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Gad Yecheskel Elbaz
גד אלבז
Born (1980-08-20) August 20, 1980 (age 34)
Origin Rehovot, Israel
Genres Mizrahi, Rock
Years active 1986–present

Gad Elbaz (in Hebrew גד אלבז) (born August 20, 1980 in Tel Aviv) is an Israeli Jewish singer of Sephardi origin.[1] He is best known by his No.1 hit; Halayla Zeh Hazman in Hebrew (הלילה זה הזמן) (Tonight Is The Time), and for being the son of Mizrahi singer Benny Elbaz.

Early life[edit]

Elbaz was born in Israel to a family of Moroccan-Jewish descent. His first duet was at the age of 4 with his father, Beni, who is himself a renowned Mizrahi singer, when they sang Abba, Otcha Ani Ohev ("Daddy, I Love You"). When he was 9, Gad's family became religiously observant. He studied in the yeshiva "Ateret ha-Leviim" in Ganei Tikva. The first and most famous song written by his father, and sung by the two of them after they became observant, was Lo Kashe Lachzor Bitshuva ("It Isn't Hard to Become Observant"). The song was an instant hit, and touched the lives of thousands of non-observant Israeli families.

Professional career[edit]

As a child, he recorded four records with his father, and later, five more on his own. He was 16 when he put out his first solo effort called Light at the End of the Tunnel. In 2005, he released Meanings, which sold close to 100,000 copies in Israel alone. His songs feature catchy tunes, appealing to both the observant crowd as well as the non-observant. In 2006, he released another album named Kimat Shaket כמעת שקט, ("Almost Quiet"). A new disc called Bein HaTipot, ("Between The Drops"), was released in 2008 and co-produced by Rudy Perez, who has written several songs for Christina Aguilera.[2] One song already playing on Israeli radio; Olam Shel Yeladim ("A World for the Children"), has become a huge hit..

On August 26, 2008, Elbaz performed at a large concert in Caesarea, Israel at an amphitheatre venue. This concert was recorded and broadcast by the Israeli music channel Music 24. Elbaz was also the first orthodox singer to perform at Caesarea.[3] He sang songs with Harel Moyal (Sa'eni), Shlomi Shabat, and Benny Elbaz for classic hits such as Kol Ha'chayalim Chozirim La'bayta (All O of the Soldiers Are Coming Home). The concert was a major success; and a DVD along with a double CD of the show is now available, which were released in 2009.

His 2009/2010 World Tour included concerts in the United States, France, Australia, Switzerland, Belgium, and Canada.

He has also released a new album called Milim Shel Ruach which includes some of his hit singles.


In an interview with the Jewish Music Insider, Elbaz mentions his intention to keep people's faith alive through his music.[4] His objective is to bring people together and create unity through music. He sings alongside non-observant Israeli musicians such as mizrahi music singers Lidor Yosefi, Shlomi Shabat and rapper Alon De Loco. His music appeals to non-observant and non-Jewish people as well.

Community work[edit]

Elbaz has performed at the Samuel Scheck Hillel Community Day School; an Orthodox Jewish school in Miami, Florida and at a public high school in Queens, New York. He performed at the Universal Chanukah Concert at Universal CityWalk in Orlando, FL. He also performed at Oorah's Girl Zone sleep away camp.



  • 1999: Honest Roads (in Hebrew: לך בדרכים ישרות)
  • 2003: Light at the End of the Tunnel (in Hebrew: אור בקצה המנהרה)
  • 2004: Meanings (both CD and DVD) (in Hebrew: משמעויות)
  • 2006: Almost Quiet (in Hebrew: כמעט שקט)
  • 2008: Between the Drops (in Hebrew: בין הטיפות)
  • 2008: Live at Caesarea (2 CDs)
  • 2013: Words of Spirit (in Hebrew: מילים של רוח)


  • 1998: "Aba, Otcha Ani Ohev" (meaning: "Daddy, I Love You") Template:Http:// s?list=PLLex8Qii34KIZPDMBmCWKz9nr6J pZEAD (at 4-years old, with his father Benny Elbaz)
  • 2004: "Halayla Zeh Hazman" (meaning: "Tonight is the Night"; in Hebrew: הלילה זה הזמן) Video on YouTube - featuring Alon De Loco (in Hebrew: אלון דה לוקו)
  • 2005: "Or" (meaning: "Light"; in Hebrew: אור) Video on YouTube - (Alon De Loco [in Hebrew: אלון דה לוקו]) featuring Gad Elbaz
  • 2008: "Mizmor Ledavid" (meaning: "A Psalm of David"; in Hebrew: מזמור לדוד )
  • 2010: "Just a Prayer Away" (originally in English)
  • 2013: "hashem melech" (meaning: "God is the King"; in Hebrew: "ה' מלך") (Cover of "C'est la Vie" by Khaled)


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