Gag Concert

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Gag Concert
Genre Sketch Comedy
Written by Lee Sangdeog, Baek Seongun, Kim Jiseon, Choi Seonghye, Nam Hyejin, Lee Mirim, Yoon Giyeong, An Areum, Kim Miha, Jo Eul
Directed by Kim Sangmi, Park Jiyeong, Seo Sumin, Lee Jeonggu
Starring See below
Theme music composer Lee Taeseon Band
Opening theme One in A Million - Pet Shop Boys
Ending theme Part Time Lover - Stevie Wonder
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 750+ (as of July 20, 2014)
Producer(s) Han Gyeongcheon
Camera setup Multicamera setup
Running time Approx. 80 minutes per episode
Original channel KBS 2TV, KBS World TV
Picture format NTSC, ATSC, ISDB
Audio format Stereo
Original run September 4, 1999 – Present
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Gag Concert Production website

Gag Concert (Korean: 개그콘서트) is a Korean sketch-comedy TV show on KBS2 network. It began airing in September 1999 and is the oldest of South Korea comedy programs. It is competing with SBS's Smile People (웃음을 찾는 사람들), MBC's Fall in Comedy (코미디의 길), and tvN's Comedy Big League (코미디빅리그). The show is recorded on Wednesdays and is aired on KBS 2TV on Sundays at 9:15 PM. The show airs again with English subtitles after three weeks on KBS World TV on Saturdays at 4:30 PM.



  • Season 1 (September 1999 - October 2000)
  • Season 2 (October 2000 - January 2003)
  • Season 3 (January 2003 - March 2004)
  • Season 4 (March 2004 - April 2008)
  • Season 5 (April 2008 - present)


※ Korean alphabetical order as of July 27, 2014

  • K
  1. Kwak Beom
  2. Kwon Jaekwan
  3. Kim Giyeol
  4. Kim Daeseong
  5. Kim Daehui
  6. Kim Mingyeong
  7. Kim Seongwon
  8. Kim Suyeong
  9. Kim Yeonghui
  10. Kim Janggun
  11. Kim Jaewook
  12. Kim Junhyun
  13. Kim Junho
  14. Kim Taewon
  15. Kim Hyeseon
  16. Kim Huiwon
  17. Kim Jimin
  • P, S
  1. Ryu Jeongnam
  2. Park Seong Kwang
  3. Park Seongho
  4. Park Sora
  5. Park Youngjin
  6. Park Eunyeong
  7. Seo Taehun
  8. Song Byeongcheol
  9. Song Yeonggil
  10. Song JunKeun
  11. Song Pilgeun
  12. Shin Yunseung
  13. Sin Jongryeong
  • A, Y, O, L, I
  1. An Somi
  2. An IlKwon
  3. Yang Sunil
  4. O Nami
  5. Yu Minsang
  6. Lee Dongyun
  7. Lee Sanggu
  8. Lee Sangmin
  9. Lee Sangho
  10. Lee Seongdong
  11. Lee Suji
  12. Lee Seungyun
  13. Lee Chan
  14. Lee Heekyung
  15. Im Uil
  • J,H
  1. Jeong Beom Kyun
  2. Jang Kiyeong
  3. Jang Yuhwan
  4. Jang Hyoin
  5. Jeong Myeonghun
  6. Jeong Seunghwan
  7. Jeong Taeho
  8. Jeong Haecheol
  9. Jo Suyeon
  10. Jo Yunho
  11. Heo Min
  12. Heo Anna
  13. Hong Hwon
  14. Hong Sunmok
  15. Hong Yeaseul

Famous Comedians and their Classes[2][3][edit]

7th class (1991)

13th class (1997)

  • Park Seongho
  • Park Junhyeong (Married to Kim Jihye)

14th class (1999)

  • Kim Daehui
  • Kim Junho (Charlie Kim)
  • Kim Jihye (Married to Park Junhyeong)

15th class (2000)

  • Jeong Jongcheol

16th class (2001)

  • Jeong Myeonghun

17th class (2002)

  • Kim Byungman
  • Jeong Hyungdon

18th class (2003)

  • Ryu Dam
  • Seo Namyong

19th class (2004)

  • Kang Yumi
  • An Yeongmi
  • Yu Sangmu
  • Yu Saeyoon
  • Jang Dongmin
  • Hong Ingyu
  • Hwang Hyeonhui

20th class (2005)

  • Kim Jaewook
  • No Woojin
  • Shin Bongseon
  • Yu Minsang
  • Yoon Hyungbin (Married to Jeong Gyungmi)
  • Lee Dongyun
  • Lee Sanggu
  • Lee Jonghun
  • Jeong Gyungmi (Married to Yoon Hyungbin)

21st class (2006)

22nd class (2007)

  • Kim Junhyun
  • Kim Jiho
  • Park Seonggwang
  • Park Yeongjin
  • Park Jisun
  • Song Jungeun
  • Yang Sangguk
  • Yang Sunil
  • Lee Gwangseop
  • Jang Hyoin
  • Jeong Beomgyun
  • Jo Yunho
  • Choi Hyojong
  • Heo Gyeonghwan

23rd class (2008)

  • Kim Daeseong
  • Kim Mingyeong
  • Ryu Jeongnam
  • Park Soyeong
  • Oh Nami
  • Jeong Taeho
  • Heo Min

24th class (2009)

  • Kim Seongwon
  • Ryu Geunji
  • An Somi
  • Heo Anna

25th class (2010)

  • Kwon Mijin
  • Kim Kiri
  • Kim Yeonghui
  • Kim Janggun
  • Song Yeonggil
  • Shin Bora
  • Lee Sungdong
  • Lee Heekyung
  • Jang Kiyeong
  • Jeong Eunseon
  • Jeong Jimin

26th class (2011)

  • Kim Suyeong
  • Kim Taewon
  • Kim Hyeseon
  • Park Sora
  • Seo Taehun
  • Lee Munjae
  • Lee Sanghun
  • Im Uil
  • Jeong Seunghwan
  • Jeong Haecheol
  • Hong Nayeong

