Gafat Armament Engineering Complex

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Gafat Armament Engineering Complex is one of the military production facilities of the Ethiopian Defense Industry. With its headquarters in Debre Zeyit, it specializes in producing wide range of infantry equipment that meet the requirement of the Ethiopian National Defense Force.


It was established in January 1986 as the Gafat Engineering Factory to fulfill the need for local manufacture of basic infantry equipment. It initially produced AK-47 automatic rifles and light machine guns, as well as maintenance. It was later expanded to manufacture PK machine guns, and automatic weapons attached on iron-wear vehicles and helicopters.

To fully utilize its manufacturing capacity, the complex has diversified by supplying various items for civilian use.


Military products include: various types of automatic rifles and machine guns; 40mm grenade launchers; various types of guns such as hand guns, strike dispensing guns, etc.; and sniper scopes.

Civilian products include: various plastic products; various products for different industries in construction; and various kitchen wares and household utensils.


FDRE Defence Industry, May 2008