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Gabriel Garko

Dario Oliviero (born 12 July 1972), better known by his stage name Gabriel Garko, is an Italian actor and former fashion model.


Born in Turin, Piedmont, Italy to a Venetian father and Sicilian mother, Garko was raised in the nearby suburb of Settimo Torinese. His film credits include Callas Forever (2002),[1] and L'Onore and il Rispetto (2006) a television mini-series where he portrayed a ruthless fictitious Mafia boss "Tonio Fortebracci". In Tinto Brass' Senso '45 he appears full-frontal naked in a scene when he goes to the sea with lead actress Anna Galiena.[2] He starred alongside actresses Serena Autieri and Manuela Arcuri. In 2010 he had the main role of "Nito Valdi" in another mini-series Il peccato e la vergogna, which was set in Italy during World War II.[3] Manuela Arcuri was his co-star in this series as well. In 2011, he starred in the television mini-series Viso d'angelo (Angel Face), a police thriller.[4]




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