27th class (2012)

  • Kwak Beom
  • Namgung Gyeongho
  • Park Eunyeong
  • Song Pilgeun
  • Yu Inseok
  • Lee Suji
  • Lee Chan
  • Jeong Changmin

28th class (2013)

  • Kim Naehui
  • Bok Hyungyu
  • Jo Suyeon
  • Hong Yeaseul
  • Hwang Shingyoung

29th class (2014)

  • Park Bomi

Comedians’ Agencies[edit]

  1. Kim Junho (CEO)
  2. Kim Daehui
  3. Kwon Jaekwan
  4. Kim Kyunga
  5. Kim Mingyeong
  6. Kim Seongwon
  7. Kim Yeonghui
  8. Kim Wonhyo
  9. Kim Janggun
  10. Kim Junhyun
  11. Kim Jimin
  12. Kim Jiho
  13. Ryu Geunil
  14. Park Narae
  15. Park Soyeong
  16. Park Jisun
  17. Byeon Seungyun
  18. Shin Goeun
  19. An Yunsang
  20. Yang Sangguk
  21. Yu Minsang
  22. Lee Gwangseop
  23. Lee Suji
  24. Lee Heekyung
  25. Im Hyeokpil
  26. Jang Kiyeong
  27. Jang Doyeon
  28. Jeong Gyeongmi
  29. Jeong Myeonghun
  30. Jeong Jimin
  31. Jeong Chanmin
  32. Jo Seunghui
  33. Jo Yunho
  34. Heo Min
  35. Hong Ingyu
  36. Hong Hwon
  1. Kim Jaewook
  2. Lee Dongyun
  3. No Woojin
  4. Lee Sangho
  5. Lee Sangmin
  6. Song Jungeun
  7. Oh Nami
  8. An Somi
  9. Lee Seongdong
  10. Jeong Seunghwan
  11. Kim Hyeseon
  12. Im Uil
  13. Jeong Jinyeong
  14. Park Sora
  15. Jeong Haecheol
  16. Lee Chan
  17. Shin Yunseung
  18. Song Pylgeun

  1. Lee Seungyun
  2. Kwon Mijin
  3. Choi Hyojong
  4. Jo Jihun
  5. An Ilgwon
  6. Ryu Geunji
  7. Hong Sunmok
  8. Lee Wongu

  1. Song Byeongcheol
  2. Park Seonggwang
  3. Jeong Taeho
  4. Kim Daeseong
  1. Yu Saeyoon
  2. Jang Dongmin
  3. Yu Sangmu
  4. Shin Bongseon
  5. Heo Anna
  6. Kim Inseog

  1. Lee Sanggu
  2. Lee Sanghun
  3. Lee Jonghun
  4. Lee Munjae
  5. Kim Giyeol
  6. Song Yeonggil

  1. Hwang Hyeonhui
  2. Jeong Beomgyun
  3. Seo Taehun

  • JS Entertainment
  1. Yu Jaesuk (CEO)
  2. Park Seongho

  1. Shin Bora

  1. Kim Kiri

  1. Heo Gyeonghwan
  1. Kim Byungman
  2. Lee Sugeun
  3. Ryu Dam

Current Skits[edit]

Main article:

※ Order by ascending date according to the first airing time on the original channel "KBS2".

  • Late Love (2013.12.22 ~ present)

(Korean: 끝사랑; Starring: Kwon Jaekwan, Park Sora, Jeong Taeho, Kim Yeonghui)
Romance of Middle-aged people.

  • Hidden Masters (2014.1.5 ~ present)

(Korean: 깐죽거리 잔혹사; Starring: Lee Dongyun, Heo Min, Ryu Jeongnam, An Ilgwon, Jo Yunho, Lee Seongdong)
About a father and daughter who refuse to pay business protection money and use martial arts to evict the bad guys.

  • Drunken (2014.3.16 ~ present)

(Korean: 취해서 온 그대; Starring: Seo Taehun, Kim Hyeseon, Shin Yunseung, Kim Daeseong, Hong Yeaseul, Lee Heekyung)
About a bartender who goes through a lot of trouble when crazy guests start showing up at his bar.[4]

  • Reveal the Story (2014.3.23 ~ present)

(Korean: 사건의 전말; Starring: Park Youngjin, Kim Huiwon, Jang Yuhwan, Jang Kiyoung, Kim Jaewook, Kim Jimin)
About detectives who are investigating a crime scene, and they have to deal with crazy people who claim to be witnesses of the crime. Bonggu and Janggu (Jang Yuhwan and Jang Kiyoung) are kids who gets distracted when giving claims. Mr. K (Kim Jaewook) possesses a psychometry ability to get information and see things from the past when touching an object. Jimin always seems to say something that makes sense, but it turns out she is slurring her words.

  • Help Me! (2014.04.13 ~ present)

(Korean: 선배, 선배!; Starring: Lee Suji, Jo Suyeon, Jeong Myeonghun, Ryu Geunji, Kim Janggun)
About juniors who are in love with their senior and try to seek advice from an unconcerned friend.

  • Let It Be (2014.6.1 ~ present)

(Korean: 렛잇비; Starring: Song Pilgeun, Park Eunyeong, Lee Dongyun, No Woojin)
Musical comedy; about office workers and their concerns.

  • Sorry, Bro (2014.6.1 ~ present)

(Korean: 미안해요 형; Starring: Hong Sunmok, Lee Sanggu, Kwak Beom)
About a boss and his new part-timers who keeps giving excuses and drive him crazy.

  • Old Affair (2014.6.1 ~ present)

(Korean: 쉰 밀회; Starring: Kim Jimin, Kim Daeseong, Kim Daehui, Yu Minsang)
Parody of JTBC's Secret Love Affair (밀회): Yu Ain (Kim Daehui) is piano genius kid, and Kim Huiae (Kim Jimin) is the piano teacher. Kim Daeseong plays Kim Huiae's Husband while Yu Minsang plays Madam Seo.

