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This article is about the parliament of Galicia, Spain. For the historical parliament of Austro-Hungarian Galicia in Eastern Europe, see Sejm of the Land.
Parliament of Galicia
Parlamento de Galicia
VIII Legislature
Parlamento de Galicia.png
Pilar Milagros Rojo Noguera, PPdeG
since 1 March 2009
Vice president
José Manuel Baltar Blanco, PPdeG
since 21st October 2012
Vice president
Ricardo Varela, PSdeG-PSOE
since 1 March 2009
José Manuel Balseiro, PPdeG
since 1 March 2009
Vice secretary
Anxo QuintanaBNG
since 1 March 2009
Seats 75
Political groups
     Grupo Popular
     Grupo Socialista
     Grupo Nacionalista
     Grupo da AGE
     Mixed group
Proportional representation
Last election
21st October
Meeting place
Salón de Plenos
Pazo do Hórreo
Santiago de Compostela
Galicia, Spain

The Parliament of Galicia (Galician: Parlamento de Galicia) is the unicameral legislature of the autonomous community of Galicia, Spain. It is formed by 75 deputies (deputados). Deputies are elected every four years in ordinary period, or extraordinarily upon dissolution and call of elections by the President of the Xunta of Galicia, by universal suffrage in proportional lists with four constituencies, being this the Galician provinces.


The Parliament:


The Galician Parliament meets at the Pazo do Horreo in the Galician capital of Santiago de Compostela.

Current composition[edit]

The composition of the 8th legislature, to serve no further than 2013, is:

Affiliation Members
   People's Party of Galicia 41
   Socialist Party of Galicia 18
   Galician Left Alternative 7
   Galician Nationalist Bloc 7
   Cerna[1] 1
   Independent[2] 1
Total 75


  • I Legislature [3] (1981)
  • II Legislature (1985)
  • III Legislature (1989)
  • IV Legislature (1993)
  • President: Victorino Núñez Rodríguez
  • V Legislature (1997)
  • VI Legislature (2001)
  • President: José Mª García Leira
  • VII Legislature (2005)
  • VIII Legislature (2009)

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