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Gabriele Tinti
GTinti Queens-Museum-NY.jpg
Gabriele Tinti, Queens Museum of Art, 2013
Born (1979-12-18)18 December 1979
Jesi, Italy
Occupation Poet, Writer

Gabriele Tinti is an Italian poet and writer.


Tinti has published New York Shots (Allemandi & C. 2011) and The Way of the Cross (2012), both collaborations with the actor Michael Imperioli. Also All Over (2013), and A Man (D2013), the latter a collaboration with the actor and artist Burt Young.[1]

Tinti's books have been presented in venues such as the Queens Museum of Art [2] in NYC, the Triennale in Milan, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, the Bronx Museum of the Arts, the National Museum of Rome and the Boston Center for the Arts.[3]

His books of poetry are in the collections of Poets House of NYC, the University of Arizona Poetry Center of Tucson, the Poetry Foundation of Chicago, The Poetry Collection of Buffalo and the Poetry Library of the South Bank Centre in London.


Gabriele Tinti has principally collaborated with the actor and director Michael Imperioli, protagonist, Christopher Moltisanti, of the HBO series The Sopranos, who wrote the text "Pride" for the book New York Shots and participated in a reading of the text The Way of the Cross at the Queens Museum of Art in New York, in 2011.

The book launch for The Way of the Cross, illustrated by Shaun El C. Leonardo, also included the screening of a video edited in collaboration with the artist.[4] The event was reproduced at the Boston Center for the Arts,[3] the Triennale in Milan,[5] Gleason's Gym in New York during the DUMBO Arts Festival,[6] and at Praxis International in Chelsea, New York. Both volumes were published by Allemandi & C.

Day of the Fight is a text by Tinti from which an excerpt was read by Alessandro Haber.[7]

New York Shots was at once a book, an exhibit, and an event that, through boxing and art, reflected on the Italian-American experience in New York.[8] Initiated in 2011, its visuals included work in collaboration with the photographer Howard Schatz. The exhibit took place at MACRO in Rome.[9]

All Over and A Man were written with the artistic collaboration of Burt Young,[10] whose illustrations are an artistic equivalent and accompaniment to the poems, and who read from them in person at the Queens Museum of Art and in a film directed by Michele Civetta.[11][12] The book and the film were presented at the Queens Museum of Art during the reopening of the Museum,[13] at the South Bank Centre in London as part of its Special Edition Series.,[14] at the New York City Poetry Festival[15] and at the Bronx Museum of the Arts.[16]

The Boxer is a poem that Gabriele Tinti composed specially as a tribute to the important work of art Boxer of Quirinal at the National Museum of Rome. It was read by the actor Franco Nero[17] at a reading held on 13 April 2014 in the Museum.[18]

List of works[edit]

  • All over (Mimesis edizioni ed.). Milano: Mimesis Publishing. 2013. ISBN 9788857519357.  (Poetry)
  • Ring: The Means of Illusion. Berlin: Revolver. 2012. ISBN 9783868952360.  (Essays)
  • The Way of the Cross. Turin-London-Venice-New York: Allemandi&C. 2011. ISBN 9788842220923.  (Poetry)
  • New York Shots. Turin-London-Venice-New York: Allemandi&C. 2011. ISBN 9788842219996.  (Essays)


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