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Gajah Gallery is an art gallery in Singapore that hosts artwork related to the socio-cultural interests of Asia.[1][2] It was established in 1996 by Jasdeep Sandhu and promotes Southeast Asian Contemporary Art with an emphasis on Indonesian Contemporary. The gallery holds exhibitions, some of which have been collaborations with the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) and the National University of Singapore Museum (NUS).[3]


Gajah Gallery displays, promotes and researches Southeast Asian art.[1] The collection is housed at the MICA building, adjacent to Singapore City Hall and close to the Singapore Philatelic Museum, Singapore Art Museum and National Museum of Singapore.

The MICA building was formerly known as the Old Hill Street Police Station. It was erected in 1934 to house the Hill Street Police Station and Barracks, and was gazetted as a national monument in 1998 and transformed into premises for MICA.[4]

Collections and exhibitions[edit]

Gajah Gallery focuses on displaying contemporary Southeast Asian art from the region, including art from Singapore.[1][5] The Gallery exclusively represents six of the leading Indonesian contemporary artists, Nyoman Masriadi,[6] Rudi Mantofani,[7] Yunizar,[8] Handiwirman Sahputra, Yusra Martunus and Jumaldi Alfi. This limited scope ensures that the Gallery[1] fulfill's their primary mission which is to gain representation for the artist before increasing their stable of artists.

