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Gag Concert
Genre Sketch Comedy
Written by Lee Sangdeok, Baek Seongun, Kim Jiseon, Choi Seonghye, Nam Hyejin, Lee Mirim, Yoon Giyeong, An Areum, Kim Miha, Jo Eul
Directed by Kim Sangmi, Park Jiyeong, Seo Sumin, Lee Jeowoo, Park Hyeonggeun
Starring See below
Theme music composer Lee Taeseon Band
Opening theme One in A Million - Pet Shop Boys
Ending theme Part Time Lover - Stevie Wonder
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 780+ (as of February 15, 2015)
Producer(s) Ha Won
Camera setup Multicamera setup
Running time Approx. 80 minutes per episode
Original channel KBS 2TV, KBS World TV
Picture format NTSC, ATSC, ISDB
Audio format Stereo
Original run September 4, 1999 – Present
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Gag Concert Production website

Gag Concert (Korean: 개그콘서트) is a Korean sketch-comedy TV show on KBS 2TV network. It began airing in September 1999 and is the oldest of South Korea comedy programs. It is competing with SBS's Smile People (웃음을 찾는 사람들), MBC's Fall in Comedy (코미디의 길), and tvN's Comedy Big League (코미디빅리그). The show is recorded on Wednesdays and is aired on KBS 2TV on Sundays at 9:15 PM. The show airs again with English subtitles after three weeks on KBS World TV on Saturdays at 4:20 PM.



  • Season 1 (September 1999 – October 2000)
  • Season 2 (October 2000 – January 2003)
  • Season 3 (January 2003 – March 2004)
  • Season 4 (March 2004 – April 2008)
  • Season 5 (April 2008 – present)


※ Korean alphabetical order as of As of April 5, 2015

  • K
  1. Kwak Bum
  2. Kwon Jae Kwan
  3. Kim Kiri
  4. Kim Kiyeol
  5. Kim Na Hee
  6. Kim Ni Na
  7. Kim Min kyeong
  8. Kim Byeong Seon
  9. Kim Seung Hye
  10. Kim Su Yeong
  11. Kim Won Hyo
  12. Kim Janggun
  13. Kim Jae Uk
  14. Kim Hyun Ki
  15. Kim Hui Won
  16. Kim Tae Wom
  17. Kim Junho
  18. Kim Ji-min
  • N, P, S
  1. No U Jin
  2. Namgung Kyeong Ho
  3. Ryu Keun Il
  4. Ryu Keun Ji
  5. Park BoMi
  6. Park Seongho
  7. Park Sung-kwang
  8. Park So Ra
  9. Park Youngjin
  10. Park Eunyeong
  11. Park Ji Seon
  12. Bok Hyun Kyu
  13. Seo Taehun
  14. Song Yeonggil
  15. Song Byeong Cheol
  16. Song Wang Ho
  17. Song Jungeun
  18. Song Pilgeun
  19. Sin Yun Seung
  • A, Y, O, L, I
  1. An Somi
  2. Yang Sunil
  3. O Ki Hwan
  4. O Na Mi
  5. Yu Minsang
  6. Yu In Seok
  7. Yun han Min
  8. Lee Dongyun
  9. Lee Mun Jae
  10. Lee Sangmin
  11. Lee Sangho
  12. Lee Sanghun
  13. Lee SeJin
  14. Lee Seungyun
  15. Lee Jong Hun
  16. Lee Chang ho
  17. Lee Hyun jeong
  18. Im Jong Hyuk
  19. Im Uil
  • J, H
  1. Jeong BeomKyun
  2. Jang Ki Yeong
  3. Jang Hyo In
  4. Jeong Jae Hyung
  5. Jeong Myeonghun
  6. Jeong Seung Hwan
  7. Jeong Yun ho
  8. Jeong Hae Cheol
  9. Heo Min
  10. Heo Anna
  11. Hong Sun Mok
  12. Hong Hwon


division exsample
Man Sample
Woman Sample
Guest Sample


Famous Comedians and their Classes[edit]

※ Source is Gag Concert Production Website.

7th class (1991)

13th class (1997)

  • Park Seongho
  • Park Junhyeong (Married to Kim Jihye)

14th class (1999)

  • Kim Daehui
  • Kim Junho (Charlie Kim)
  • Kim Jihye (Married to Park Junhyeong)

15th class (2000)

  • Jeong Jongcheol

16th class (2001)

  • Kim Inseok
  • Im Taegyeong
  • Jeong Myeonghun

17th class (2002)

  • Kim Byungman
  • Jeong Hyungdon

18th class (2003)

  • Ryu Dam
  • Seo Namyong

19th class (2004)

  • Kang Yumi
  • An Yeongmi
  • Yu Sangmoo
  • Yu Seyoon
  • Jang Dongmin
  • Hong Ingyu
  • Hwang Hyeonhui

20th class (2005)

  • Kim Jaewook
  • Noh Ujin
  • Shin Bongseon
  • Yu Minsang
  • Yoon Hyungbin (Married to Jeong Gyungmi)
  • Lee Dongyun
  • Lee Sanggu
  • Lee Jonghun
  • Jeong Gyungmi (Married to Yoon Hyungbin)

21st class (2006)

  • Kwon Jaekwan (Married to Kim Kyunga)
  • Kim Kyunga (Married to Kwon Jaekwan)
  • Kim Kiyul
  • Kim Jimin
  • Park Narae
  • Song Byeongcheol
  • An Ilgwon
  • Lee Sangmin
  • Lee Sangho
  • Hong Sunmok

22nd class (2007)

  • Kim Junhyun
  • Kim Jiho
  • Park Sungkwang
  • Park Yeongjin
  • Park Jisun
  • Song Jungeun
  • Yang Sangguk
  • Yang Sunil
  • Lee Gwangseop
  • Jang Hyoin
  • Jeong Beomgyun
  • Jo Yunho
  • Choi Hyojong
  • Heo Gyeonghwan

23rd class (2008)

  • Kim Daeseong
  • Kim Minkyung
  • Kim Huiwon
  • Ryu Jeongnam
  • Park Soyoung
  • Oh Nami
  • Jeong Taeho
  • Heo Min

24th class (2009)

  • Kim Seongwon
  • Ryu Geunji
  • An Somi
  • Heo Anna

25th class (2010)

  • Kwon Mijin
  • Kim Kiri
  • Kim Yeonghui
  • Kim Janggun
  • Song Yeonggil
  • Shin Bora
  • Lee Sungdong
  • Lee Heekyung
  • Jang Kiyeong
  • Jeong Eunseon
  • Jeong Jimin

26th class (2011)

  • Kim Suyeong
  • Kim Taewon
  • Kim Hyeseon
  • Kim Jeonghun
  • Park Sora
  • Seo Taehun
  • Lee Munjae
  • Lee Sanghun
  • Im Uil
  • Jeong Seunghwan
  • Jeong Jinyeong
  • Jeong Haecheol
  • Hong Nayeong

27th class (2012)

  • Kwak Beom
  • Kim Hoegyeong
  • Namgung Gyeongho
  • Park Eunyeong
  • Song Pilgeun
  • Yu Inseok
  • Lee Suji
  • Lee Chan
  • Jeong Changmin

28th class (2013)

  • Kim Nahee
  • Bok Hyungyu
  • Jo Suyeon
  • Hong Yeseul
  • Hwang Shingyoung

29th class (2014)

  • Kim Nina
  • Kim Seunghye
  • Park Bomi
  • Lee Sangeun
  • Lee Sejin
  • Lee Hyeonjeong
  • Im Jonghyeok
  • Choi Jaewon

Comedians’ Agencies[edit]

  1. Kim Junho (CEO)
  2. Kim Daehui
  3. Kwon Jaekwan
  4. Kim Kyunga
  5. Kim Minkyung
  6. Kim Seongwon
  7. Kim Yeonghui
  8. Kim Wonhyo
  9. Kim Janggun
  10. Kim Junhyun
  11. Kim Jimin
  12. Kim Jiho
  13. Kim Hyeonjeong
  14. Ryu Geunil
  15. Park Narae
  16. Park Soyoung
  17. Park Jisun
  18. Bok Hyungyu
  19. Shin Goeun
  20. An Yunsang
  21. Yang Sangguk
  22. Yu Minsang
  23. Lee Gwangseop
  24. Lee Kukju
  25. Lee Seyeong
  26. Lee Suji
  27. Lee Heekyung
  28. Im Hyeokpil
  29. Jang Kiyeong
  30. Jang Doyeon
  31. Jang Yunhui
  32. Jeong Myeonghun
  33. Jeong Jimin
  34. Jeong Chanmin
  35. Jo Seunghui
  36. Jo Yunho
  37. Choi Seoin
  38. Han Yunseo
  39. Heo Min
  40. Hong Yunhwa
  41. Hong Ingyu
  42. Hong Hwon
  43. Hwang Shinyoung
  1. Im Taegyeong
  2. Kim Jaewook
  3. Lee Dongyun
  4. Noh Ujin
  5. Lee Sangho
  6. Lee Sangmin
  7. Song Jungeun
  8. Oh Nami
  9. An Somi
  10. Lee Seongdong
  11. Jeong Seunghwan
  12. Kim Hyeseon
  13. Im Uil
  14. Jeong Jinyeong
  15. Park Sora
  16. Jeong Haecheol
  17. Lee Chan
  18. Shin Yunseung
  19. Song Pilgeun
  20. Park Eunyeong
  1. Lee Seungyun
  2. Kwon Mijin
  3. Choi Hyojong
  4. Jo Jihun
  5. An Ilgwon
  6. Ryu Geunji
  7. Hong Sunmok
  8. Lee Wongu
  1. Kim Daeseong
  2. Kim Nahee
  3. Song Byeongcheol
  4. Park Sungkwang
  5. Jeong Taeho
  6. Hong Yeseul
  1. Lee Gyeonggyu
  2. Lee Hwijae
  3. Park Kyunglim
  4. Yu Seyoon
  5. Jang Dongmin
  6. Yu Sangmoo
  7. Kim Sook
  8. Boom
  9. Shin Bongseon
  10. Jung Juri
  11. Kim Inseok
  12. Heo Anna
  1. Lee Sanggu
  2. Lee Sanghun
  3. Lee Jonghun
  4. Lee Munjae
  5. Kim Kiyul
  6. Song Yeonggil
  1. Shin Bora
  1. Kim Kiri
  1. Heo Gyeonghwan
  1. Kang Hodong
  2. Kim Byungman
  3. Shin Dongyup
  4. Lee Sugeun
  5. Ryu Dam
  6. Jang Donghyuk

Current Skits[edit]

Main article:

※ Order by ascending date according to the first airing time on the original channel "KBS 2TV".

  • Let It Be (2014.6.1 ~ present)

(Korean: 렛잇비; Starring: Song Pilgeun, Park Eunyeong, Lee Dongyun, Noh Ujin)
Musical comedy; office workers sing about work and their concerns to the tune of The Beatles' Let It Be. On 7.Sep.2014, real workers who have to work hard on holidays appeared as guests for Chuseok special; Yu Changseon (a fireman who talked about poor drives and prank calls), Kang Hyejin (nurse), Lee Hyeonu (unemployed guy who hunts for jobs), and Jeon Jeongok (housewife, Park Eunyeong's mother).

