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Gail Anne Riplinger (born 1947) is an inflammatory American writer and speaker known for her radical devotion to the King James Only movement and denunciation of all other Bible translations and the Christians who use them.

Bible comparisons[edit]

In 1993, Riplinger wrote what she calls a comparison of popular Bible translations to the King James Version, New Age Bible Versions. She also wrote The Language of the King James Bible, Which Bible is God's Word, In Awe of Thy Word, The Hidden History of the English Scriptures, Blind Guides, and Hazardous Materials: Greek and Hebrew Study Dangers.

She has spoken out against the people behind the modern versions of the Bible. She supports the manuscripts used in producing the King James Bible, and criticises the Alexandrian Texts manuscripts which are the root texts for most other modern bibles.

Critics say she has misquoted and misused the works of others. S. E. Schnaiter reviewed her book, New Age Bible Versions, and said, "Riplinger appears to be another of those who rush to [the KJV's] defense, alarmed by the proliferation of its modern rivals, armed with nothing more than the blunderbuss of ad hominem apologetic, when what is needed is the keenness of incisive evaluation."[1]

She alleges to list the ways in which she says the KJV root manuscripts are superior to other translations. In her discussion of the vocabulary of the KJV, she points out that "defame" and "dispensation" are based on Latin roots, which, she says, are more easily understood by readers who speak Spanish, French, and Italian.[2] She says some words and phrases in the NKJV and other versions are errors, subjectively comparing them to the KJV text, by using her own methods.[3]

A lengthy critical review of her book New Age Bible Versions was originally published in Cornerstone magazine in 1994, authored by Bob and Gretchen Passantino of Answers In Action, and described the book as "erroneous, sensationalistic, misrepresentative, inaccurate, and logically indefensible." [4] They concluded by summarizing "There is hardly a page of this book that is free from error. Riplinger does not know Greek, Hebrew, textual criticism, linguistics, principles of translation, logical argumentation, proper citation and documentation standards, competent English grammar and style, or even consistent spelling. This book would never have done more than use Riplinger's savings and fill up her garage if Christian "celebrities" such as Texe Marrs and David Hocking had not promoted it."[5]


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