences, a performing art and History/Geography at the end of year Ten.


In 2014, the school came under criticism when it proposed that "split-lunches" would be introduced, in which half of the school would go to lunch while the others are in form and then they would switch over. Critics said that students would be separated from their friends and could possibly be lonely at lunch times if this would go forward, since the system was based on which house a student was assigned to, which is random upon starting at the school. This rule caused for angry parents to sign a petition which received 450 signatures, and the Echo newspaper had it as the headline shortly afterwards.[2]

However, after 6 months the split system is working extremely well and now is much favoured by pupils and staff and many of the concerns by pupils and parents have been alleviated. This was mentioned in the recent Ofsted Report - "The new arrangements for the split lunchtime are successful. Students have reported back to the school that the new arrangements have vastly reduced the time spent queuing in the canteen. A very small number of parents expressed concerns over recent consultation processes used by the school. Inspectors are satisfied that the present arrangements for the changes to lunchtime were introduced carefully and are being reviewed effectively by the students themselves" [3]

Notable former pupils[edit]