  • Chicken High School (2014.6.29 ~ present)

(Korean: 닭치高; Starring: Song Jungeun, Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin, Im Uil, Kim Junho, An Somi)
Playful comedy corner about forgetful chickens who are attending Half marinated, half fried class in Chicken High School. The corner starts with Cherry Filter's Flying Duck. Song Jungeun plays the homeroom teacher, Teacher Ticktock (똑 닭, Tok Dalk), and Kim Junho plays the school principal, Principal Cock-a-doodle-do (꼭이오, Cockio). The students are Lee Sangho and Lee Sangmin the Two Chickens (두 마리 치킨, Du Mari Chicken) and Im Uil the Fire Chicken (불 닭, Bul Dalk). An Somi plays the school nurse, Nurse Cluck (후다 닭, Huda Dalk). There are many catchphrases in this skit such as 닭치고!! (Dalkchigo!! → Be quiet, chickens!) and 네네네넨~ 네네~ (NeNeNeNen NeNe~ → Yes, yes, yes!). On 7.Sep.2014, actor Cha Taehyun from 1N2D appeared as a guest for Chuseok special, he played the transfer student Green Onion Chicken (파닭, Pa Dalk). On 12.Oct.2014, the students appeared with winter uniforms, and An Somi appeared as a new student, Mine Chicken (찜닭, Jjim Dalk), instead of the school nurse. On 2.Nov.2014, Yu Minsang, Kim Suyeong and Kim Daehui appeared at the end of the corner. On 28.Dec.2014, Defconn and Kim Jongmin from 1N2D appeared as guests (new students) for new year special, Defconn played Big Chicken (큰통 닭, Keuntong Dalk) while Kim Jongmin played Chicken Strip (홀닭, Hol Dalk). On 11.Jan.2015, Kim Daehui appeared at the end of the corner to hit Kim Junho. On 18.Jan.2015, actor Yeo Jingoo appeared as a guest, he played the new student Young Chicken (영계백숙, Young Baeksuk). On 15.Feb.2015, Park Seongho, the Grim Reaper from Stubborn skit, appeared at the end of the corner. On 22.Feb.2015, Kim Minkyung appeared at the end of the corner as Big Chicken (큰닭, Keun Dalk). On 8.Mar.2015, Yu Minsang, Song Yeonggil and Kim Jiho appeared at the end of the corner

  • Secretly Dating (2014.9.21 ~ present)

(Korean: 은밀하게 연애하게; Starring: Yang Sunil, Kim Kiyul, Park Bomi, Im Jonghyeok, Seo Taehun | Previous Appearances: Jeong Seunghwan, Jang Kiyoung, Kim Jimin --> Kim Daeseong)
The title of the skit is a parody of 2013 action comedy movie Secretly, Greatly (은밀하게 위대하게). The corner is about two detectives in violent crimes division who are secretly dating. The skit stopped airing on 2.Nov.2014 and resumed on 5.Jan.2015. On 11.Jan.2015, Kim Jimin joined the skit's cast. On 1.Feb.2015, Kim Daeseong joined the skit's cast as a junior detective, Kim Daepo, who likes Park Bomi. On 22.Feb.2015, Seo Taehun joined the skit's cast as the new officer who heard that there's a couple in the police station.

  • 10 Years Later (2014.10.5 ~ present)

(Korean: 10년 후; Starring: Heo Anna, Jeong Yunho, Oh Gihwan, Kim Hyeongi, Kwon Jaekwan, Kim Jiho | Semi-fixed cast: Jo Seunghui | Previous Appearances: Im Uil)
A loan shark tries to bully the proprietress of a small business into paying back a loan, after turning up at her store every day for ten years, he becomes part of her and her son's lives. On 21.Dec.2014 Lee Ain appeared as a guest for Christmas special. On 22.Feb.2015, Kim Minseok and Kim Gunmo appeared as guests. On 8.Mar.2015, Im Uil, the security guard from from Stubborn skit, who used to work under Kwon Jaekwan appeared in the corner.

  • Crazy Love (2014.11.9 ~ present)

(Korean: 크레이지 러브; Starring: Seo Taehun, Park Sungkwang, Park Jisun, Kim Nahee | Previous Appearance: Kim Wonhyo)
About crazy couple, Paul Anka's Crazy Love as signature song.

  • True Colors of The Master (2014.11.16 ~ present)

(Korean: 명인본색 (名人本色); Starring: Im Jaebaek, Lee Sanggu, Jeong Yunho, Lee Hyeonjeong)
About the service at a Japanese restaurant. On 28.Dec.2014, Sayuri appeared as guest for new year special.

  • Atomic Pride (2014.11.23 ~ present)

(Korean: 핵존심; Starring: Kim Kiyul, Yang Sunil, Jang Kiyoung, Hong Hwon, Lee Sanghun, Kim Huiwon, Jeong Haecheol)
About men's pride which women hate.

  • No Big Difference (2014.11.30 ~ present)

(Korean: 도찐개찐; Starring: Park Seongho, Lee Jonghun, Ryu Geunil, Kwak Beom, Kim Byeongseon)
Musical comedy, two things are compared, to which the conclusion is that there is no big difference between them, for instance, a politician speaking and a dog barking.

  • Comedians' World (2014.12.7 ~ present)

(Korean: 이.개.세 (이 개그맨들이 사는 세상); Starring: Jeong Beomgyun, Ryu Geunji, Park Sora, Song Yeonggil, Kim Minkyung, Kim Jaewook, Heo Min)
Three skits within a skit, with the same material performed first by attractive comedians, then by big comedians, and finally by ambiguous comedians who try very hard to be funny.

  • I'm the King (2015.1.11 ~ present)

(Korean: 왕입니다요; Starring: Lee Munjae, Lee Sanghun, Jeong Seunghwan, Kim Seunghye, Park Sora | Previous Appearances: Bok Hyunkyu, Song Junseok)
A corner featuring scenes from Joseon dynasty, a king and his people.

  • Owls (2015.1.11 ~ present)

(Korean: 부엉이; Starring: Lee Sanggu, Lee Hyeseok, Jang Yunseok, Song Junseok, Kim Nahee | Previous Appearances: Park Seongho, Ryu Geunil)
Stories from the forest.

  • First Timers (2015.1.18 ~ present)

(Korean: 서툰 사람들; Starring: Yu Inseok, Kim Wonhyo, Song Jungeun, Hong Sunmok, Jang Hyoin)
About nervous employees running business for the first time and keep mixing up the words and getting them wrong. Yu Inseok as first timer waiter. Kim Wonhyo as a first timer chef. Song Jungeun as a first timer of owning a restaurant. Hong Sunmok as a first timer manager. Jang Hyoin as the customer.

  • R-Point (2015.1.18 ~ present)

(Korean: 알포인트 (R-Point); Starring: Lee Dongyun, Lee Sejin, Kim Janggun, Jeong Myeonghun, Kim Jimin --> Lee Suji, Yoon Hanmin)
Parody of the famous Korean horror movie R-Point. About a platoon which is starting to go crazy after 134 days of isolation. Lee Dongyun and Lee Sejin as the only normal soldiers. Kim Janggun as a soldier who has going crazy. Jeong Myeonghun as an elite medical crew who can't remember things. Kim Jimin as a crazy ghost. Yoon Hanmin as a colonel who easily gives up. Lee Suji as a suspicious woman.

  • Stubborn (2015.1.25 ~ present)

(Korean: 고집불통; Starring: Song Pilgeun, Im Uil, Kim Kiri, Kim Taewon, Park Seongho, Lee Seongdong, Park Yeongjin)
About a tenant struggling from a stubborn building's security guard and the old men living around.

  • Last Health Boy (2015.2.1 ~ present)

(Korean: 라스트 헬스보이; Starring: Lee Seungyun, Bok Hyungyu, Kim Suyeong, Lee Jonghun, Lee Changho)
The goal of this skit "project" is to help Kim Suyeong loss weight and reach a two digit weight by losing 70kg, and help Lee Changho gain weight and bulk up to 70kg. If this project failed Lee Seungyun will quit Gag Concert for a month.

  • I'm a Killer (2015.2.15 ~ present)

(Korean: 나는 킬러다; Starring: Yu Minsang, Song Byeongcheol, Bok Hyungyu, Kim Jimin, Song Wangho, Namgung Gyeongho, Kwak Beom, Shin Yunseung)
About 7 killers who always fail in their mission.

  • The Secret Life of Lee Chan (2015.3.8 ~ present)

(Korean: 이찬의 상상은 현실이 된다; Starring: Lee Chan, Im Uil, Kim Yeonghui, Oh Nami, Park Jisun)

  • 나미와 붕붕 (2015.3.22 ~ present)

(Korean: 나미와 붕붕; Starring: Oh Nami, Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin)

  • 불량엄마 (2015.3.22 ~ present)

(Korean: 불량엄마; Starring: Jeong Jaehyeong, Heo Anna, Yu Inseok, Kim Yeonghui, Lee Hyeonjeong, Lee Sejin)

Previous Skits[edit]

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※ Alphabetical order. The dates are according to the airing time on the original channel "KBS 2TV".[1]

  • "ㆍㆍㆍㆍㆍㆍ" (2013.5.26 ~ 2013.10.13)

(Korean: "... ...", pronounced 점점점 점점점 (jeomjeomjeom jeomjeomjeom); Starring: Namgung Gyeongho, Kim Huiwon, Song Pilgeun, Yu Minsang)
Featuring the awkwardness between a father and his daughter's boyfriend (future son-in-law).

  • A Bitter Life (2009.3.22 ~ 2010.3.21)

(Korean: 씁쓸한 인생; Starring: Kim Junho → Kim Daehui, Yu Sangmoo → Kim Junhyun, Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin, Lee Seungyun)
About a boss who suffers from his subordinates. This skit tied in with Kim Junho's 2009 gambling scandal, which cost him his television appearances and had to lie low for a year. In Gag Concert's 700th episode special, Lee Munjae took over Yu Sangmoo's role, and Kim Yeongcheol appeared as a special guest along with The Yellow Sea's scammers.

  • Attractive Comedy (2002.11.17 ~ 2003.5.10)

(Korean: 유치개그; Starring: Jeong Hyeongdon, Kim Jihye, Kim Kisu, Kim Daehui)

  • A Fairy Tale for Adults (2014.3.30 ~ 2014.5.25)

(Korean: 어른들을 위한 동화; Starring: Kim Kyunga, Lee Dongyun, Heo Min, Jeong Beomgyun, Lee Sangho)
Retelling of Korean fairy tales to a modern adult audience.

  • Abnormal Prison (2014.9.28 ~ 2014.10.12)

(Korean: 비정상 교도소; Starring: Im Jaebaek, Song Wangho, Kim Jeonghun, Seo Taehun, Kim Jiho, Lee Wongu, Kim Seongwon)
ِA portrayal of what convicts do in their hour of free time.

  • Affectionate Man's Rights Committee (2009.9.20 ~ 2010.9.5)

(Korean: 남성인권보장위원회; Starring: Hwang Hyeonhui, Choi Hyojong, Park Seongho)

  • Aksung Virus (2008.11.2 ~ 2009.3.8)

(Korean: 악성(樂聖) 바이러스; Starring: Kim Junho, Kim Junhyun, Song Jungeun, Shin Goeun)
Parody of the drama Beethoven Virus.

