Gaffer District (Corning, New York)

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A view of Corning's Gaffer District across the Chemung River.

Organization Summary[edit]

The Corning Intown District Management Association (CIDMA), better known as Corning's Gaffer District is a historical district in downtown Corning, New York. The district is known for diverse offerings, including world-class museums, restaurants, unique shops and historical landmarks. The Gaffer District is home to Fortune 500 company Corning Incorporated as well as The Corning Museum of Glass and Rockwell Museum.

Events and Festivals[edit]

Market Street in Corning, New York's. Gaffer District.

Corning's Gaffer District is known for its tradition of events, the Corning Farmers Market and festivals. Events include GlassFest, the Jazz & Harvest Festival and the Crystal City Christmas season, which includes events such as Window of Gifts, The Tree Lighting Celebration, The Parade of Lights and Sparkle. 2008 Events Calendar

Experience Trails[edit]

There are a number of walking trails that offer themed experiences in the Gaffer District. As of 2010, there are four self-guided experiences: The Antiques & Collectibles Trail, The Chocolate Trail, The Edible Excursions Trail and The Kids Trail. Each trail has a unique variety of theme-related events and merchants that appeal to each target group.

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