Gabonese legislative election, 2001

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Gabon held a parliamentary election on 9 December 2001.


e • d Summary of the 9 December 2001 National Assembly of Gabon election results
Parties Votes % Seats
Gabonese Democratic Party (Parti Démocratique Gabonais) . 88
National Woodcutters Rally (Rassemblement National des Bûcherons) . 8
Gabonese Progress Party (Parti gabonais du progrès) . 3
Democratic and Republican Alliance (Alliance Démocratique et Républicaine) . 3
Circle of Reformist Liberals (Cercle des Libéraux Réformateurs) . 2
Social Democratic Party (Parti Social-Démocrate) . 1
National Woodcutters Rally-Kombila (Rassemblement National des Bûcherons -KOMBILA) . 1
African Development Movement (Mouvement Africain de Développement) . 1
Common Movement for Development (Mouvement Commun pour le Développement) . 1
Non-partisans . 12
Total (turnout  %)   120
Source: Assemblée Nationale