  • Amen to That (2002.3.3 ~ 2003.3.30)

(Korean: 그렇습니다; Starring: Park Junhyeong, Im Hyeokpil)

  • Angels (2013.9.8 ~ 2013.10.27)

(Korean: 엔젤스; Starring: Jang Yuhwan, Kim Jincheol, Lee Hyeseok, Eom Taegyeong, Kim Jongeun, Kim Minkyung, An Somi, Hong Yeseul)
Funny portrayal of South Korea's idol fan culture.

  • Animal Kingdom (2003.8.3 - 2008.8.10)

(Korean: 동물의 왕국; Starring: Park Junhyeong, Oh Jiheon, Jeong Jongcheol, Jo Suwon)

  • Are You Afraid? (2012.5.13 ~ 2012.10.21)

(Korean: 무섭지 아니한가(家); Starring: Oh Nami, Heo Anna, Song Yeonggil, Seo Namyong, Kim Huiwon)

  • A-YO (2004.9.5 ~ 2004.10.17)

(Korean: A-YO; Starring: Oh Jiheon, Chae Gyeongseon, Kim Jincheol)

  • Back in the Day (2011.2.11 ~ 2011.10.2)

(Korean: 그땐 그랬지; Starring: Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin, Kim Jaewook, Jo Yunho, Kim Minkyung, An Somi)
About grandparents who tell their granddaughter stories to explain how life was different back in their days.

  • Badump Badump (2013.6.16 ~ 2014.7.20)

(Korean: 두근두근; Starring: Lee Munjae, Jang Hyoin, Park Soyoung)
Romantic corner about friends who are secretly in love, with the signature song The Cranberries's Ode to My Family whenever either one of them slips up regarding his/her feelings toward the other, before playing/shrugging it off in an attempt to appear nonchalant. The corner starts with SECRET's YooHoo.

  • BalleriNO (2011.1.16 ~ 2011.8.7)

(Korean: 발레리NO; Starring: Jeong Taeho, Park Sungkwang, Lee Seungyun, Yang Sunil)

  • Bayside Shakedown (2004.9.19 ~ 2005.3)

(Korean: 춤추는 대수사선; Starring: Park Seongho, Kim Daebeom, An Sangtae, Hwang Hyeonhui)
Based on the Japanese police drama/comedy series of the same name.

  • BB Channel (2009.8.11)

(Korean: BB 채널; Starring: An Sangtae, Park Youngjin, Park Sungkwang, Jang Doyeon)

  • BBOOM Entertainment (2013.7.7 ~ 2014.5.25)

(Korean: 뿜 엔터테인먼트; Starring: Kim Wonhyo, Kim Jimin, Kim Minkyung, Shin Bora, Yu Inseok → Jang Yunseok, Park Eunyeong, Kim Hyeseon, Kim Junho)
Portraying in a sarcastic manner, the daily life of an entertainment company, its stressed and annoyed CEO, and their troublesome talents afflicted by the so-called "celebrity disease".

  • Beastly Idols (2010.7.25 ~ 2010.11.21)

(Korean: 짐승들; Starring: Lee Seungyun, Lee Sangmin, Lee Sangho, Heo Gyeonghwan)
Musical comedy; singing popular songs and showing physical strength as dance moves. A play on the term Beastly Idols (짐승돌) that is usually associated with 2PM. The group danced to 2PM's I'll be back on 25.Dec.2010 at KBS 2010 Entertainment Awards.

  • Beatbox (2003.1.19 ~ 2003.3.30)

(Korean: 비트박스; Starring: Park Junhyeong, Jeong Jongcheol, Kim Sideok, Kim Kisu)

  • Beautiful Flowers (2004.9.19 ~ 2005.2.13)

(Korean: 꽃보다 아름다워; Starring: Jeong Jongcheol, Jeong Hyeongdon, Oh Jiheon, Kim Sideok)

  • Beaver Brothers (2001.9 ~ 2003.7.13)

(Korean: 갈갈이 삼형제; Starring: Park Junhyeong, Jeong Jongcheol, Lee Seunghwan)

  • Belly Button Stealer (2014.3.2 ~ 2014.3.16)

(Korean: 배꼽도둑; Starring: Kim Kiri, Lee Munjae, Lee Chan, Kwak Beom, Yoon Hanmin, Park Yeongjin)
About a comedian who doesn't want to come back on "Gag Concert" being persuaded by his former colleagues, and even though he claims he has forgotten how to do comedy, he still has the comedic touch.

  • Best Friends (2012.7.29 ~ 2012.10.14)

(Korean: 친한친구; Starring: Park Sungkwang, Kim Daeseong, Lee Dongyun, Jeong Haecheol)

  • Black and White (2003.11.16 ~ 2004.1.18)

(Korean: 흑과백; Starring: Jeong Myunghun, Seo Jiyoung, Choi Huiseon, Jang Ung)

  • Bongsunga School (2001.1.13 ~ 2011.7.3)

(Korean: 봉숭아 학당; Starring: See 봉숭아 학당)

  • Boys Over Flowers (2009.2.15 ~ 2009.4.12)

(Korean: 꽃보다남자; Starring: Noh Ujin, Park Hwisoon, Heo Gyeonghwan, Park Jisun, Han Mingwan, Oh Nami)
Parody of the famous Korean drama of the same name. Guest-stars some of the actual actors from the drama.

  • Brave Guys (2012.2.12 ~ 2013.2.10)

(Korean: 용감한 녀석들; Starring: Yang Sunil, Jeong Taeho, Shin Bora, Park Sungkwang, Park Eunyeong)
Musical comedy. Brave Guys became famous and well known in 2012; they recorded many songs and the skit took 2012's Top Excellence Award for idea.

  • Castle Gamsu (2011.3.4 ~ 2012.9.16)

(Korean: 감수성; Starring: Kim Junho, Kim Daehui, Kwon Jaekwan, Lee Dongyun, Kim Yeongmin, Kim Jeonghun, Kim Jiho)

  • Chungmuro (2003.7.13 ~ 2004.4)

(Korean: 충무로; Starring: Lee Jeongsu, Kim Byungman, Jo Suwon, Eom Gyeongcheon)

  • Composers of Sinsa-dong (2014.3.2 ~ 2014.3.16)

(Korean: 신사동 노랭이; Starring: Lee Sanghun, Kim Seongwon, Song Jungeun, Lee Jonghun, Song Pilgeun)
Musical comedy with three song composers who wear yellow. The skit's title is transliterated as "Yellow Songwriters of Shinsa-dong" which is a parody of producer and songwriter Lee Hoyang (Shinsadong Tiger 신사동호랭이).

  • Concubines ; The War of the Roses (2013.12.8 ~ 2014.6.22)

(Korean: 후궁뎐 ; 꽃들의 전쟁; Starring: Lee Sanghun, Jang Hyoin, Kim Kyunga, Kim Nahee, Oh Nami, Jeong Jimin, Lee Yerim, Jo Seunghui)
Stories of concubines and their way of getting the king's attention. The skit is a loose parody of JTBC's Cruel Palace - War of Flowers (궁중잔혹사 – 꽃들의 전쟁), and MBC's Empress Ki (기황후).

  • Daddy's Little Girl (2013.7.14 ~ 2013.12.8)

(Korean: 딸바보; Starring: Lee Seungyun, Kim Daeseong, Kim Hyeseon, Lee Jonghun)
A father who is too over-protective and lavishing upon his "beautiful angelic" daughter.

  • Daehak-ro Romance (2014.1.26 ~ 2014.6.29)

(Korean: 대학로 로맨스; Starring: Seo Taehun, Heo Anna, Yu Inseok → Jeong Seunghwan)
A story of a performer in a Daehak-ro theater who broke up with her boyfriend and he is trying to get back to her.

  • Dallas (2014.7.6 ~ 2014.7.20)

(Korean: 달라스; Starring KBS 29th Class Comedians (2014): Park Bomi, Kim Nina, Kim Seunghye, Choi Jaewon, Jeong Seungbin, Song Junseok, Lee Hyeonjeong, Im Jonghyeok, Hong Hyeonho, Lee Sangeun, Yoon Seunghyeon, Jeong Jaehyeong)
Remake of 'Differently' from 'The Gag Concert You've Never Seen Before' 2013's Chuseok Special. The skit is about inner thoughts at different situations.

  • Dance Chatter (2013.6.16 ~ 2014.3.16)

(Korean: 댄수다; Starring: Im Uil, Kim Jaewook, Heo Min, Song Jungeun, Lee Sangho, Hwang Shinyoung, An Somi)
Tango couple and modern dance couple have conversations during their performance and demonstrated it through their dance.

  • Dating Skills Test (2014.6.1 ~ 2014.11.23)

(Korean: 연애능력평가; Starring: Jang Yuhwan, Jeong Beomgyun, Shin Jongryeong, Park Seongho)
Lessons about dating; Cheongdam Monkey Teacher (Jeong Beomgyun) solves dating problems, Tweezer Teacher (Shin Jongnyeong) plucks out funny facts, and Daechi Cleoparktra Teacher (Park Seongho) solves numerical problems.

  • Deaf Police (2013.10.20 ~ 2013.12.1)

(Korean: 귀막힌 경찰서; Starring: Song Wangho, Byeon Seungyun, Song Jungeun, Kim Jiho, Yang Sangguk, Park Yeongjin, Park Sungkwang)
About incompetent policemen who doesn't do their work properly.

  • Deep in The Jungle (2012.6.10 ~ 2012.6.24)

(Korean: 징글 정글; Starring: Yu Minsang, Lee Dongyun, Kim Hyeseon, Ryu Geunil, Song Byeongcheol, Kim Daehui, An Ilgwon)

  • Delicious Korean (2013.8.4 ~ 2013.9.1)

(Korean: 맛있는 한국어; Starring: Jeong Beomgyun, Song Jungeun, Sam Ochwiri, John, Saldor)

  • Details Kim (2011.10.4)

(Korean: 디테일 김; Starring: Kim Inseok, Lee Jaehun, Seo Taehun, Hong Gyeongjun)

  • Dignity of a Beggar (2012.9.2 ~ 2013.6.2)

(Korean: 거지의 품격; Starring: Kim Jimin, Heo Gyeonghwan, Kim Yeonghui)
A lady who is always being bothered by a handsome "flower" beggar wherever she goes and is always ripping her off of ₩500 (the price of "curiosity"), and doing unsanitary things in front of her, and another beggar enamored towards the handsome "flower" beggar while accusing the lady of being a gold-digger (original context: flower snake 꽃뱀).

  • Discoveries in Life (2011.4.17 ~ 2013.6.2)

(Korean: 생활의 발견; Starring: Song Jungeun, Shin Bora, Kim Kiri, Kim Junhyun)
About a couple who break up in a serious but funny way.

  • Disgrace of a Family (2002.3.11 ~ 2002.11.24)

(Korean: 가문의 망신; Starring: Kang Seongbeom, Kim Suk, Lee Taesik , Lee Byeongjin, Mun Seyun, Heo Seungjae)

  • Do Re Mi Trio (2002.10.20 ~ 2004.4.4)

(Korean: 도레미 트리오; Starring: Jeong Hyeongdon, Kim Inseok, Lee Jaehun)
Musical comedy.