  • Dating Skills Test (2014.6.1 ~ present)

(Korean: 연애능력평가; Starring: Jang Yuhwan, Jeong Beomgyun, Shin Jongryeong, Park Seongho)
Lessons about dating; Cheongdam Monkey Teacher (Jeong Beomgyun) solves dating problems, Tweezer Teacher (Shin Jongnyeong) plucks out funny facts, and Daechi Cleoparktra Teacher (Park Seongho) solves numerical problems.

  • Dumb & Dumber Show (2014.6.22 ~ present)

(Korean: 덤앤더머 쇼 or 덤 앤 더머 Show; Starring: Kim Seongwon, Song Byeongcheol, Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin)
Mime show; Kim Seongwon do the sounds and voices while the twins act them out. Song Byeongcheol is the translator.

  • Chicken High School (2014.6.29 ~ present)

(Korean: 닭치高; Starring: Song Jungeun, Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin, Im Uil, Kim Junho, An Somi)
Playful comedy corner about forgetful chickens who are attending Half marinated, half fried class in Chicken High School. The corner starts with Cherry Filter's Flying Duck. Song Jungeun plays the homeroom teacher, Kim Junho is Cock-a-doodle-doo the school principle, the students are Lee Sangho and Lee Sangmin the Two Chickens and Im Uil the Fire Chicken. An Somi plays Cluck the school nurse.

  • The Big World (2014.6.29 ~ present)

(Korean: 큰세계; Starring: Kim Junhyun, Song Yeonggil, Yu Minsang, Kim Suyeong, Kim Taewon)
The title of the skit is a parody of 2013 crime movie New World (신세계). In year 2094, due to the exhaustion of food, the human race is about to die off. The survivors made their own underground world with their own rules, being fat means power, authority, honor and wealth, only fat people rule this world. All comedians starring in this corner are overweight, they compete by showing off their characteristics and eating ability.

  • Differently (2014.7.6 ~ present)

(Korean: 달라스; Starring KBS 29th Class Comedians (2014): Park Bomi, Kim Nina, Kim Seunghye, Choi Jaewon, Jeong Seungbin, Song Junseok, Lee Hyeonjeong)
Remake of 'Differently' from 'The Gag Concert You've Never Seen Before' Chuseok Special.

  • Mansour (2014.7.13 ~ present)

(Korean: 만수르; Starring: Song Jungeun, Hong Hwon, Jeong Haecheol, Kim Giyeol, Kim Mingyeong, Oh Nami)

  • 참 좋은 시절 (2014.7.13 ~ present)

(Korean: 참 좋은 시절; Starring: Lee Chan, Yang Sunil, Heo Anna, Park Sora, Kim Taewon)

  • Mental Gap (2014.7.20 ~ present)

(Korean: 멘탈 갑; Starring: Park Seonggwang, Lee Sanghun, Yang Sunil, Ryu Geunil, Hong Yeaseul, Kim Byeongseon, Park Seongho, Jo Seunghui)

Previous Skits[5][edit]

Main article:

※ Alphabetical order. The dates are according to the airing time on the original channel "KBS2".

  • "ㆍㆍㆍㆍㆍㆍ" (2013.5.26 ~ 2013.10.13)

(Korean: "... ..."; Starring: Namgung Gyeongho, Kim Huiwon, Song Pilgeun, Yu Minsang)

  • A Bitter Life (2009.3.22 ~ 2010.3.21)

(Korean: 씁쓸한 인생; Starring: Kim Junho → Kim Daehui, Yu Sangmu → Kim Junhyun, Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin, Lee Seungyun)
About a boss who suffers from his subordinate.

  • A Fairy Tale for Adults (2014.03.30 ~ 2014.05.25)

(Korean: 어른들을 위한 동화; Starring: Kim Kyunga, Lee Dongyun, Heo Min, Jeong Beomgyun, Lee Sangho)
Retelling of Korean folktales.

  • Angels (2013.9.8 ~ 2013.10.27)

(Korean: 엔젤스; Starring: Jang Yuhwan, Kim Jincheol, Lee Hyeseok, Eom Taegyeong, Kim Jongeun, Kim Mingyeong, An Somi, Hong Yeseul)

  • Are you afraid? (2012.5.13 ~ 2012.10.21)

(Korean: 무섭지 아니한가(家); Starring: Oh Nami, Heo Anna, Song Yeonggil, Seo Namyong, Kim Huiwon)

  • Back in the Day (2011.2.11 ~ 2011.10.2)

(Korean: 그땐 그랬지; Starring: Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin, Kim Jaewook, Jo Yunho, Kim Mingyeong, An Somi)
About grandparents who tell their granddaughter stories to explain how life was different back in their days.

  • Badump Badump (2013.6.16 ~ 2014.7.20)

(Korean: 두근두근; Starring: Lee Munjae, Jang Hyoin, Park Soyeong)
Romantic corner about friends who are secretly in love. The corner starts with SECRET's YooHoo.

  • BalleriNO (2011.1.16 ~ 2011.8.7)

(Korean: 발레리NO; Starring: Jeong Taeho, Park Seonggwang, Lee Seungyun, Yang Sunil)

  • BBOOM Entertainment (2013.7.7 ~ 2014.5.25)

(Korean: 뿜 엔터테인먼트; Starring: Kim Wonhyo, Kim Jimin, Kim Mingyeong, Shin Bora, Yu Inseok → Jang Yunseok, Park Eunyeong, Kim Hyeseon, Kim Junho)
Portraying the daily life of entertainment company members in a sarcastic way.

  • Beastly Idols (2010.7.25 ~ 2010.11.21)

(Korean: 짐승들; Starring: Lee Seungyun, Lee Sangmin, Lee Sangho, Heo Gyeonghwan)
Musical comedy; singing popular songs and showing physical strength as dance moves.

