Galila Ron-Feder Amit

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Galila Ron-Feder Amit
Born 1949
Haifa, Israel
Occupation Novelist
Notable works El Atsmi

Galila Ron-Feder Amit (Hebrew: גלילה רון־פדר-עמית‎, born 1949) is an Israeli children books author.[1]


Born in Haifa, Israel and studied in the Hebrew Reali School and later Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She was married to Avi Feder and after their divorce married Meshulam Amit. She has 3 children. She also fostered 10 children throughout her life and recorded her experiences in a fictional series that was broadcast on the radio and changed for the stage and TV.

She wrote many famous Hebrew books, among her most famous and well known are the Gingi (Hebrew: ג'ינג'י‎) series and Tuli Ta'alooli (Hebrew: טולי תעלולי‎).[2]


  • The Time Tunnel - a series of children's books involving two Jerusalem children traveling back in time to various historical events related to the State of Israel.
  • International Mission - a series of children's books involving Israeli children traveling to different countries in order to participate in various missions.


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