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Gabonese Americans
Samuel L. Jackson by Gage Skidmore.jpg
Total population
Less than 300[1]
Fang, English, French
Christianity, Islam, Bwiti, Animism

Gabonese Americans are Americans of Gabonese descent. Based in the DNA analysis, during the American colonial period at least some African slaves arrived to the modern United States hailed from modern Gabon, being imported slaves of ethnics such as the Fang, Benga, Benza and Kota people. So, since the 2000´s and, through of this analysis, at least some African Americans discovered they are descendants of slaves of modern Gabon.[2][3][4] It is the case of notables African Americans such as Samuel L. Jackson[2] and Ruth Simmons.[3][4]

Notable Gabonese-Americans[edit]