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Gala may refer to:


Events and festivities[edit]

  • A festival
  • A swimming gala is a British/South African term for an amateur swimming competition, often known as a swimming carnival in Australia.

Fiction, film and gaming[edit]



Names, organizations, and brands[edit]

  • Gala (magazine), a French magazine
  • GALA (Gay and Lesbian Acceptance), a Missouri non-profit organization for LGBT individuals connected with the Community of Christ
  • "Gala", the nickname of Galatasaray S.K., a football club in Turkey(this nickname never been used in turkey, it is an interesting west-European urban legend)
  • Gala (supermarket), an Irish convenience store chain
  • Gala Inc., a pure holding company that administers 'GALA Group' which is in the online gaming industry.
  • Gala Coral Group, a betting shop (Coral) and bingo hall (Gala Bingo) operator based in the United Kingdom
  • Gala RFC, a rugby club in Galashiels, Scotland
  • Gala TV, the television channel produced by Gala Bingo




See also[edit]

  • Galah, a cockatoo native to Australia
  • Galla Placidia, Roman empress, daughter of Emperor Theodosius the Great.