Year Exhibition Artist Country Venue
1996 A celebration of Culture Truong Dinh Hao,U Aung Soe,Wayan Paramartha, Surachet Kaewchamras Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand Alliance Francaise (Singapore)
1997 Illusion Myth and Reality Entang Wiharso and Nasirun Indonesia Gajah Gallery,Monks Hill Terrace (Singapore)
1998 Bleeding in the Sun Gorbadhan Ash India Gajah Gallery,Monks Hill Terrace (Singapore))
1998 Mystical Monsters in Contemporary Society Heri Dono Indonesia The American Club (Singapore)
1999 Myths and Mystic I Made Djirna and Wayan Paramartha Indonesia Gajah Gallery,Monks Hill Terrace (Singapore)
1999 Waiting for Nothing Vasan Sitthiket Thailand Gajah Gallery,Monks Hill Terrace (Singapore)
2000 Between Abstract and Figurative Sporean artists including Thomas Yeo,Koh Sia Yong, Tang Da Wu Singapore Gajah Gallery,Monks Hill Terrace (Singapore)
2000 Sau Dinh Quan,Bui Huu Hung,Phan Cam Thuong,Bang Sy Truc,Hong Viet Dung, Nguyen Thanh Binh Vietnamese Gajah Gallery,Monks Hill Terrace (Singapore)
2000 Heart of Yogya Nasirun and Pupuk Daru Purnomo Indonesia Gajah Gallery, #01-04 (Singapore)
2000 In Full Bloom Olga Polunin Singapore Gajah Gallery, #01-04 (Singapore)
2000 Rustic Charm Chandra Bhattacharjee, Gautam Basu India Gajah Gallery, #01-04 (Singapore)
2001 Unbound Linearity Jogen Chowdhury India Gajah Gallery, #01-04 (Singapore)
2001 Vietnamese Affair Dinh Quan, Bang Sy Truc, Dao Ha Phong, Le Thiet Cuong, Quach Dong Phuong, Nguyen Quoc Hoi, Nguyen Xuan Tiep Vietnam Gajah Gallery, #01-04 (Singapore)
2001 Of Land and Tradition Pham Cam Thuong, Bang Sy Truc Vietname Gajah Gallery, #01-04 (Singapore)
2001 Silent Spaces Ali Esmaelipour Iran Gajah Gallery, #01-04 (Singapore)
2001 Interactions Jaya Ganguly India Gajah Gallery, #01-04 (Singapore)
2001 Fingerprint of an Artist Haji Widayat Indonesia Gajah Gallery, #01-04 (Singapore)
2001 The New Sensation Yunizar Indonesia Gajah Gallery, #01-04 (Singapore)
2001 Fortress of the Heart Heri Dono Indonesia Gajah Gallery, #01-04 (Singapore)
2002 Truth and Tradition Nyoman Sukari Indonesia Gajah Gallery, #01-04 (Singapore)
2002 Taksu I Made Djirna Indonesia Gajah Gallery, #01-08 (Singapore)
2002 10 Wasted Years Jason Lim Singapore Gajah Gallery, #01-08 (Singapore)
2005 Expressions on Paper Mochtar Apin Indonesia Gajah Gallery, #01-08 (Singapore)
2005 Between A Glass and two Bottles Nquyen Trung and I Made Djirna Vietnam and Indonesia Gajah Gallery, #01-08 (Singapore)
2006 Drawing Ground Srihadi Soedarsono and Chua Ek Kay Indonesia and Singapore SAM and Gajah Gallery
2007 Coretan : Recent Works by Yunizar Yunizar Indonesia NUS Museum and Gajah Gallery
2008 Silent Words Mangu Putra Indonesia Gajah Gallery, #01-08 (Singapore)
2008 Black is my Last Weapon Nyoman Masriadi Indonesia SAM and Gajah Gallery, #01-08 (Singapore)
2009 JENDELA: A Play of The Ordinary[9] Handiwirman Saputra, Jumaldi Alfi, Yusra Martunus, Rudi Mantofani, Yunizar Indonesia NUS Museum and Gajah Gallery, #01-08 (Singapore)
2009 Being: Ahmad Zakii Anwar Malaysia NUS Museum and Gajah Gallery, #01-08 (Singapore)
2009 Spacing Identities J. Ariadhitya Pramuhendra[10] Indonesia NUS Museum and Gajah Gallery, #01-08 (Singapore)
2010 Masriadi Diary 2010 Nyoman Masriadi Indonesia Gajah Gallery, #01-08 (Singapore)
2010 Jogja Psychedelia Yunizar Indonesia Soemadja Gallery, Faculty of Art and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology and Gajah Gallery, #01-08 (Singapore)
2011 Nyoman Masriadi- Recent Works Nyoman Masriadi Indonesia Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York and Gajah Gallery, #01-08 (Singapore)
2011 Those the Gods Love Grow Mightier Teng Nee Cheong Singapore Gajah Gallery, #01-08 (Singapore)
2012 The Fountain of Lamneth Group Exhibition-Badung Artist Singapore Gajah Gallery, #01-08 (Singapore)
2012 Art Stage 2012 Nyoman Masriadi, Yunizar, M.Irfan, Rudi Mantofani, Handwirnan Saputra, Ahmad Zakii Anwar Gajah Gallery, #01-08 (Singapore)
2012 India Art Fair 2012 Nyoman Masriadi, Yunizar, M. Irfan, Handwiriman Saputra, Aye Tjoe Christine India Okla, New Delhi, India
2012 Art Hong Kong Nyoman Masriadi Hong Kong Hong Kong Convention Centre
2013 Art Stage Singapore Nyoman Masriadi, Yunizar, Ashley Bickerton, Nam June Paik, Lotta de Beus and Teng Nee Cheong Singapore Marina Bay Sands
2013 Art 13 Nyoman Masriadi, Yunizar, Ashley Bickerton, Handiwirman Saputra UK Olympia, London, United Kingdom
2013 Art Basel Hong Kong Nyoman Masriadi, Yunizar, Ay Tjoe Christine and Ashley Bickerton Hong Kong Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
2013 I Made Djirma - Logic of Ritual I Made Djirma Indonesia Sangkring Art Space, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2013 Jason Lim - Bukit Musings Jason Lim Singapore Gajah Gallery
2013 Lokanat - Ground Zero Nyoman Masriadi, Handiwirman Saputra, Putu Sutawijaya, Mangu Putra, Yunizar, Ai Wei Wei, Ashley Bickerton Singapore Gajah Gallery
2013 Seeing Paintings: Conversations Before The End Of History Ay Tjoe Christine, Handiwirman Saputra, I Made Djirna, Jumaldi Alfi, Koesoema Affandi, M Irfan, Mangu Putra, Nyoman Masriadi, Putu Sutawijaya,Yunizar Indonesia Sangkring Art Space, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2014 Art Stage Singapore Abdi Setiawan, Ahmad Zakii Anwar, Ashley Bickerton, Gu Wenda, Li Jin, Qiu Deshu, Rudi Hendriatno, Ugo Untoro, Wang Tiande, Yunizar Singapore Marina Bay Sands
2014 Abstraction and Refinement: Contemporary Chinese Ink Paintings Gu Gan, Qiu Deshu, Wang Tiande, Wei Ligang Singapore Gajah Gallery
2014 Junk Anthropologies Ashley Bickerton Singapore Gajah Gallery
2014 Art Basel Hong Kong Abdi Setiawan, Ahmad Zakii Anwar, Ashley Bickerton, Gu Gan, Gu Wenda, Qiu Deshu, Ugo Untoro, Wang Tiande, Wei Ligang, Yunizar Hong Kong Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
2014 Bazaar Art Jakarta Ashley Bickerton, Gu Gan, Gu Wenda, Mangu Putra, Qiu Deshu, Rudi Hendriatno, Ugo Untoro, Wang Tiande, Wei Ligang, Yunizar Indonesia The Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Ballroom
2014 Tempus Fugit (Time Flies) Jason Lim Singapore Gajah Gallery
2014 Intersections: Latin American and Southeast Asian Contemporary Art Ahmad Zakii Anwar (Malaysia), Handiwirman Saputra (Indonesia), Putu Sutawijaya (Indonesia), Ugo Untoro (Indonesia), Yunizar (Indonesia), Adonis Flores (Cuba), Douglas Arguelles (Cuba), Ivan Capote (Cuba), Yoan Capote (Cuba), and Maykel Linares (Cuba) Indonesia Sangkring Art Space, Yogyakarta
2014 Yunizar Solo Exhibition Yunizar Singapore Gajah Gallery
2014 Trajectories Ashley Bickerton, Ahmad Zakii Anwar, Mangu Putra, Yunizar, Yusra Martunus, Putu Sutawijaya, Jumaldi Alfi, Handiwirman Saputra and Ugo Untoro Cuba Gallery Habana
2014 Zheng Lu: Resurface Zheng Lu Singapore Gajah Gallery

