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Gabriel Carrer, also known as PGC or Pgc, is a Canadian film, television and music video producer and director. Carrer is an active and founding member of the Bleeding Apple film collective.

He has also directed over 50 music videos for Canadian and international acts such as Swollen Members, Kottonmouth Kings, Hed PE and Brokencyde.

He is the cousin of Canadian special effects artist Frank C. Carere (Videodrome, The Gate, Popcorn).

Notable works include co-directing the feature films "Desperate Souls" and "Kill", and most recently "If a Tree Falls". He is currently working on the indie feature "In the House of Flies".

Filmography as director[edit]

Feature films[edit]

"If a Tree Falls"
"Desperate Souls"

Music videos[edit]

"Heights" by Eyes Set to Kill
"The World Outside" by Eyes Set to Kill
"Deadly Weapon" by Eyes Set to Kill
"Porn Star" by Swollen Members
"Warriors" by Swollen Members
"Going in 4 the Kill" by Swollen Members
"K.O.T.T.O.N.M.O.U.T.H Song" by Kottonmouth Kings
"Stomp" by Kottonmouth Kings
"Rampage" by Kottonmouth Kings
"Long Live the Kings" by Kottonmouth Kings
"Tangerine Sky" by Kottonmouth Kings
"Renegade" by Hed PE
"Cranky Banditz" by Bourgeouis Cyborgs
"Booty Call" by Brokencyde
"40 oz" by Brokencyde
"Everything U Need" by Smash Hi-Fi
"Sinner" by Big B
"Criminals" by Big B
"Down by Law" by X-Clan
"Kill" by So Sick Social Club
"Call for War" by So Sick Social Club
"Run" by So Sick Social Club
"Evolution" by Johnny Richter
"D is who I B" by D-Loc
"Playa" by D-Loc
"Let Me In" by Alexia
"Middle Finger" by Blue Felix

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