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The tower atop Gaiziņkalns
Elevation 312 m (1,024 ft)
Listing Country high point
Gaiziņkalns is located in Latvia
Location of Gaiziņkalns in Latvia
Location Madona, Latvia
Coordinates 56°52′12.93″N 25°57′33.68″E / 56.8702583°N 25.9593556°E / 56.8702583; 25.9593556Coordinates: 56°52′12.93″N 25°57′33.68″E / 56.8702583°N 25.9593556°E / 56.8702583; 25.9593556

Gaiziņkalns, at 312 m above sea level, constitutes the highest point in Latvia. It is situated a short distance to the west of the town of Madona, central Vidzeme.

Although only of relatively small elevation, Gaiziņkalns has been developed as a skiing destination including three slopes and several guesthouses.[1] In order to rival Suur Munamägi - the highest point of neighboring Estonia at 318 m - a tower was being built to achieve a greater overall elevation. Although the construction work was not finished, the tower became an attraction for many tourists, which led to closing the tower due to the serious safety risk. The tower was demolished in December 2012, and the rubble has been removed. There is a nearby multilingual sign marking the high point, but nothing at the actual natural high point.


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