  • Do Re Mi Trio 2 (2004.6.27 ~ 2004.9.26)

(Korean: 도레미 트리오2; Starring: Jeong Hyeongdon, Kim Inseok, Yu Sangmoo)
Musical comedy.

  • Do Your Job! (2014.12.21)

(Korean: 일당뛰어; Starring: Kwak Beom, Oh Gihwan, Namgung Gyeongho, Shin Yunseung, Lee Changho)

  • Doctor Fish (2008.3.2 ~ 2008.9.21)

(Korean: 닥터피쉬; Starring: Yu Seyoon, Lee Jonghun, Yang Sangguk, Song Byeongcheol)

  • Don't Give In (2013.3.10 ~ 2013.8.25)

(Korean: 버티고; Starring: Kim Jiho, Heo Anna, Lee Seongdong, Ryu Jeongnam, Kim Janggun, Kwon Jaekwan, Kim Hyeongi, Kim Junho)
Remake of 'Don't Give In' from 'The Gag Concert You've Never Seen Before' 2013's Seollal (Korean New Year) Special. Three hopefuls wanting to land a role in a movie who have to endure being subjected to actress Heo Anna's physical hits.

  • Double Debate (2010.6.20 ~ 2011.10.16)

(Korean: 두분 토론; Starring: Kim Kiyul, Park Yeongjin, Kim Yeonghui)

  • Drunken (2014.3.16 ~ 2014.11.2)

(Korean: 취해서 온 그대; Starring: Seo Taehun, Shin Yunseung, Kim Daeseong, Lee Heekyung, Lee Jonghun, Lee Seungyun | Previous Appearances: Hong Yeseul, Kim Hyeseon)
About a bartender who goes through a lot of trouble when crazy customers start showing up at his bar. A play on You Who Came from the Stars, as evidenced by Kim Hyeseon's character who acts like Cheon Songyi. On 7.Sep.2014, actress Kim Sumi appeared as a guest for Chuseok special. On 14.Sep.2014, Let It Be members were customers at the bar. On 5.Oct.2014, Lee Jonghun joined the skit along with Lee Seungyun.

  • Dry Cleaning (2009.12.27 ~ 2010.6.27)

(Korean: 드라이 클리닝; Starring: Hong Ingyu, Yoon Hyungbin, Lee Jonghun, Kim Jiho, Jeong Gyungmi → An Somi)
Musical Comedy.

  • Dumb & Dumber Show (2014.6.22 ~ 2014.9.14)

(Korean: 덤앤더머 쇼 or 덤 앤 더머 Show; Starring: Kim Seongwon, Song Byeongcheol, Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin)
Unique and unparalleled mime show featuring the twins working in unison to put on a slapstick performance; Kim Seongwon do the sounds and voices while the twins act them out. Song Byeongcheol is the translator. The corner starts with Willy Wonka's Welcome Song from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

  • Emergency Meeting (2011.8.14 ~ 2012.6.17)

(Korean: 비상대책위원회; Starring: Kim Wonhyo, Song Byeongcheol, Kim Junhyun, Kim Junho, Kim Daeseong)

  • Expert Housewife (2012.11.25)

(Korean: 주부 9단; Starring: Choi Hyojong, Hong Sunmok, Seong Hyeonju)

  • Family's Love (2005.8.7 ~ 2006.3.5)

(Korean: 사랑의 가족; Starring: Park Junhyeong, Jeong Jongcheol, Oh Jiheon)

  • Fashion 7080 (2006.6.4 ~ 2009.4.3)

(Korean: 패션 7080; Starring: Park Junhyeong, Oh Jiheon, Park Hwisoon, Hong Gyeongjun, Yoon Hyungbin, Song Byeongcheol)

  • Fashion No. 5 (2011.10.16 ~ 2012.1.8)

(Korean: 패션 NO.5; Starring: Jang Doyeon, Heo Anna, Park Narae, Jeong Eunseon, Park Sora)

  • Father and Son (2012.4.29 ~ 2013.4.7)

(Korean: 아빠와 아들; Starring: Yu Minsang, Kim Suyeong)
About an overweight father and son who think alike when it comes to food.

  • Forever Alone (2013.9.15 ~ 2014.5.25)

(Korean: 안 생겨요; Starring: Song Yeonggil, Yu Minsang)
About two still single and alone guys who failed to have a girlfriend in their past 15 → 16 years. Song Yeonggil got married on the 8th of June 2014, two weeks after the broadcast of the final episode of the skit.

  • Final Weapon Her (2011.9.18 ~ 2012.1.29)

(Korean: 최종병기 그녀; Starring: Lee Seongdong, Kim Huiwon, Kim Hyeseon, Kim Taewon)

  • Flash Shopping (2004.9.26 ~ 2005.6.26)

(Korean: 깜빡 홈쇼핑; Starring: Kim Jincheol, An Sangtae, Kang Juhui)

  • Four Men (2012.1.15 ~ 2013.6.30)

(Korean: 네가지; Starring: Kim Kiyul, Yang Sangguk, Heo Gyeonghwan, Kim Junhyun, Lee Wongu)
Problems faced by four → five (types of) men that the world (women in general) looks down upon, and their counter-arguments: unpopular men, country bumpkins, short men, fat men, and bald men.

  • Four People, Four Colours (2003.9.11 ~ 2004.6.27)

(Korean: 4인 4색; Starring: Eom Gyeongcheon, Kim Kisu, Kim Sangtae, Oh Jiheon, Choi Huiseon)

  • Full House (2011.12.4 ~ 2012.6.10)

(Korean: 풀하우스; Starring: Jeong Gyeongmi, Yu Minsang, Heo Min, Kim Kyunga, Kim Minkyung, Kim Suyeong, Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin, Lee Seungyun, Jeong Seunghwan)
About a family living in a house which is barely smaller than an average room, ergo, "Full House".

  • Fussy Mr. Byeon (2007.3.18 ~ 2007.12.30)

(Korean: 까다로운 변선생; Starring: Byeon Kisu, Song Byeongcheol, Kim Kiyul, Lee Jonghun, Kwon Jaekwan, Park Junhyeong, Byeon Seungyun)

  • GagConcert Star KBS (2010.6.13 ~ 2011.11.27)

(Korean: 슈퍼스타 KBS; Starring: Lee Gwangseop, Shin Bora, Heo Anna, An Yunsang, Kim Jaewook, Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin)
Musical comedy.

  • Gag Jockey Commandos (2004.2.1 ~ 2004.6.6)

(Korean: 개그제이 특공대; Starring: Park Junhyeong, Jo Seho, Lee Sugeun, Kang Juhui)
A parody of KBS's VJs on the Scene.

  • Gag Power (2004.1.25 ~ 2004.11.7)

(Korean: 개그 대국; Starring: Park Seongho, Yoon Seokju, Heo Donghwan, Jang Donghyeok)

  • Gatecrashers (2003.12.21 ~ 2004.3.25)

(Korean: 개그콘서트 - Gag Concert 불청객; Starring: Lee Sugeun, Kim Byungman, Jo Suwon, Ryu Dam)

  • Geojedo (2013.2.3 ~ 2013.6.16)

(Korean: 거제도; Starring: Shin Bora, Jeong Taeho, Kim Minkyung, Kim Hoegyeong)

  • Girls in the Army (2013.9.29 ~ 2013.10.20)

(Korean: 군대온 걸; Starring: Kim Kyunga, Jeong Myeonghun, Heo Anna, Hong Nayeong, Park Seongho)
Remake of 'Girls in the Army' from 'The Gag Concert You've Never Seen Before' 2013's Chuseok Special. In the year 2157, women are now mandated by law to serve in the Korean military, and the skit portrays the funny side of female conscription.

  • Go Jo Show (2014.1.19 ~ 2014.3.16)

(Korean: 고조쇼; Starring: Park Seongho, Jeong Beomgyun, Jeong Haecheol, Park Jisun)
A skit interviewing Grandpa Go Jo (parody of the old-style sentence ender 고조), a very old yet still fit man who has lived as way way back as the 1894 Donghak Peasant Revolution. His friend entrance is followed by the signature song You Are My Destiny. Grandma Nae Rae (내래), parody of the old-style self-reference, is in some relationship with Grandpa Go Jo (an ambiguous relationship where one is not a couple "officially" yet acts like a couple).

  • Go Stop (2012.12.23)

(Korean: 고! 스톱?; Starring: Kim Kiyul, Jo Yunho, Hong Hwon, Kim Jeonghun, Im Uil)

  • God of Hip Hop (2014.8.24 ~ 2015.1.18)

(Korean: 힙합의 신 (쇼 미더 뭐니?!); Starring: Kim Suyeong, Kim Nina, An Somi, Lee Sangeun, Kim Hoegyeong, Kim Kiri, Park Bomi, Lee Sejin, Kim Huiwon, Kim Seongwon | Previous Appearances: Seo Namyong (Yang Grimy), Yoon Seunghyeon (Missed Swings), Lee Changho (Buddhistablo), Park Eunyeong, Ryu Geunil, Jeong Jaehyeong, Kwak Beom, Hong Yeseul)
Musical parody of Mnet's reality program Show Me the Money in a show named Show Me the What? (Show Me The 뭐니?) hosted by Hamburger Patty (Kim Suyeong).

  • Good Morning Korean (2011.1.30 ~ 2011.9.18)

(Korean: 굿모닝 한글; Starring: Lee Heekyung, Lee Jonghun, Kim Seongwon, Song Jungeun, Matthew Sleight)

  • Goose Bumps (2013.7.28 ~ 2013.9.29)

(Korean: 소름; Starring: Lee Chan, Seo Taehun, Song Jungeun, Jang Yuhwan, Kim Junhyun)
Horror stories that will give you chills in the middle of summer.

  • Grandma's Angry Horns (2008.9.28 ~ 2009.9.6)

(Korean: 할매가뿔났다; Starring: Yu Seyoon, Yu Sangmoo, Jang Dongmin)

  • Great Legacy (2011.11.20 ~ 2012.4.22)

(Korean: 위대한 유산; Starring: Hwang Hyeonhui, Kim Daeseong, Kim Huiwon, An Somi)

  • Gym Boy (2007.7.22 ~ 2007.10.14)

(Korean: 헬스보이; Starring: Lee Sangmin, Lee Seungyun, Lee Sangho)

  • Gym Girl (2011.7.10 ~ 2011.11.27)

(Korean: 헬스걸; Starring: Lee Seungyun, Lee Heekyung, Kwon Mijin, Lee Jonghun)

  • Handsome CSI (2011.3.20 ~ 2011.8.7)

(Korean: 꽃미남 수사대; Starring: Lee Gwangseop, Kim Daeseong, Ryu Geunji, Kim Wonhyo, Park Seongho)

  • Help Me! (2014.4.13 ~ 2015.1.4)

(Korean: 선배, 선배!; Starring: Lee Suji, Jo Suyeon, Jeong Myeonghun, Ryu Geunji, Kim Janggun, Park Seongho, Lee Wongu)
About a student from Gag Concert University who has a crush on her senior and try to seek advice from an unconcerned friend. On 28.Sep.2014, Park Seongho joined the skit as Park Terry (Parkteria) from the romance comics club. On 30.Nov.2014, Park Seongho appeared as the cute boy Shin-chan and Lee Wongu joined as Shiro the dog. On 28.Dec.2014, EXID appeared as guests for new year special.