  • Belly Button Stealer (2014.3.2 ~ 2014.3.16)

(Korean: 배꼽도둑; Starring: Kim Kiri, Lee Munjae, Lee Chan, Kwak Beom, Yoon Hanmin, Park Yeongjin)

  • Best Friends (2012.7.29 ~ 2012.10.14)

(Korean: 친한친구; Starring: Park Seonggwang, Kim Daeseong, Lee Dongyun, Jeong Haecheol)

  • Brave Guys (2012.2.12 ~ 2013.2.10)

(Korean: 용감한 녀석들; Starring: Yang Sunil, Jeong Taeho, Shin Bora, Park Seonggwang, Park Eunyeong)
Musical comedy. Brave Guys became famous and well known in 2012; they recorded many songs and the skit took 2012's Top Excellence Award for idea.

  • Castle Gamsu (2011.3.4 ~ 2012.9.16)

(Korean: 감수성; Starring: Kim Junho, Kim Daehui, Kwon Jaekwan, Lee Dongyun, Kim Yeongmin, Kim Jeonghun, Kim Jiho)

  • Composers of Sinsa-dong (2014.3.2 ~ 2014.3.16)

(Korean: 신사동 노랭이; Starring: Lee Sanghun, Kim Seongwon, Song Jungeun, Lee Jonghun, Song Pilgeun)
Musical comedy.

  • Concubines ; The War of the Roses (2013.12.8 ~ 2014.6.22)

(Korean: 후궁뎐 ; 꽃들의 전쟁; Starring: Lee Sanghun, Jang Hyoin, Kim Kyunga, Kim Naehui, Oh Nami, Jeong Jimin, Lee Yerim, Jo Seunghui)
Stories of concubines and their way of getting the king's attention.

  • Daddy's Little Girl (2013.7.14 ~ 2013.12.8)

(Korean: 딸바보; Starring: Lee Seungyun, Kim Daeseong, Kim Hyeseon, Lee Jonghun)

  • Daehak-ro Romance (2014.1.26 ~ 2014.6.29)

(Korean: 대학로 로맨스; Starring: Seo Taehun, Heo Anna, Yu Inseok → Jeong Seunghwan)
A story of a performer in Daehak-ro theater who broke up with her boyfriend and he is trying to get back to her.

  • Dance Chatter (2013.6.16 ~ 2014.3.16)

(Korean: 댄수다; Starring: Im Uil, Kim Jaeug, Heo Min, Song Jungeun, Lee Sangho, Hwang Sinyeong, An Somi)
Tango couple and Modern dance couple have conversations during their performance and demonstrated it through their dance.

  • Deaf Police (2013.10.20 ~ 2013.12.1)

(Korean: 귀막힌 경찰서; Starring: Song Wangho, Byeon Seungyun, Song Jungeun, Kim Jiho, Yang Sangguk, Park Yeongjin, Park Seonggwang)

  • Delicious Korean (2013.8.4 ~ 2013.9.1)

(Korean: 맛있는 한국어; Starring: Jeong Beomgyun, Song Jungeun, Sam, John)

  • Dignity of a Beggar (2012.9.2 ~ 2013.6.2)

(Korean: 거지의 품격; Starring: Kim Jimin, Heo Gyeonghwan, Kim Yeonghui)

  • Discoveries in Life (2011.4.17 ~ 2013.6.2)

(Korean: 생활의 발견; Starring: Song Jungeun, Shin Bora, Kim Kiri, Kim Junhyun)
About a couple who break up in a serious but funny way.

  • Do Re Mi Trio (2002.10.20 ~ 2004.4.4)

(Korean: 도레미 트리오; Starring: Jeong Hyeongdon, Kim Inseog, Lee Jaehun)
Musical comedy.

  • Do Re Mi Trio 2 (2004.6.27 ~ 2004.9.26)

(Korean: 도레미 트리오2; Starring: Jeong Hyeongdon, Kim Inseog, Yu Sangmu)
Musical comedy.

  • Don't Give In (2013.3.10 ~ 2013.8.25)

(Korean: 버티고; Starring: Kim Jiho, Heo Anna, Lee Seongdong, Ryu Jeongnam, Kim Janggun, Kwon Jaekwan, Kim Hyeongi, Kim Junho)
Remake of 'Don't Give In' from 'The Gag Concert You've Never Seen Before' Seollal Special.

  • Double Debate (2010.6.20 ~ 2011.10.16)

(Korean: 두분 토론; Starring: Kim Giyeol, Park Yeongjin, Kim Yeonghui)

  • Dry Cleaning (2009.12.27 ~ 2010.06.27)

(Korean: 드라이 클리닝; Starring: Hong Ingyu, Yoon Hyungbin, Lee Jonghun, Kim Jiho, Jeong Gyungmi → An Somi)
Musical Comedy.

  • Emergency Meeting (2011.8.14 ~ 2012.6.17)

(Korean: 비상대책위원회; Starring: Kim Wonhyo, Song Byeongcheol, Kim Junhyun, Kim Junho, Kim Daeseong)

  • Family's Love (2005.8.7 ~ 2006.3.5)

(Korean: 사랑의 가족; Starring: Park Junhyeong, Jeong Jongcheol, Oh Jiheon)

  • Father and Son (2012.4.29 ~ 2013.4.7)

(Korean: 아빠와 아들; Starring: Yu Minsang, Kim Suyeong)

  • Forever Alone (2013.9.15 ~ 2014.5.25)

(Korean: 안 생겨요; Starring: Song Yeonggil, Yu Minsang)
About two guys who failed to have a girlfriend in their past 15 → 16 years.

  • Final Weapon Her (2011.9.18 ~ 2012.1.29)

(Korean: 최종병기 그녀; Starring: Lee Seongdong, Kim Huiwon, Kim Hyeseon, Kim Taewon)

  • Flash Shopping (2004.9.26 ~ 2005.6.26)

(Korean: 깜빡 홈쇼핑; Starring: Kim Jincheol, An Sangtae, Kang Juhui)

  • Four Men (2012.1.15 ~ 2013.6.30)

(Korean: 네가지; Starring: Kim Giyeol, Yang Sangguk, Heo Gyeonghwan, Kim Junhyun, Lee Wongu)

  • Full House (2011.12.4 ~ 2012.6.10)

(Korean: 풀하우스; Starring: Jeong Gyeongmi, Yu Minsang, Heo Min, Kim Kyunga, Kim Mingyeong, Kim Suyeong, Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin, Lee Seungyun, Jeong Seunghwan)

  • GagConcert Star KBS (2010.6.13 ~ 2011.11.27)

(Korean: 슈퍼스타 KBS; Starring: Lee Gwangseop, Shin Bora, Heo Anna, An Yunsang, Kim Jaewook, Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin)
Musical comedy.

