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Pronunciation [ɡaeˈtaːno]
Meaning From Caieta (now Gaeta)

Gaetano (anglicized Cajetan) is an Italian masculine given name. It is derived from the Latin Caietanus, meaning "from Caieta" (the modern Gaeta). The given name has been in use in Italy since medieval period, although it also remained in use as a byname indicating people from Gaeta, as in Thomas Cajetan or Gaetanus (1469–1534).

Saint Gaetano dei Conti di Tiene (1480–1547), canonized in 1671, gave rise to the modern given name. The French form of the name is Gaëtan, Gaétan; other variants of the name exist in Roman Catholic areas (Portuguese Caetano, Spanish Cayetano, etc.). A feminine form has also been in use, Gaetana.

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