Gaetano Perusini

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Gaetano Perusini
Born 24 February 1879[1]
Died 8 December 1915
Monti Sabatini[2]
Nationality Italy
Fields Medicine
Academic advisors Alois Alzheimer
Known for Alzheimer's disease

Gaetano Perusini (1879–1915) was an Italian physician. He was the pupil and the colleague of Alois Alzheimer and contributed to the definition of the Alzheimer's disease. In 1915 he join the Italian army without disclosing his titles. Subsequently his medical knowledge his uncovered and he is transferred to a field hospital at San Floriano del Collio, where he is wounded by a granade on 28 November 1915.[3] He is then consequently transferred to the Red Cross Hospital at Cormons, where he die on 8 December of the same year at the young age of 36.[2][3]



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