  • Geojedo (2013.2.3 ~ 2013.6.16)

(Korean: 거제도; Starring: Shin Bora, Jeong Taeho, Kim Mingyeong, Kim Hwekyung)

  • Girls in the Army (2013.9.29 ~ 2013.10.20)

(Korean: 군대온 걸; Starring: Kim Kyunga, Jeong Myeonghun, Heo Anna, Hong Nayeong, Park Seongho)
Remake of 'Girls in the Army' from 'The Gag Concert You've Never Seen Before' Chuseok Special.

  • Go Jo Show (2014.1.19 ~ 2014.3.16)

(Korean: 고조쇼; Starring: Park Seongho, Jeong Beomgyun, Jeong Haecheol, Park Jisun)

  • Good Morning Korean (2011.1.30 ~ 2011.9.18)

(Korean: 굿모닝 한글; Starring: Lee Heekyung, Lee Jonghun, Kim Seongwon, Song Jungeun, Matthew)

  • Goose Bumps (2013.7.28 ~ 2013.9.29)

(Korean: 소름; Starring: Lee Chan, Seo Taehun, Song Jungeun, Jang Yuhwan, Kim Junhyun)

  • Great Legacy (2011.11.20 ~ 2012.4.22)

(Korean: 위대한 유산; Starring: Hwang Hyeonhui, Kim Daeseong, Kim Huiwon, An Somi)

  • Gym Boy (2007.7.22 ~ 2007.10.14)

(Korean: 헬스보이; Starring: Lee Sangmin, Lee Seungyun, Lee Sangho)

  • Gym Girl (2011.7.10 ~ 2011.11.27)

(Korean: 헬스걸; Starring: Lee Seungyun, Lee Heekyung, Kwon Mijin, Lee Jonghun)

  • Hidden Plagiarism (2014.3.9 ~ 2014.4.13)

(Korean: 숨은 표절찾기; Starring: Jeong Jimin, Park Eunyeong, Lee Sanghun → Song Jungeun, Kwon Jaekwan, Lee Chan, Kim Byeongseon)
Meeting between drama production staff (Drama department) and Gag Concert staff (Variety Show department) to discuss phrases and actions plagiarized from Gag Concert and used in drama.

  • I Respect You (2014.5.25 ~ 2014.6.22)

(Korean: 존경합니다; Starring: Seo Taehun, Kim Junhyun, Song Byeongcheol, Park Jisun)
About a congressman who decided to join the presidential election and have to deal with ignorant assistants who do not respect him, and a crazy wife, Yu Hyera (Park Jisun), who is a drama maniac.

  • I'm a Father (2013.4.7 ~ 2013.6.16)

(Korean: 나는 아빠다; Starring: Park Seongho, Hong Ingyu, Song Jungeun, Kim Daehui)

  • If I was Tall or I Wish I Were Taller (2007.6.24 ~ 2008.2.24)

(Korean: 키컸으면; Starring: Lee Sugeun, Jeong Myeonghun, Jang Doyeon)

  • In Your Dreams (2013.12.15 ~ 2014.3.30)

(Korean: 놀고있네; Starring: Yu Inseok, Kim Hyeongi)
Unemployed friends who use their imagination to portray their dreams.

  • Investigative Report 60 Minutes (2013.6.30 ~ 2013.7.21)

(Korean: KBS 스페셜 그것이 알고싶은 추적 60분 수첩; Starring: Kim Daehui, Hwang Hyeonhui, Im Jaehun, Jeong Yunho, Jeong Jimin, Two Mice)

  • Just Relax (2013.8.4 ~ 2014.5.25)

(Korean: 편하게 있어; Starring: Kim Junhyun, Song Byeongcheol, Lee Jonghun, Park Eunyeong)
Portraying the relationship between the boss and his employee outside work.

  • Korea, Be Happy! (2013.3.10 ~ 2013.5.12)

(Korean: 우행쇼; Starring: Im Jaehun, Hong Hwon, Park Yeongjin)

  • Legends of Legends[6] (2013.7.14 ~ 2014.1.12)

(Korean: 전설의 레전드; Starring: Seo Taehun, Lee Dongyun, Shin Bora → Kim Nahui, Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin, Kim Daeseong, Yu Minsang)
Musical comedy about school life. The corner starts with APink's No No No, Shin Bora played Shin Pulip then was replaced on 2013.12.29 by Kim Nahui as Han Iseul. Lee Dongyun played Yoon Daeyeob the class president, Seo Taehun played Je Galmin the handsome student, Lee Sangho and Lee Sangmin played the mysterious twins. Kim Daeseong played Na AeRi the school bully (female student) while Yu Minsang played her follower.