  • Hidden Masters (2014.1.5 ~ 2014.11.9)

(Korean: 깐죽거리 잔혹사; Starring: Lee Dongyun, Heo Min, Ryu Jeongnam, An Ilgwon, Jo Yunho, Lee Seongdong, Lee Changho)
About a father and daughter who refuse to pay business protection money and use martial arts to evict the bad guys. A play on the movie Once Upon a Time in High School, whose original transliterated title is Maljukgeori Street's Cruel History. On 6.April.2014, Lee Seongdong joined the skit. On 7.Sep.2014, DJ DOC's Kim Changryeol appeared as a guest for Chuseok special. On 14.Sep.2014, The Big World members appeared in the skit. On 21.Sep.2014, Lee Changho joined the skit. On 28.Sep.2014, Jo Yunho announced that Lee Dongyun will become a father. On 2.Nov.2014, Taekwondo Demonstration Team appeared as special guests. On 9.Nov.2014, four vocalists (Kim Gyeonghun, Jo Wonil, Kim Yeongjae, Jeon Yeongju) appeared as special guests.

  • Hidden Plagiarism (2014.3.9 ~ 2014.4.13)

(Korean: 숨은 표절찾기; Starring: Jeong Jimin, Park Eunyeong, Lee Sanghun → Song Jungeun, Kwon Jaekwan, Lee Chan, Kim Byeongseon)
Meeting between drama production staff (Drama department) and Gag Concert staff (Variety Show department) to discuss phrases and actions plagiarized from Gag Concert and used in drama.

  • High Pitch Impossible (2006.1.29 ~ 2006.7.9)

(Korean: 고음 불가; Starring: Ryu Dam, Lee Sugeun, Byeon Kisu)

  • High Speed Camera (2009.9.13 ~ 2010.1.17)

(Korean: 초고속 카메라; Starring: Yu Sangmoo → Lee Gwangseop, Yu Minsang, Byeon Seungyun)
Portrays scenarios that show more than meets the eye in slow motion.

  • I Bet My Life (2007.6.17 ~ 2008.3.9)

(Korean: 내 인생에 작업걸었네; Starring: Kim Wonhyo, Lee Gwangseop → Jeong Myunghun, Kwak Hangu → Yang Sangguk)

  • I Respect You (2014.5.25 ~ 2014.6.22)

(Korean: 존경합니다; Starring: Seo Taehun, Kim Junhyun, Song Byeongcheol, Park Jisun)
About a congressman who decided to join the presidential election and have to deal with ignorant assistants who do not respect him, and a crazy wife, Yu Hyera (Park Jisun), who is a drama maniac.

  • I'm a Father (2013.4.7 ~ 2013.6.16)

(Korean: 나는 아빠다; Starring: Park Seongho, Hong Ingyu, Song Jungeun, Kim Daehui)
The difficulties a modern father faces being the family's breadwinner with young children.

  • I'm So Sad (2014.11.2 ~ 2015.3.1)

(Korean: 속상해; Starring: Kim Jiho, Kim Minkyung, Song Byeongcheol, Jeong Taeho)
Jeong Taeho who plays Sukja, Kim Jiho's aunt, tries to seduce her nephew's tutor, Song Byeongcheol.

  • I'm the Only Guy (2014.8.17 ~ 2014.12.28)

(Korean: 나 혼자 남자다; Starring: Park Sungkwang, Heo Anna, Seong Hyeonju, Kim Nina, An Ilgwon, Jeong Seunghwan)
About a new employee, the only straight male, in a company whose workforce is predominantly women, and who finds the company culture bizarre. A satire on male dominated workplaces in which women have to put up with macho, blokish "just be one of the lads" work cultures. On 28.Dec.2014, actress Jo Yeojeong appeared as a guest for new year special.

  • If I was Tall or I Wish I Were Taller (2007.6.24 ~ 2008.2.24)

(Korean: 키컸으면; Starring: Lee Sugeun, Jeong Myeonghun, Jang Doyeon)

  • In Your Dreams (2013.12.15 ~ 2014.3.30)

(Korean: 놀고있네; Starring: Yu Inseok, Kim Hyeongi)
Unemployed friends who use their imagination to portray their dreams.

  • Investigative Report 60 Minutes (2013.6.30 ~ 2013.7.21)

(Korean: KBS 스페셜 그것이 알고싶은 추적 60분 수첩; Starring: Kim Daehui, Hwang Hyeonhui, Im Jaehun, Jeong Yunho, Jeong Jimin, Two Mice)

  • Jjanjjan Theatre (2003.1.6 ~ 2004.5.30)

(Korean: 짠짠극장; Starring: Heo Seungjae, Jeong Myunghun, Kim Youngsam, Choi Huiseon)

  • Just Relax (2013.8.4 ~ 2014.5.25)

(Korean: 편하게 있어; Starring: Kim Junhyun, Song Byeongcheol, Lee Jonghun, Lee Suji)
Portraying the relationship between the boss and his employee outside work.

  • Kim Sideok's Voice Talk Show (2003.10.26 ~ 2004.1.18)

(Korean: 김시덕의 보이스 토크; Starring: Kim Sideok, Choi Guk)
Kim Sideok appears as the host of the show interviews many celebrities, portrayed by Choi Guk. Choi Guk dresses as celebrities and instead of his actual voice, it would be voice recordings of the actual celebrity he was acting as.

  • Kind Souls (2006.10.1 ~ 2007.6.10)

(Korean: 착한녀석들; Starring: Yu Seyoon, Oh Jiheon, Lee Jonghun)
Introduces a trio who deliver their dialogue in a glib sly manner, before ending with an innocent twist.

  • K-JOB Star (2012.2.12 ~ 2012.2.19)

(Korean: K-JOB 스타; Starring: An Ilgwon, Park Seongho, Park Jisun, Im Uil, Kim Kiyul, Lee Seongdong, Lee Jonghun, Song Jungeun)

  • Korea, Be Happy! (2013.3.10 ~ 2013.5.12)

(Korean: 우행쇼; Starring: Im Jaehun, Hong Hwon, Park Yeongjin)

  • Late Love (2013.12.22 ~ 2014.9.28)

(Korean: 끝사랑; Starring: Kwon Jaekwan, Park Sora, Jeong Taeho, Kim Yeonghui)
Romance of middle-aged couple. Their signature song is Tae Jinah's Companion. On 7.Sep.2014, Tae Jinah appeared as a guest for Chuseok special. This skit took 2014's Top Excellence Award for idea.

  • Legends of Legends (2013.7.14 ~ 2014.1.12)

(Korean: 전설의 레전드; Starring: Seo Taehun, Lee Dongyun, Shin Bora → Kim Nahui, Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin, Kim Daeseong, Yu Minsang | Previous Appearance: Kim Taewon)
Musical comedy about school life. The corner starts with A Pink's No No No, Shin Bora played Shin Pulip then was replaced on 2013.12.29 by Kim Nahui as Han Iseul. Lee Dongyun played Yoon Daeyeob the class president, Seo Taehun played Je Galmin the handsome student, Lee Sangho and Lee Sangmin played the mysterious twins. Kim Daeseong played Na Aeri the school bully (female student) while Yu Minsang played her follower.

  • Let's Study (2003.1.19 ~ 2003.9)

(Korean: 공부합시다; Starring: Kim Inseok, Kim Youngsam)

  • Lobbyist (2013.8.25 ~ 2014.1.5)

(Korean: 로비스트; Starring: Ryu Geunil, Jeong Seunghwan, Park Jisun, Kim Minkyung, Kwon Jaekwan, Kim Seongwon)
When all else fails in negotiations, the world's greatest lobbyists are in the unlikely forms of two middle-aged ahjummas who are good in persuasion at all costs.

  • Love Counselor (2006.5.7 ~ 2007.6.10)

(Korean: 사랑의 카운셀러; Starring: Kang Yumi, Yu Seyoon)

  • Love is Everywhere (2007.10.28 ~ 2008.3.30)

(Korean: 사랑이 팍팍; Starring: Lee Seungyun, Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin, Han Mingwan, Jang Doyeon)

  • Lovers (2002.1.20 ~ 2002.9.15)

(Korean: 연인들; Starring: Lee Taesik, Kim Jihye, Kim Daehui, Choi Huiseon)

  • Madam Jeong (2012.7.8 ~ 2013.6.16)

(Korean: 정여사; Starring: Song Byeongcheol, Kim Daeseong, Jeong Taeho)
A salesman's woes regarding rich people, in particular Madam Jeong (Jeong Taeho), her daughter Sophie (Kim Daeseong), and their "pet" Brownie which is a stuffed toy husky.

  • Mandeuk (2013.1.27)

(Korean: 만득이; Starring: Heo Min, Lee Munjae, Lee Seungyun)

  • Mantis Kindergarten (2011.9.25 ~ 2012.6.24)

(Korean: 사마귀 유치원; Starring: Jeong Beomgyun, Park Soyoung, Hong Nayeong, Jo Jihun, Park Seongho, Choi Hyojong)

  • Mappagi (2006.8.27 ~ 2007.3.25)

(Korean: 마빡이; Starring: Park Junhyeong, Jeong Jongcheol, Kim Sideok, Kim Daebeom)

  • Marry You Minsang Off or MYMO (2014.10.12 ~ 2015.2.1)

(Korean: 민상 가보내기 로젝트 or 유장프; Starring: Yu Minsang, Song Yeonggil, Hong Hyeonho, Jeong Seungbin)
A corner to marry off Yu Minsang. Coffee Boy's Will I Get Married as signature song. On 12 & 26.Oct.2014, Noh Ujin joined to support Yu Minsang. On 9.Nov.2014, Kim Jimin appeared for support. On 16.Nov.2014, Park Jisun appeared for support. On 23.Nov.2014, Ryu Geunji appeared for support. On 30.Nov.2014, Kim Junho appeared for support. On 7.Dec.2014, Oh Nami appeared for support. On 14.Dec.2014, Park Sora and Kim Nahee appeared for support. On 21.Dec.2014, Kim Minkyung appeared for support. On 28.Dec.2014, Yu Minsang got a prank call from Yellow Sea's Lee Suji who pretended to be Miss A's Suzy. On 4.Jan.2015, An Somi appeared for support. On 11.Jan.2015, Kim Junhyun appeared for support. On 18.Jan.2015, Jeong Myeonghun appeared to set Yu Minsang with a girl. On 25.Jan.2015, Song Jungeun appeared for support. On 1.Feb.2015, Kwon Jaekwan appeared for support. The skit was abolished without saying goodbye to viewers and the project ended as a failure.

  • Master Show (2007.12.9 ~ 2011.11.13)

(Korean: 달인; Starring: Ryu Dam, Kim Byungman, Noh Ujin)
A master of anything whose claims are put to the test in a funny manner. Gag Concert's longest skit.

  • Me Against the World (2014.10.19 ~ 2014.11.23)

(Korean: 세상아 덤벼라; Starring: Lee Wongu, Jeong Beomgyun, Kim Junhyun, Lee Changho, Shin Jongryeong, Park Yeongjin)
About police trying to negotiate with a crazy desperado.

