Gagik I of Vaspurakan

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Gagik I Artsruni
King of Vaspurakan
Van-akdam (7).jpg
Depiction of Gagik in the central medallion, from the eastern facade of the Church of the Holy Cross
Reign 904–937/943
Investiture 908
Predecessor Ashot-Sargis Artsruni
Successor Derenik-Ashot
Issue Derenik-Ashot, Abusahl-Hamazasp
Armenian Գագիկ Ա Արծրունի
House Artsruni
Born 879/880
Died 936 or 943

Gagik I Artsruni (Armenian: Գագիկ Ա Արծրունի; 879/880 – 936/943) was an Artsruni ruler of Vaspurakan in southern Armenia, first as prince of northwestern Vaspurakan (Gagik III, 904–908) and after that until his death as king, claiming also the title of "King of Armenia" from the Bagratid line.

He began his career as an ally of the Sajid emir of Azerbaijan Yusuf ibn Abi'l-Saj, from whom he received recognition as king in 908, against the Bagratid Smbat I. His state was recognized by the Byzantine Empire, who awarded him the title of "prince of princes" traditionally borne by the pre-eminent Armenian ruler, and his legitimacy received a further boost when the Armenian catholicos, John V the Historian, abandoned Muslim-ruled Dvin for Vaspurakan in 924. However, Gagik later reversed his position and allied himself with Smbat's son and successor, Ashot II. He is also notable as the founder of the Armenian Cathedral of the Holy Cross.


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Regnal titles
New title King of Vaspurakan
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Ashot-Sargis Artsruni
Prince of northwest Vaspurakan
Crowned as king