  • Lobbyist (2013.8.25 ~ 2014.1.5)

(Korean: 로비스트; Starring: Ryu Geunil, Jeong Seunghwan, Park Jisun, Kim Mingyeong, Kwon Jaekwan, Kim Seongwon)

  • Love is Everywhere (2007.10.28 ~ 2008.3.30)

(Korean: 사랑이 팍팍; Starring: Lee Seungyun, Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin, Han Mingwan, Jang Doyeon)

  • Madam Jeong (2012.7.8 ~ 2013.6.16)

(Korean: 정여사; Starring: Song Byeongcheol, Kim Daeseong, Jeong Taeho)

  • Mantis Kindergarten (2011.9.25 ~ 2012.6.24)

(Korean: 사마귀 유치원; Starring: Jeong Beomgyun, Park Soyeong, Hong Nayeong, Jo Jihun, Park Seongho, Choi Hyojong)

  • Mappagi (2006.8.27 ~ 2007.3.25)

(Korean: 마빡이; Starring: Park Junhyeong, Jeong Jongcheol, Kim Sideog, Kim Daebeom)

  • Master Show (2007.12.9 ~ 2011.11.13)

(Korean: 달인; Starring: Ryu Dam, Kim Byungman, No Woojin)

  • Men's News (2013.11.3)

(Korean: 남자뉴스; Starring: Jeong Beomgyun, Hwang Hyeonhui, Lee Wongu, Park Seongho)

  • Mystery Theater (2006.10.22 ~ 2007.2.11)

(Korean: 미스테리 극장; Starring: Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin)

  • Neighborhood Personnel Hearing (2014.6.15 ~ 2014.7.20)

(Korean: 우리 동네 청문회; Starring: Kim Hwekyung, Lee Seungyun, Park Jisun, Kim Daeseong, Park Youngjin)
Kim Hwekyung is the host of the personnel hearing, Lee Seungyun is questioned about his suitability to run a business. Park Jisun works with the truth, Kim Daeseong talks about the facts, and Park Youngjin pinpoints things that have nothing to do with the purpose of the hearing.

  • News Nine-Ish (2010.12.26 ~ 2011.9.18)

(Korean: 9시쯤 뉴스; Starring: Jeong Gyungmi, Jang Donghyeok, Heo Min, Kim Junhyun, Kim Jimin | Previous Appearances: Lee Sugeun, Song Jungeun, Shin Bora, Kim Wonhyo, Lee Gwangseop, Lee Sanghun)

  • Ohseong and Haneum (2013.5.12 ~ 2013.11.24)

(Korean: 오성과 한음; Starring: Lee Hyeseog, Kim Jincheol, Kwak Beom)

  • Pink Lady (2012.10.28 ~ 2012.12.9)

(Korean: 핑크 레이디; Starring: Kim Janggun, Jo Seunghui, Ryu Geunji, Kwon Jaekwan, Lee Dongyun, An Somi, Kim Huiwon, Kim Hyeseon, Kim Yeonghui, Hong Nayeong | Voice acting: An Somi, Heo Min)

  • Rambling Man (2001.4 ~ 2002.9.29)

(Korean: 수다맨; Starring: Kang Seongbeom, Kim Jihye, Park Eunbin)

  • Real Modern Dictionary (2012.12.16 ~ 2013.9.1)

(Korean: 현대 레알 사전; Starring: Lee Heekyung, Park Yeongjin, Jeong Beomgyun, Song Wangho)

  • Real Talk Show (2013.3.24 ~ 2013.5.19)

(Korean: 리얼토크쇼; Starring: Hwang Hyeonhui, Lee Suji, Jeong Jimin, Shin Jongryeong, Ryu Geunil, Jeong Chanmin, Namgung Gyeongho, Oh Gihwan, Jeong Yunho, Shin Yunseung)

  • Reali-T (2011.12.4 ~ 2012.2.5)

(Korean: 리얼리T; Starring: Kim Kiri, Seo Taehun)

  • Rookie News (2013.12.15 ~ 2014.3.9)

(Korean: 초보뉴스; Starring: Kim Daehui, Kim Hwekyung, Jeong Yunho, Yang Sangguk, Kim Wonhyo)

  • Rules of the Workplace (2012.11.11 ~ 2013.3.10)

(Korean: 갑을컴퍼니; Starring: Yu Inseok, Hong Ingyu, Kim Jincheol, Kim Jiho, Choi Hyojong, Kim Junho, Lee Wongu)

  • School Of Mental Breakdown (2012.6.24 ~ 2013.2.24)

(Korean: 멘붕스쿨; Starring: Hwang Hyeonhui → Song Jungeun, Hong Nayeong, Park Soyeong, Seo Taehun, Byeon Seungyun, Jeong Seunghwan, Kim Jaewook, Kim Seongwon, Park Seongho)

  • Selfish Patent Office (2012.1.29 ~ 2012.7.22)

(Korean: 이기적인 특허소 (이특); Starring: Park Yeongjin, Park Seonggwang, Lee Gwangseop, Kim Seongwon, Kim Taewon, An Somi, Lee Munjae)

  • Seoul Mate (2011.7.10 ~ 2012.2.5)

(Korean: 서울메이트; Starring: Yang Sangguk, Heo Gyeonghwan, Ryu Jeongnam, Park Sora)

  • SISTAR29 (2012.2.5 ~ 2012.12.2)

(Korean: 씨스타29; Starring: Park Jisun, Oh Nami, Song Byeongcheol)

  • Snap Martial Arts (2012.2.5 ~ 2012.12.2)

(Korean: 꺾기도; Starring: Kim Junho, Hong Ingyu, Jang Kiyeong, Jo Yunho, Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin, Yu Minsang)

  • Solutions to Iffy Issues (2011.8.21 ~ 2012.5.13)

(Korean: 애매한 것을 정해주는 남자 (애정남); Starring: Ryu Geunji, Choi Hyojong, Lee Wongu, Shin Jongryeong)

  • Sound of Drama (2011.4.3 ~ 2011.7.24)

(Korean: 사운드 오브 드라마; Starring: Yu Minsang, Byeon Seungyun, Heo Anna)

  • Still Alive (2013.6.16 ~ 2013.9.29)

(Korean: 살아있네; Starring: Choi Hyojong, Hong Sunmok, Yoon Hyungbin, Song Wangho)

  • Suppress It (2013.10.6 ~ 2013.10.13)

(Korean: 견뎌; Starring: Park Yeongjin, Kim Giyeol, Kwon Jaekwan, Jo Suyeon, Hong Hwon, Kim Jeonghun)

  • Survival Dialect (2002.10.13 ~ 2004.2.15)

(Korean: 생활사투리; Starring: Park Junhyeong, Jeong Jongcheol, Kim Sideog, Lee Jaehun)

  • Take Advantage (2013.11.10 ~ 2014.2.2)

(Korean: 누려; Starring: Park Jisun, Lee Heekyung, Kim Huiwon, Jang Yuhwan, Yu Minsang)

  • Teacher Kang's Dressing Room (2009.2.22 ~ 2009.9.13)

(Korean: 분장실의 강 선생님; Starring: Kim Kyunga, Jeong Gyungmi, Kang Yumi, An Yeongmi)

  • Tell Them (2014.2.9 ~ 2014.6.22)

(Korean: 그래 그래; Starring: No Woojin, Song Pilgeun, Kim Jeonghun, Song Wangho, Lee Sanggu)
About a stubborn gang leader and his subordinate and how they deal with the police when their crimes are discovered.