  • Memories of a Beggar (2003.6.8 ~ 2003.11.16)

(Korean: 걸인의 추억; Starring: Jeong Hyeongdon, Kim Sideok, Lee Gyeongwu)

  • Men's News (2013.11.3)

(Korean: 남자뉴스; Starring: Jeong Beomgyun, Hwang Hyeonhui, Lee Wongu, Park Seongho)

  • Mission Impossible (2003.2.2 ~ 2003.7.13)

(Korean: 미션 임파서블; Starring: Choi Guk, Yoon Seongho)

  • Morning of Savana (1999.9 ~ 2000.6)

(Korean: 사바나의 아침; Starring: Sim Hyeonseop, Kim Yeongcheol, Baek Jaehyeon, Kim Kyunghee, Kim Daehui, Kim Jihye, Kim Mihwa, Kim Junho)
Notable as this was one of the first skits to appear in Gag Concert.

  • My Boss (2012.6.10 ~ 2012.6.17)

(Korean: 박부장; Starring: Park Youngjin, Park Sora, Kim Taewon, Ryu Jeongnam)

  • My Name is An Sang Soon or My Lovely Sang Soon (2007.3.18 ~ 2008.1.13)

(Korean: 내 이름은 안상순; Starring: An Sangtae, Yoon Hyungbin, Jeong Gyeongmi)
A parody of MBC's drama My Lovely Sam Soon.

  • Mystery Theater (2006.10.22 ~ 2007.2.11)

(Korean: 미스테리 극장; Starring: Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin)

  • Navigation (2004.5.2 ~ 2004.7.25)

(Korean: 네비게이션; Starring: Yu Sangmoo, Yu Seyoon, Jang Dongmin)

  • Neighborhood Personnel Hearing (2014.6.15 ~ 2014.7.20)

(Korean: 우리 동네 청문회; Starring: Kim Hoegyeong, Lee Seungyun, Park Jisun, Kim Daeseong, Park Youngjin)
Kim Hoegyeong is the host of the personnel hearing, Lee Seungyun is questioned about his suitability to run a business. Park Jisun works with the truth, Kim Daeseong talks about the facts, and Park Youngjin pinpoints things that have nothing to do with the purpose of the hearing.

  • News Nine-Ish (2010.12.26 ~ 2011.9.18)

(Korean: 9시쯤 뉴스; Starring: Jeong Gyungmi, Jang Donghyeok, Heo Min, Kim Junhyun, Kim Jimin | Previous Appearances: Lee Sugeun, Song Jungeun, Shin Bora, Kim Wonhyo, Lee Gwangseop, Lee Sanghun)

  • Ohseong and Haneum (2013.5.12 ~ 2013.11.24)

(Korean: 오성과 한음; Starring: Lee Hyeseok, Kim Jincheol, Kwak Beom)
Two friends who spend their days passing a baseball back-and-forth while talking about daily life.

  • Old Affair (2014.6.1 ~ 2015.1.4)

(Korean: 쉰 밀회; Starring: Kim Jimin, Kim Daehui | Previous Appearance: Kim Daeseong, Yu Minsang)
Parody of JTBC's Secret Love Affair (밀회): Yu Ain (Kim Daehui) is piano genius kid, and Kim Huiae (Kim Jimin) is the piano teacher. Yu Minsang used to play Madam Seo, and Kim Daeseong used to play Kim Huiae's Husband. On 28.Sep.2014, pianist Shin Jiho appeared as a special guest. On 28.Dec.2014, actor Kim Sangjung appeared as a guest for new year special.

  • Park Seongho's Music Talk (2000.10.21 ~ 2002.10.27)

(Korean: 박성호의 뮤직토크; Starring: Park Seongho)

  • PD Hwang Hyeonhui's Consumer Report (2008.7.6 ~ 2009.8.30)

(Korean: 황현희PD의소비자고발; Starring: Hwang Hyeonhui, Yu Minsang, An Yeongmi)

  • Pink Lady (2012.10.28 ~ 2012.12.9)

(Korean: 핑크 레이디; Starring: Kim Janggun, Jo Seunghui, Ryu Geunji, Kwon Jaekwan, Lee Dongyun, An Somi, Kim Huiwon, Kim Hyeseon, Kim Yeonghui, Hong Nayeong | Voice acting: An Somi, Heo Min)

  • Poisonous Things (2008.10.26 ~ 2009.9.6)

(Korean: 독한것들; Starring: Choi Hyojong, Jeong Beomgyun, Kwak Hangu, Oh Nami → Heo Anna)

  • Pretty! Pretty? (2014.8.17 ~ 2014.9.14)

(Korean: 예뻐! 예뻐?; Starring: Hong Sunmok, Kim Jaewook, Kim Seunghye)
About a guy trying to break up with his pretty but awful girlfriend. The corner starts with Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe and includes Ladies' Code's Pretty Pretty, and Lee Kyung Hyun & Lee Ye Joon's Curious About You.
Due to Ladies' Code's tragic accident that happened on September 3 (and then EunB's death), the corner was excluded from the recording (within the same day) for the Chuseok special broadcast on September 7;[2] RiSe died hours before the actual broadcast. The skit resumed a week later (September 14) with a significant change: Ladies' Code's Pretty Pretty (which was one of the last songs performed by the girls during their shoot in Daegu for KBS's "Open Concert", a few hours before their accident) was replaced by South Korean rock band SuperKidd's SECO.

  • Quadruplets and Daddy (2014.11.30 ~ 2015.2.1)

(Korean: 사둥이는 아빠 딸; Starring: Jeong Taeho, Heo Min, Kim Seunghye, Park Soyoung, Oh Nami)
About a father (Jeong Taeho) and his "Four Seasons" lovely quadruplets; cute Spring (Hoe Min), adorable Summer (Kim Seunghye), fresh Fall (Park Soyoung), and pretty Winter (Oh Nami). Strawberry Milk's OK as signature song.

  • Rambling Man (2001.4 ~ 2002.9.29)

(Korean: 수다맨; Starring: Kang Seongbeom, Kim Jihye, Park Eunbin)

  • Real Modern Dictionary (2012.12.16 ~ 2013.9.1)

(Korean: 현대 레알 사전; Starring: Lee Heekyung, Park Yeongjin, Jeong Beomgyun, Song Wangho)
An interactive dictionary which defines words in multiple perspectives.

  • Real Talk Show (2013.3.24 ~ 2013.5.19)

(Korean: 리얼토크쇼; Starring: Hwang Hyeonhui, Lee Suji, Jeong Jimin, Shin Jongryeong, Ryu Geunil, Jeong Chanmin, Namgung Gyeongho, Oh Gihwan, Jeong Yunho, Shin Yunseung)

  • Reali-T (2011.12.4 ~ 2012.2.5)

(Korean: 리얼리T; Starring: Kim Kiri, Seo Taehun)

  • Reality in Action (2004.6.13 ~ 2004.4.7)

(Korean: 액션리얼리티; Starring: Hwang Hyeonhui, An Sangtae, Kim Daebeom)

  • Reveal the Story (2014.3.23 ~ 2014.8.24)

(Korean: 사건의 전말; Starring: Park Youngjin, Kim Huiwon, Jang Yuhwan, Jang Kiyoung, Kim Jaewook, Kim Jimin)
About detectives who are investigating a crime scene, and they have to deal with crazy people who claim to be witnesses of the crime. Bonggu and Janggu (Jang Yuhwan and Jang Kiyoung) are kids who gets distracted when giving claims. Mr. K (Kim Jaewook) possesses psychometry, the extra-sensoral ability to get information and see things from the past when touching an object. Jimin always seems to say something that makes sense, but it turns out she is slurring words, later episodes she appears shockingly in and out of random places.

  • Revenge (2002.10.13 ~ 2003.1.12)

(Korean: 복수; Starring: Park Seongho, Lee Byeongjin, Choi Huiseon)

  • Rich Diary (2003.4.27 ~ 2003.10.5)

(Korean: 부자일기; Starring: Jang Ung, Lee Deokjae)

  • Rookie News (2013.12.15 ~ 2014.3.9)

(Korean: 초보뉴스; Starring: Kim Daehui, Kim Hoegyeong, Jeong Yunho, Yang Sangguk, Kim Wonhyo)
Rookie announcers who mess up their first time news broadcasts to the embarrassment of a veteran senior.

  • Rules of the Workplace (2012.11.11 ~ 2013.3.10)

(Korean: 갑을컴퍼니; Starring: Yu Inseok, Hong Ingyu, Kim Jincheol, Kim Jiho, Choi Hyojong, Kim Junho, Lee Wongu)

  • School Meeting (2012.4.1 ~ 2012.6.10)

(Korean: 교무회의; Starring: Kim Daeseong, Kim Kiyul, Lee Jonghun, Song Jungeun, Yang Sangguk, Park Youngjin)

  • School Of Mental Breakdown (2012.6.24 ~ 2013.2.24)

(Korean: 멘붕스쿨; Starring: Hwang Hyeonhui → Song Jungeun, Hong Nayeong, Park Soyoung, Seo Taehun, Byeon Seungyun, Jeong Seunghwan, Kim Jaewook, Kim Seongwon, Park Seongho)

  • Selfish Patent Office (2012.1.29 ~ 2012.7.22)

(Korean: 이기적인 특허소 (이특); Starring: Park Yeongjin, Park Sungkwang, Lee Gwangseop, Kim Seongwon, Kim Taewon, An Somi, Lee Munjae)

  • Seoul Mate (2011.7.10 ~ 2012.2.5)

(Korean: 서울메이트; Starring: Yang Sangguk, Heo Gyeonghwan, Ryu Jeongnam, Park Sora)

  • SISTAR29 (2013.2.5 ~ 2013.12.2)

(Korean: 씨스타29; Starring: Park Jisun, Oh Nami, Song Byeongcheol)
A parody of unit sub-group SISTAR19, composed of 29-year old women lounging at a bar and imitating the intro choreography of Gone Not Around Any Longer. They blame everything, from being passed over CF deals, to celebrities "less beautiful than them", to their single status, on the "curse of the nines" (their age being a particle of nine).

  • Small Time Crooks (2012.10.21 ~ 2012.11.25)

(Korean: 좀도둑들; Starring: Kim Daehui, Park Sora, Kim Jonghun, Lee Sanghun, Park Youngjin, Kwak Beom, Shin Yunseung)

  • Snap Martial Arts (2012.2.5 ~ 2012.12.2)

(Korean: 꺾기도; Starring: Kim Junho, Hong Ingyu, Jang Kiyeong, Jo Yunho, Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin, Yu Minsang)

  • Solutions to Iffy Issues (2011.8.21 ~ 2012.5.13)

(Korean: 애매한 것을 정해주는 남자 (애정남); Starring: Ryu Geunji, Choi Hyojong, Lee Wongu, Shin Jongryeong)

  • Sorry, Bro (2014.6.1 ~ 2014.8.24)

(Korean: 미안해요 형; Starring: Hong Sunmok, Lee Sanggu, Kwak Beom, Jeong Yunho)
About a boss and his new part-timers who keep driving him crazy.

