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Galeria Fundana from Promptuarii Iconum Insigniorum

Galeria Fundana (c. 40 – aft. 69) was a Roman empress of the 1st century CE, the second wife of Roman emperor Vitellius.


The daughter of an ex-praetor, Galeria bore two children during her marriage, a son and a daughter.[1][2] Tacitus, who writes unfavourably about Vitellius, claims that Galeria was a woman of "exemplary virtue" who "took no part in [Vitellius's] horrors."[3]

Her son Vitellius, renamed Germanicus by his father in 69, was killed during the Flavian Revolt, together with Vitellius himself. Galeria's life was spared and she was allowed to bury her husband. Her daughter, Vitellia was helped by a generous Vespasian to make a good marriage.


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