Gachon University

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Gachon University
Motto 박애, 봉사, 애국
"Caritas, Devotio, Patriosmus"
Established 1939
Type Private
President Lee, Gil Ya 이길여
Academic staff ~800 (will be update)
Students ~14000 (will be update)
Location Seongnam, South Korea
Campus Urban
Gachon University
Revised Romanization Gacheon Daehakgyo
McCune–Reischauer Kach'ŏn Taehakkyo

Gachon University is an academic institute located in Seongnam, South Korea. The university was the result of a merger between two existing universities (Gachon University of Medicine and Science and Kyungwon University) that occurred in September 2011. [1] Gachon University has two campuses for undergraduates, located on Ganghwa Island and in Yeonsu-dong, and an additional campus for school of medicine in Guwol-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon, South Korea. [2] Gachon University of Medicine and Science signed a strategic partnership with Hawaii Pacific to allow students to study abroad. [3]"

Colleges (Global Campus & Medical Campus)[edit]

  • College of Humanities
  • Dept. of Korean Language & Literature
  • Dept. of Chinese Language & Literature
  • Dept. of English Language & Literature
  • Dept. of German Language & Literature
  • Dept. of French Language & Literature
  • Dept. of Japanese Language & Literature
  • College of Business & Economics
  • College of Law
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Bionano Technology
  • Bio-medical Major
  • Nano Systems Major
  • Dept. of Life Sciences (new)
  • College of Natural Science
  • Dept. of Mathematics & Information
  • Dept. of Physics
  • Dept. of Chemistry
  • Dept. of Life Sciences
  • College of Information Technology
  • College of Oroental Medicine
  • College of Arts & Design
  • School of Music
  • Dept. of Voice
  • Dept. of String & Wood Instruments
  • Dept. of Piano
  • Dept. of Composition
  • College of Human Ecology
  • Dept. of Clothing
  • Dept. of Child & Social Studies
  • Dept. of Food & Nutrition
  • Dept. of Sports & Leisure Studies
  • Dept. of Taekwondo Studies
  • Dept. of Early Childhood Education
  • Dept. of Acting Art
  • College of Global General Education
  • College of Global General Education
  • College of Nursing
  • Division of Nursing
  • College of Medical Science


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