  • Thank You (2011.8.14 ~ 2012.6.10)

(Korean: 감사합니다; Starring: Jeong Taeho, Song Byeongcheol, Lee Sanghun)
Musical comedy.

  • The Animals (2013.1.6 ~ 2013.5.19)

(Korean: 애니뭘; Starring: Jeong Beomgyun, Ryu Jeongnam, Jo Jihun, Kim Wonhyo, Park Seongho, Kim Junho)

  • The Blame Game (2012.5.27 ~ 2012.7.1)

(Korean: 하극상; Starring: Kim Wonhyo, Jeong Beomgyun, Choi Hyojong)

  • The Boy Band or Jeon Guk Gu (2012.12.9 ~ 2013.9.1)

(Korean: 전국구; Starring: Lee Gwangseop, Lee Jonghun, Lee Sangmin, Lee Sangho, Kim Kiri)
Musical comedy; songs about different fashions in an exaggerated way. The band released an album (Fashion City) in 2013.

  • The Elder (2012.7.22 ~ 2013.1.27)

(Korean: 어르신; Starring: Kim Daehui, Lee Munjae, Kim Wonhyo, Ryu Jeongnam, Jeong Myeonghun)

  • The Female Comedian (2012.7.15 ~ 2013.1.27)

(Korean: 희극 여배우들; Starring: Ryu Geunji → Lee Heekyung, Jeong Gyeongmi, Heo Anna → Kim Yeonghui, Park Jisun)

  • The King Game (2013.11.24 ~ 2014.1.5)

(Korean: 왕게임; Starring: Kim Jeonghun, No Woojin, Jang Kiyeong, Kim Giyeol, Park Yeongjin)

  • The King of Ratings (2013.4.21 ~ 2014.7.6)

(Korean: 시청률의 제왕; Starring: Park Seonggwang, Lee Sanghun, Heo Anna, Kim Taewon, Ryu Geunji, Yang Sunil, Kim Hwekyung, Oh Gihwan | Semi-fixed cast: Lee Heekyung, Hong Nayeong)
Parody of dramas in order to raise their ratings.

  • The Love of Slaves (2012.12.2 ~ 2013.1.20)

(Korean: 노애; Starring: Heo Anna, Song Yeonggil, Jeong Jinyeong, Jeong Seunghwan, Lee Huikyeong, Park Eunyeong)

  • The Three Friends (2013.8.25 ~ 2014.6.22)

(Korean: 놈놈놈; Starring: Song Pilgeun, An Somi, Bok Hyunkyu, Kim Kiri, Yu Inseok, Ryu Geunji)
About three handsome friends that keep interrupting Pilgeun's dates with his girlfriend. The corner starts with NC.A's Oh My God.

  • The Tired Family (2012.7.8 ~ 2012.9.2)

(Korean: 피곤한 가족; Starring: Kim Jaewook, Kim Mingyeong, Lee Sangmin, Lee Sangho, Kim Daehui, Lee Dongyun → Lee Seungyun, Kim Taewon, Park Soyeong → Kim Hyeseon, Heo Min)

  • The Uncomfortable Truth (2012.12.2 ~ 2013.1.20)

(Korean: 불편한 진실; Starring: Hwang Hyeonhui, Jeong Jimin, Kim Kiri, Kim Jimin, Jeong Eunseon, Park Jisun, Kim Mingyeong, Jang Kiyeong)

  • The Yellow Sea (2013.5.26 ~ 2014.5.25)

(Korean: 황해; Starring: Lee Suji, Jeong Chanmin, Shin Yunseung, Lee Sanggu, Hong Ingyu, Hong Sunmok)
Voice phishing and scamming attempts.

  • The Young King (2013.3.10 ~ 2013.5.12)

(Korean: 왕해; Starring: Lee Gwangseop, Lee Dongyun, Kim Daeseong, Ryu Geunil, Lee Seungyun, Yang Sunil, Jeong Myeonghun, Shin Goeun)

  • This Thing Called Love (2012.5.13 ~ 2013.7.1)

(Korean: 이 죽일놈의 사랑; Starring: Park Jisun, Kim Daeseong, Park Sora)

  • Time Travel (2010.5.30 ~ 2010.11.14)

(Korean: 시간여행; Starring: Jeong Taeho, Yang Sunil, Jang Doyeon, Lee Sangmin, Lee Sangho)

  • Wait Wolf (2013.1.13 ~ 2013.2.17)

(Korean: 기다려 늑대; Starring: Ryu Geunji, Kim Hyeseon, Seo Namyong, Song Yeonggil)

  • We Can Pretend (2013.2.17 ~ 2013.3.31)

(Korean: 위캔척; Starring: Choi Hyojong, Park Soyeong, Hong Sunmok, Jeong Haecheol)

  • We Need Communication (2006.11.19 ~ 2008.11.30)

(Korean: 대화가 필요해; Starring: Kim Daehui, Jang Dongmin, Shin Bongseon)

  • Why We Don't Need Men (2013.5.12 ~ 2014.1.19)

(Korean: 남자가 필요없는 이유; Starring: Hong Nayeong, Park Sora, Seo Taehun → Lee Chan, Jeong Seunghwan, Jeong Myeonghun)
Stories from previous experiences to explain why women don't need men.

