Gabonese legislative election, 1990

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A parliamentary election was held in Gabon in 1990, the first multi-party election in the country since 1967. The first round of voting was held on 16 September 1990, with a second round due the following week. However, results from 32 of the 120 constituencies were annulled after public protests claiming fraud by the ruling Gabonese Democratic Party and the second round was postponed. Re-runs were held on 21 October, with a second round on 28 October.[1]

Thirteen parties and 553 candidates contested the election, with the Gabonese Democratic Party retaining control of the National Assembly by winning 63 of the 120 seats.


Party Votes % Seats +/-
Gabonese Democratic Party 63 -57
National Woodcutters' Rally 20 New
Gabonese Progress Party 18 New
Gabonese Association for Socialism 6 New
Gabonese Socialist Union 4 New
Circle for Renewal and Progress 1 New
Gabonese Union for Democracy and Development 1 New
Total 120 0
Source: Inter-Parliamentary Union


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