Fairs & Projects[edit]

Gajah Gallery contributes to research into Southeast Asian art.[1] The gallery consistently exhibits in various local and international art fairs such as Art Stage Singapore, India Art Fair (formerly known as the India Art Summit) and the Hong Kong Art Fair. The artists that they represent not only gain valuable exposure, the fairs serve as a platform through which ideas are exchanged and better ties are built with other exhibitors.


Commemorative postcard set[edit]

A set of 15 postcards were designed as a commemorative piece for the gallery's 15th year anniversary celebration. The set is a compilation of work by Ahmad Zakii Anwar, J. Ariadhitya Pramuhendra,[10] Jumaldi Alfi, M. Irfan, Mangu Putra, Nyoman Masriadi, Rudi Mantofani,[7] Teng Nee Cheong and Yunizar.[8]

Nyoman Masriadi, Reconfiguring the Body[edit]

Nyoman Masriadi's work Reconfiguring the Body offers a review of Nyoman Masriadi's works, his life and inspirations – through the words of art critics, TK Sabapathy and Goenawan Mohamed. Masriadi is Southeast Asia's most well-received contemporary artist.[11]

Nyoman Masriadi- Reconfiguring the Body Book Cover

The visual imagery and narratives in his paintings are derived from observation of social life. Reactive against formalism, his early works show him sparring with Western modernism in the guise of cubism but meshing it with caricature, the cutting street language Indonesians use and graffiti. The wit and humor embodied in his works are shaped by the computer game culture that he grew up with. He overdraws finished paintings with a marker.

Nee Cheong, Those The Gods Love Grow Mightier[edit]

Teng Nee Cheong's book Those the Gods Love Grow Mightier offers an insight on the life, works and thoughts of renowned Singaporean artist Teng Nee Cheong that span a period of 40 years. Art critic TK Sabapathy, art curators Low Sze Wee and Lindy Poh, as well as Jasdeep Sandhu, Suteja Neka and Teng Nee Cheong himself, have provided a commentary, uncovering the artist’s works, as well as inspirations that have influenced him.

Nee Cheong’s works encapsulate the influences of culture and traditions around Asia by using symbols of Balinese mythology, Hinduism, and Buddhism.


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