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Gaelic is an adjective that means "pertaining to the Gaels", including language and culture. As a noun, it may refer to the group of languages spoken by the Gaels, or to any one of the languages individually.

Gaelic languages[edit]

When referring to Irish Gaelic or Manx Gaelic, it is usually /ˈɡlɪk/. In Scotland, "Gaelic" is usually pronounced /ˈɡɑːlɪk/ or /ˈɡælɪk/; [ˈɡalɪk] in Scots and Scottish English.

Gaelic culture and history[edit]

  • Gaels, the Gaelic peoples; the ethno-linguistic group traditionally predominant in Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man
  • Gaelic Ireland, the history of the Gaelic people of Ireland
  • Gaelic-Norse, a people of combined Gaelic-Scandinavian culture influential in the Middle Ages
  • Gaelic games, traditional sports played in Ireland, notably Gaelic football, Gaelic handball, Hurling, and Rounders
  • Gaelic Athletic Association, the governing body of Gaelic games such as hurling and Gaelic football
  • Traditional Gaelic music, the music of the Gaelic people
  • Gaelic revival, a movement in the late 19th century to encourage both the use of Irish Gaelic in Ireland and the revival of older Irish cultural practices
  • Gaelic type, a typeface used in Ireland

Other uses[edit]

  • SS Gaelic, two ships of the White Star Line

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