  • Sound of Drama (2011.4.3 ~ 2011.7.24)

(Korean: 사운드 오브 드라마; Starring: Yu Minsang, Byeon Seungyun, Heo Anna)

  • Steal the Spotlight (2014.7.27 ~ 2014.8.10)

(Korean: 날 보러 와요; Starring: Im Jaebaek, Park Eunyeong, Lee Seongdong, Kwon Jaekwan, Im Uil, Jeong Haecheol)
About an acting crew who spoil the script to attract attention with their exaggerated acting skills, just for the taste of the spotlight.

  • Still Alive (2013.6.16 ~ 2013.9.29)

(Korean: 살아있네; Starring: Choi Hyojong, Hong Sunmok, Yoon Hyungbin, Song Wangho)
A parody of the movie Nameless Gangster in terms of the mafia family and attempts of finding solutions to problems through connections.

  • Strongest Mentality (2014.7.20 ~ 2014.9.28)

(Korean: 멘탈 갑 (甲); Starring: Park Sungkwang, Lee Sanghun, Yang Sunil, Ryu Geunil, Hong Yeseul, Kim Byeongseon, Park Seongho (Class 28), Jo Seunghui)
A corner to save weak-minded people from mental breakdown.

  • Sunny Days of Youth (2014.11.30 ~ 2015.1.11)

(Korean: 젊은이의 양지; Starring: Lee Chan, Kim Wonhyo, Lee Munjae)
About three friends, one rich, one poor and one getting by who are struggling from the same thing in a different way.

  • Suppress It (2013.10.6 ~ 2013.10.13)

(Korean: 견뎌; Starring: Park Yeongjin, Kim Kiyul, Kwon Jaekwan, Jo Suyeon, Hong Hwon, Kim Jeonghun)

  • Survival Dialect (2002.10.13 ~ 2004.2.15)

(Korean: 생활사투리; Starring: Park Junhyeong, Jeong Jongcheol, Kim Sideok, Lee Jaehun)

  • Take Advantage (2013.11.10 ~ 2014.2.2)

(Korean: 누려; Starring: Park Jisun, Lee Heekyung, Kim Huiwon, Jang Yuhwan, Yu Minsang)
About a nouveau riches couple and daughter-in-law trying to take advantage of their new-found wealth in every situation while still unconsciously acting like their old way of life.

  • Talaktubbies (2004.3.21 ~ 2004.7.18)

(Korean: 타락토비; Starring: Im Hyeokpil, Kim Inseok, Jeong Myunghun, Heo Seungjae)

  • Teacher Kang's Dressing Room (2009.2.22 ~ 2009.9.13)

(Korean: 분장실의 강 선생님; Starring: Kim Kyunga, Jeong Gyungmi, Kang Yumi, An Yeongmi)

  • Team Name: Jinx (2012.1.8 ~ 2012.1.15)

(Korean: 팀을 위한 길; Starring: Lee Jonghun, Kim Kiyul, Kim Jincheol, Jeong Myunghun, Yang Seonil)

  • Tell Them (2014.2.9 ~ 2014.6.22)

(Korean: 그래 그래; Starring: Noh Ujin, Song Pilgeun, Kim Jeonghun, Song Wangho, Lee Sanggu)
About a stubborn gang leader and his subordinate and how they deal with the police when their crimes are discovered using mindless excuses.

  • Thank You (2011.8.14 ~ 2012.6.10)

(Korean: 감사합니다; Starring: Jeong Taeho, Song Byeongcheol, Lee Sanghun)
Musical comedy.

  • The Animals (2013.1.6 ~ 2013.5.19)

(Korean: 애니뭘; Starring: Jeong Beomgyun, Ryu Jeongnam, Jo Jihun, Kim Wonhyo, Park Seongho, Kim Junho)

  • The Big Arrest (2012.7.29 ~ 2012.10.7)

(Korean: 체포왕; Starring: Park Youngjin, Kim Jangkun, Lee Seongdong, Kim Jeonghun, Lee Suji, Hong Nayoung)

  • The Big World (2014.6.29 ~ 2014.12.7)

(Korean: 큰 세계; Starring: Kim Junhyun, Song Yeonggil, Yu Minsang, Kim Suyeong, Kim Taewon. Skinny guys: Jeong Jinyeong, Choi Jaewon, Kim Hyeongi, Seo Namyong)
The title of the skit is a parody of 2013 crime movie New World (신세계). In year 2094, due to the exhaustion of food, the human race is about to die off. The survivors made their own underground world with their own rules, being fat means power, authority, honor and wealth, only fat people rule this world. All comedians starring in this corner are overweight, they compete on who weigh more by showing off their characteristics and eating ability. On 7.Sep.2014, SISTAR appeared as guests for the Chuseok special.

  • The Blame Game (2012.5.27 ~ 2012.7.1)

(Korean: 하극상; Starring: Kim Wonhyo, Jeong Beomgyun, Choi Hyojong)

  • The Boy Band or Jeon Guk Gu (2012.12.9 ~ 2013.9.1)

(Korean: 전국구; Starring: Lee Gwangseop, Lee Jonghun, Lee Sangmin, Lee Sangho, Kim Kiri)
Musical comedy; songs about different fashions in an exaggerated way. The band released an album (Fashion City) in 2013.

  • The Elder (2012.7.22 ~ 2013.1.27)

(Korean: 어르신; Starring: Kim Daehui, Lee Munjae, Kim Wonhyo, Ryu Jeongnam, Jeong Myeonghun)

  • The Family Head (2014.8.10 ~ 2015.2.15)

(Korean: 가장자리; Starring: Lee Seungyun, Seo Taehun, Lee Hyeonjeong, Park Yeongjin, Lee Changho, Park Soyoung, Kim Seongwon | Previous Appearances: Kim Seunghye, Song Yeonggil)
Conversation between neighbors (bachelor → newlywed [201], married [202], lonely father [203], bachelor [301] → married deputy [302]) on the balcony. On 14.Dec.2014, Lee Changho joined the skit's cast as [302]. On 11.Jan.2015, Park Soyoung joined the skit's cast as [201] wife. On 1.Feb.2015, Kim Seongwon also joined as [203] son.

  • The Female Comedian (2012.7.15 ~ 2013.1.27)

(Korean: 희극 여배우들; Starring: Ryu Geunji → Lee Heekyung, Jeong Gyeongmi, Heo Anna → Kim Yeonghui, Park Jisun)

  • The King Game (2013.11.24 ~ 2014.1.5)

(Korean: 왕게임; Starring: Kim Jeonghun, Noh Ujin, Jang Kiyeong, Kim Kiyul, Park Yeongjin)
An interactive game where the viewers can vote through SMS, which one of the four representatives are more fitting in a given situation.

  • The King of Ratings (2013.4.21 ~ 2014.7.6)

(Korean: 시청률의 제왕; Starring: Park Sungkwang, Lee Sanghun, Heo Anna, Kim Taewon, Ryu Geunji, Yang Sunil, Kim Hoegyeong, Oh Gihwan | Semi-fixed cast: Lee Heekyung, Hong Nayeong)
In essence a parody of SBS's The King of Dramas, this skit parodies common methods (makjang plotlines, character insertion & write-offs, utilization of idol actors, and obvious yet senseless PPLs) overly used by producers in order to raise their ratings as represented by a real-time ratings graph.

  • The Love of Slaves (2012.12.2 ~ 2013.1.20)

(Korean: 노애; Starring: Heo Anna, Song Yeonggil, Jeong Jinyeong, Jeong Seunghwan, Lee Huikyeong, Park Eunyeong)

  • The Pursuer (2012.7.15 ~ 2012.9.2)

(Korean: 추·남; Starring: Choi Hyojong, Jeong Beomgyun, Lee Sanghun, Hong Hwon)

  • The Royal Family (2008.11.9 ~ 2008.12.28)

(Korean: 로열 패밀리; Starring: Jang Doyeon, Kim Kyunga, Han Mingwan, Song Byeongcheol)

  • The Three Friends (2013.8.25 ~ 2014.6.22)

(Korean: 놈놈놈; Starring: Song Pilgeun, An Somi, Bok Hyunkyu, Kim Kiri, Yu Inseok, Ryu Geunji)
Remake of 'Love Artistestes' from 'The Gag Concert You've Never Seen Before' 2013's Chuseok Special. About three handsome friends (plus random handsome all-around stranger) that keep interrupting Pilgeun's dates with his girlfriend. The corner starts with NC.A's Oh My God.

  • The Three Idiots (2002.4.7 ~2003.1.12)

(Korean: 바보삼대; Starring: Kim Junho, Kim Daehui, Lee Taesik)

  • The Tigress Sisters (2012.6.17 ~ 2012.6.24)

(Korean: 호랭이 언니들; Starring: Lee Suji, Song Yeonggil, Heo Min, Hong Nayoung, Kim Jaeuk, Kim Kyunga, Hong Sunmok)

  • The Tired Family (2012.7.8 ~ 2012.9.2)

(Korean: 피곤한 가족; Starring: Kim Jaewook, Kim Minkyung, Lee Sangmin, Lee Sangho, Kim Daehui, Lee Dongyun → Lee Seungyun, Kim Taewon, Park Soyoung → Kim Hyeseon, Heo Min)

  • The Uncomfortable Truth (2012.12.2 ~ 2013.1.20)

(Korean: 불편한 진실; Starring: Hwang Hyeonhui, Jeong Jimin, Kim Kiri, Kim Jimin, Jeong Eunseon, Park Jisun, Kim Minkyung, Jang Kiyeong)
Analyzing overly-clichéd storylines and pointing out their flaws.

  • The Whistleblower (2012.10.7 ~ 2012.12.16)

(Korean: 막말자; Starring: Hwang Hyeonhui, Jeong Eunseon, Kim Hyeseon, Oh Nami)

  • The Yellow Sea (2013.5.26 ~ 2014.5.25)

(Korean: 황해; Starring: Lee Suji, Jeong Chanmin, Shin Yunseung, Lee Sanggu, Hong Ingyu, Hong Sunmok)
A funny parody of the The Yellow Sea (film with the same name). Voice phishing and scamming attempts. This skit took 2013's Top Excellence Award for idea.

  • The Young King (2013.3.10 ~ 2013.5.12)

(Korean: 왕해; Starring: Lee Gwangseop, Lee Dongyun, Kim Daeseong, Ryu Geunil, Lee Seungyun, Yang Sunil, Jeong Myeonghun, Shin Goeun)
A loose parody of Gwanghae; it is about a king constantly being underestimated by everyone around him (from his ministers to his generals) on account of his young age.

  • This Thing Called Love (2012.5.13 ~ 2013.7.1)

(Korean: 이 죽일놈의 사랑; Starring: Park Jisun, Kim Daeseong, Park Sora)

  • Time Travel (2010.5.30 ~ 2010.11.14)

(Korean: 시간여행; Starring: Jeong Taeho, Yang Sunil, Jang Doyeon, Lee Sangmin, Lee Sangho)

  • Tutor of Terror (2003.8.10 ~ 2003.11.2)

(Korean: 공포의 과외선생; Starring: Kim Byungman, Yoon Seokju, Yoon Seongho)

  • Unstoppable Interviewer Mr. Byeon (2011.1.2 ~ 2011.4.3)

(Korean: 못말리는 변접관; Starring: Byeon Kisu, Jang Donghyeok, Song Yeonggil, Kim Huiwon)

  • Viewer's Opinion (2014.10.26 ~ 2015.2.15)

(Korean: 시청자 의견; Starring: Jeong Jaehyeong, Yoon Seunghyeon, Lee Sangeun, Kim Seunghye, Choi Jaewon)
Comparing drama scenes with reality.