  • Willful Negligence (2013.1.6 ~ 2013.4.14)

(Korean: 미필적 고의; Starring: Park Seonggwang, Kim Wonhyo, Song Byeongcheol, Kim Daehui, Im Uil)

  • You Are So Bad (2013.2.3 ~ 2013.7.28)

(Korean: 나쁜 사람; Starring: Lee Sanggu, Lee Munjae, Yu Minsang, Lee Chan)

  • Zombie Project (2013.10.13 ~ 2013.12.15)

(Korean: 좀비 프로젝트; Starring: Kim Junho, Jeong Taeho, Kim Janggun, Kim Seongwon, Kim Naehui)
Remake of 'World War Zombie' from 'The Gag Concert You've Never Seen Before' Chuseok Special.

The Gag Concert You've Never Seen Before[edit]

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Seollal Special 2013.02.12[edit]

  • 모던보이 (2012.9.12) - Kim Kiri, Seo Taehun, Park Sora, Im Uil
  • EBS 드라마 (2010.10.27) - Shin Bora, Song Jungeun, Kim Daebeom, Kim Kiri
  • 노력의 결정체 (2012.10.10) - Kwon Jaekwan, Kim Jiho, Lee Chan, Kim Jincheol, Kim Hyeongi, Kim Kiri, An Ilgwon
  • Don't Give In 버티고 (2013.1.23) - Kim Jiho, Heo Anna, Ryu Jeongnam, Kim Janggun, Lee Seongdong, Kwon Jaekwan
  • 승승맞장구 (2011.11.2) - Lee Gwangseop, Kwon Jaekwan, Jo Yunho, Yu Minsang
  • 둥이 딩이 (2012.9.19) - An Somi, Oh Nami, Lee Sangmin, Lee Sangho, Lee Sanghun
  • 지구멸망보고서 (2012.5.30) - Seo Taehun, Park Yeongjin, Hwang Hyeonhui
  • 소극장배우들 (2011.11.30) - Kim Jeonghun, Kim Taewon, Lee Munjae, Kim Giyeol
  • 배신자 (2012.11.7) - Song Byeongcheol, Kim Daeseong, Lee Seungyun
  • 컴백 (2010.1.20) - Heo Gyeonghwan, Song Byeongcheol, Kim Daeseong, Kim Giyeol
  • 썬이 (2011.8.17) - Park Narae, Jang Doyeon, Kim Mingyeong, Heo Anna, Heo Gyeonghwan
  • 그 들만의 스타 (2011.11.9) - Kim Yeonghui, Kwon Mijin, Park Soyeong, Kim Jimin, Im Uil, Heo Gyeonghwan

Chuseok Special 2013.09.19[edit]

  • Differently 달라스 (2013.7.3) - Kim Jiho, Kim Kiri, Jo Yunho, Kim Janggun
  • Girls in the Army 군대 온 걸 (2013.3.1) - Kim Kyunga, Jo Seunghui, Jeong Myeonghun, Park Sora, Heo Anna, Kim Hyeseon
  • World War Zombie 월드 워 좀비 (2013.8.14) - Kim Seongwon, Jeong Taeho, Kim Janggun, Jo Suyeon
  • Making Woman Show 메이킹우먼쇼 (2013.7.14) - Heo Anna, Kim Yeonghui, Jeong Jimin, Park Sora
  • Love Artistses 러브 아티스트스트스 (2013.4.10) - Heo Gyeonghwan, Ryu Geunji, Seo Taehun
  • Tears of Antarctica 남극의 눈물 (2013.6.19) - Lee Seungyun, Kim Daehui, Lee Dongyun

KBS Entertainment Awards in Comedy[edit]

Each year, comedians are awarded for their performance in Gag Concert in three categories: Best Newcomer, Excellence Award, and Top Excellence. The best skit idea is awarded with "Top Excellence Award for Idea".

Year Best Newcomer Award Excellence Award Top Excellence Award Top Excellence Award for Idea
2002 Lee Jungsoo - Kang Sungbeom
Park Junhyeong
Survival Dialect
2003 Jeong Hyeongdon
Seo Namyong
Kwon Jinyoung
Kim Darae
Im Hyeokpil Jeong Yongcheol Do Re Mi Trio
2004 Kang Yumi
An Sangtae
Jeong Chulgyu
Jeong Hyeongdon Park Seongho Flash Shopping
2005 Yu Seyoon
Park Hwisoon
An Yeongmi
Shin Bongseon
Jang Dongmin
Kim Hyeonsuk
Kim Junho Family's Love
2006 An Ilgwon (Male)
Kim Jimin (Female)
Kim Daebeom (Male)
Kang Yumi (Female)
Jeong Jongcheol Mappagi
2007 Kim Wonhyo (Male)
Park Jisun (Female)
Byun Kisoo (Male)
Shin Bongseon (Female)
Kim Daehui We Need Communication
2008 Park Seonggwang (Male)
Kim Kyunga (Female)
Hwang Hyeonhui (Male)
Park Jisun (Female)
Kim Byungman Master Show
2009 Heo Gyeonghwan (Male)
Oh Nami (Female)
Yoon Hyungbin (Male)
Kang Yumi
An Yeongmi (Female)
Park Seongho Teacher Kang's Dressing Room
2010 Choi Hyojong (Male)
Kim Yeonghui (Female)
Park Youngjin (Male)
Heo Anna (Female)
Kim Byungman (Male)
Park Jisun (Female)
Double Debate
2011 Jeong Taeho (Male)
Lee Heekyung (Female)
Kim Wonhyo
Choi Hyojong (Male)
Shin Bora (Female)
Kim Junho (Male)
Jeong Gyungmi (Female)
Solutions to Iffy Issues
2012 Kim Kiri (Male)
Park Soyeong (Female)
Heo Gyeonghwan
Jeong Taeho (Male)
Kim Jimin (Female)
Kim Junhyun (Male)
Shin Bora (Female)
Brave Guys
2013 Lee Munjae (Male)
An Somi (Female)
Yu Minsang (Male)
Kim Mingyeong (Female)
Kim Junhyun (Male)
Kim Jimin (Female)
The Yellow Sea

KBS Entertainment Shows[edit]


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