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Gabriel Hogan
Born 1973
Toronto, Ontario,

Gabriel Hogan (born 1973 in Toronto, Ontario) is a Canadian actor.[1]

Hogan is best known for his continuing roles on Canadian hit dramas Heartland, Traders and The Associates. He also appeared in an uncredited role in the 1994 action film Red Scorpion 2, and as Rolie Cray in the pilot episode of FlashPoint.


Hogan was born and raised in Toronto and is the second of three children. His parents are also actors; father Michael Hogan played Colonel Tigh in the hit show Battlestar Galactica, while mother Susan Hogan was a recurring cast member on the hit cable show The L Word. His sister, Jennie Rebecca Hogan, is also an actress.

He also appeared on season one of Canadian police series King as Jessica King's husband and fellow cop Danny Sless, and is a regular on Heartland playing Samantha (Lou) Fleming's husband Peter Morris.



Hogan's highest profile roles to date have been in Canadian television. He was featured as Ian Farnham during the five-year run of the show Traders, and also appeared in The Associates.

His other Canadian television credits include the series Playmakers, Angela's Eyes, Rent-A-Goalie, This Is Wonderland, Heartland, Peter Benchley's Amazon and Robson Arms. Hogan is a hockey fan and proficient player, and several of his credits are hockey related; in 2006, he was part of a reality TV show about hockey in Canada.

His notable American television credits include a stint on the acclaimed show Wonderfalls, playing a lovesick delivery man in several episodes of the short-lived show.

He was cast to play Roland "Rollie" Cray on Flashpoint, but his character was written off the show in the pilot episode. Sam Braddock (David Paetkau) took his spot on the SRU team.

Hogan also played the role of Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr in the 2011 miniseries The Kennedys and played lead male role of "Ken Stoddard" in the Hallmark movie Christmas Song in 2012.

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Hogan's film credits include Crazy Canucks, Peacekeepers, Canada Russia '72 (playing Ken Dryden), The One, Bridal Fever, Head in the Clouds, Accidental Friendship, Moving Day and Show Me.

Hogan is also part of a rock band, "Battlestar".


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