  • Wait Wolf (2013.1.13 ~ 2013.2.17)

(Korean: 기다려 늑대; Starring: Ryu Geunji, Kim Hyeseon, Seo Namyong, Song Yeonggil)
A parody of A Werewolf Boy.

  • War on Broadcasting (2012.3.25 ~ 2012.5.13)

(Korean: 방송과의 전쟁; Starring: Kim Daebeom, An Ilgwon, Byeon Seungyun, Park Seongho, Kim Hyeseon, Kim Jangkun)

  • We Are Buds (2003.4.6 ~ 2003.7.6)

(Korean: 우리들은 새싹들이다; Starring: Im Hyeokpil, Kim Kisu, Kwon Jinyoung)

  • We Are One (2012.6.24 ~ 2012.7.8)

(Korean: 팀을 위한 길; Starring: Im Uil, Kim Kiri, Seo Taehun, Lee Seongdong)

  • We Can Pretend (2013.2.17 ~ 2013.3.31)

(Korean: 위캔척; Starring: Choi Hyojong, Park Soyoung, Hong Sunmok, Jeong Haecheol)

  • We Need Communication (2006.11.19 ~ 2008.11.30)

(Korean: 대화가 필요해; Starring: Kim Daehui, Jang Dongmin, Shin Bongseon)
For Gag Concert's 700th episode special, Kim Kiri took over Jang Dongmin's role as the son, though in respect to the original roles, he was cast as Dongmin's younger brother who is serving his mandatory military service.

  • What If (2002.6.10 ~ 2002.12.1)

(Korean: 만약에; Starring: Jang Ung, Kim Junho)

  • Why We Don't Need Men (2013.5.12 ~ 2014.1.19)

(Korean: 남자가 필요없는 이유; Starring: Hong Nayeong, Park Sora, Seo Taehun → Lee Chan, Jeong Seunghwan, Jeong Myeonghun)
Sora's stories from previous experiences in dating the worst kinds of handsome men (who are players), devoted men (who are too obsessed), and average men (who are horndogs) to explain why women don't need men.

  • Willful Negligence (2013.1.6 ~ 2013.4.14)

(Korean: 미필적 고의; Starring: Park Sungkwang, Kim Wonhyo, Song Byeongcheol, Kim Daehui, Im Uil)

  • Wonderful Days (2014.7.13 ~ 2014.8.3)

(Korean: 참 좋은 시절; Starring: Lee Chan, Yang Sunil, Heo Anna, Park Sora, Kim Taewon, Park Youngjin)
The title is a parody of KBS's weekend drama Wonderful Days (참 좋은 시절). The skit is about a poor family consisting of five members, Heo Anna the mother and her brother Kim Taewon, Yang Sunil the father, Park Sora the daughter and Lee Chan the son. Park Youngjin plays the landlady. The skit feature their bedtime conversations.

  • Yes or No (2012.2.5 ~ 2012.4.15)

(Korean: 있기 없기; Starring: Heo Min, Lee Munjae, Jeong Jinyeong)

  • You Are So Bad (2013.2.3 ~ 2013.7.28)

(Korean: 나쁜 사람; Starring: Lee Sanggu, Lee Munjae, Yu Minsang, Lee Chan)

  • Youth White Papers (2002.4.2 ~ 2004.12.29)

(Korean: 청년백서; Starring: Park Junhyeong, Im Hyeokpil, Kim Sideok, Park Seongho)

  • Zigzag Song (2002.7.28 ~ 2003.1.12)

(Korean: 지그재그송; Starring: Kim Junho, Jeong Jongcheol, Kang Seongbeom)

  • Zombie Project (2013.10.13 ~ 2013.12.15)

(Korean: 좀비 프로젝트; Starring: Kim Junho, Jeong Taeho, Kim Janggun, Kim Seongwon, Kim Nahee)
Remake of 'World War Zombie' from 'The Gag Concert You've Never Seen Before' 2013's Chuseok Special. About two zombies who groan about eating humans, but spare a beautiful woman.

  • 억수르 (2014.7.13 ~ 2014.10.19)

(Korean: 억수르; Starring: Song Jungeun, Hong Hwon, Jeong Haecheol, Kim Kiyul, Kim Minkyung, Oh Nami)
This corner started with the title "Mansour 만수르" on July 13, 2014 but hasn't aired an episode yet on KBS World because it was an actual name of sheikh. On July 27, 2014, the title was changed to "Eoksour 억수르"; a play on the original title (Mansour) which meant ten thousand and was upgraded to hundred million (Eoksour). On 7.Sep.2014, John Park appeared as a guest for Chuseok special.

The Gag Concert You've Never Seen Before[edit]

Main article:

Seollal Special 2013.02.12[edit]

  • 모던보이 (2012.9.12) – Kim Kiri, Seo Taehun, Park Sora, Im Uil
  • EBS 드라마 (2010.10.27) – Shin Bora, Song Jungeun, Kim Daebeom, Kim Kiri
  • 노력의 결정체 (2012.10.10) – Kwon Jaekwan, Kim Jiho, Lee Chan, Kim Jincheol, Kim Hyeongi, Kim Kiri, An Ilgwon
  • Don't Give In 버티고 (2013.1.23) – Kim Jiho, Heo Anna, Ryu Jeongnam, Kim Janggun, Lee Seongdong, Kwon Jaekwan
  • 승승맞장구 (2011.11.2) – Lee Gwangseop, Kwon Jaekwan, Jo Yunho, Yu Minsang
  • 둥이 딩이 (2012.9.19) – An Somi, Oh Nami, Lee Sangmin, Lee Sangho, Lee Sanghun
  • 지구멸망보고서 (2012.5.30) – Seo Taehun, Park Yeongjin, Hwang Hyeonhui
  • 소극장배우들 (2011.11.30) – Kim Jeonghun, Kim Taewon, Lee Munjae, Kim Kiyul
  • 배신자 (2012.11.7) – Song Byeongcheol, Kim Daeseong, Lee Seungyun
  • 컴백 (2010.1.20) – Heo Gyeonghwan, Song Byeongcheol, Kim Daeseong, Kim Kiyul
  • 썬이 (2011.8.17) – Park Narae, Jang Doyeon, Kim Minkyung, Heo Anna, Heo Gyeonghwan
  • 그 들만의 스타 (2011.11.9) – Kim Yeonghui, Kwon Mijin, Park Soyoung, Kim Jimin, Im Uil, Heo Gyeonghwan

Chuseok Special 2013.09.19[edit]

  • Differently 달라스 (2013.7.3) – Kim Jiho, Kim Kiri, Jo Yunho, Kim Janggun
  • Girls in the Army 군대 온 걸 (2013.3.1) – Kim Kyunga, Jo Seunghui, Jeong Myeonghun, Park Sora, Heo Anna, Kim Hyeseon
  • World War Zombie 월드 워 좀비 (2013.8.14) – Kim Seongwon, Jeong Taeho, Kim Janggun, Jo Suyeon
  • Making Woman Show 메이킹우먼쇼 (2013.7.14) – Heo Anna, Kim Yeonghui, Jeong Jimin, Park Sora
  • Love Artistses 러브 아티스트스트스 (2013.4.10) – Heo Gyeonghwan, Ryu Geunji, Seo Taehun
  • Tears of Antarctica 남극의 눈물 (2013.6.19) – Lee Seungyun, Kim Daehui, Lee Dongyun

Chuseok Special 2014.09.09[edit]

  • 이 부부가 사는 법 (2013.8.28) – Song Wangho, Jeong Beomgyun, Shin Goeun, Kim Daeseong, Lee Heekyung, Park Jisun, Park Youngjin
  • 트러블 과외 (2013.12.4) – Park Soyoung, Kim Jimin, Park Seongho
  • 그래 이거야 (2013.11.20) – Im Uil, Lee Sangmin, Jeong Taeho, Lee Dongyun
  • 초근접 현미경 (2014.5.27) – Kwak Beom, Park Youngjin, Song Byeongcheol, Kim Jiho, Kim Kiyul, Lee Jonghun
  • 사람 일은 모른다 (2013.10.23) – Hong Yeseul, Jeong Haecheol, Yang Sangguk, Ryu Jeongnam, Jeong Taeho
  • 음모론 (2014.7.30) – Kim Kiyul, Hong Hwon, Kim Nina, Kim Kiri, Oh Gihwan

KBS Entertainment Awards in Comedy[edit]

Each year, comedians are awarded for their performance in Gag Concert in three categories: Best Newcomer, Excellence Award, and Top Excellence. The best skit idea is awarded with "Top Excellence Award for Idea".

Year Best Newcomer Award Excellence Award Top Excellence Award Top Excellence Award for Idea
2002 Lee Jungsoo - Kang Sungbeom
Park Junhyeong
Survival Dialect
2003 Jeong Hyeongdon
Seo Namyong
Kwon Jinyoung
Kim Darae
Im Hyeokpil Jeong Yongcheol Do Re Mi Trio
2004 Kang Yumi
An Sangtae
Jeong Chulgyu
Jeong Hyeongdon Park Seongho Flash Shopping
2005 Yu Seyoon
Park Hwisoon
An Yeongmi
Shin Bongseon
Jang Dongmin
Kim Hyeonsuk
Kim Junho Family's Love
2006 An Ilgwon (Male)
Kim Jimin (Female)
Kim Daebeom (Male)
Kang Yumi (Female)
Jeong Jongcheol Mappagi
2007 Kim Wonhyo (Male)
Park Jisun (Female)
Byeon Kisoo (Male)
Shin Bongsun (Female)
Kim Daehui We Need Communication
2008 Park Sungkwang (Male)
Kim Kyunga (Female)
Hwang Hyeonhui (Male)
Park Jisun (Female)
Kim Byungman Master Show
2009 Heo Gyeonghwan (Male)
Oh Nami (Female)
Yoon Hyungbin (Male)
Kang Yumi
An Yeongmi (Female)
Park Seongho Teacher Kang's Dressing Room
2010 Choi Hyojong (Male)
Kim Yeonghui (Female)
Park Youngjin (Male)
Heo Anna (Female)
Kim Byungman (Male)
Park Jisun (Female)
Double Debate
2011 Jeong Taeho (Male)
Lee Heekyung (Female)
Kim Wonhyo
Choi Hyojong (Male)
Shin Bora (Female)
Kim Junho (Male)
Jeong Gyungmi (Female)
Solutions to Iffy Issues
2012 Kim Kiri (Male)
Park Soyoung (Female)
Heo Gyeonghwan
Jeong Taeho (Male)
Kim Jimin (Female)
Kim Junhyun (Male)
Shin Bora (Female)
Brave Guys
2013 Lee Munjae (Male)
An Somi (Female)
Yu Minsang (Male)
Kim Minkyung (Female)
Kim Junhyun (Male)
Kim Jimin (Female)
The Yellow Sea
2014 Song Pilgeun (Male)
Lee Suji (Female)
Jo Yunho (Male)
Heo Anna (Female)
Kim Daehui (Male)
Kim Yeonghui (Female)
Late Love

KBS Entertainment Shows[edit]


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