Galina Shatalova

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Galina Shatalova
Born (1916-10-13)October 13, 1916
Ashgabat, Russian Empire
Died December 14, 2011(2011-12-14) (aged 95)
Residence Moscow Oblast
Nationality Russia
Occupation Writer

Galina Shatalova (Russian: Галина Серге́евна Шаталова) (October 13, 1916 – December 14, 2011)[1][2][3] was the author of many popular books on health, healthful food, and healthful lifestyle. Shatalova is best known for her Natural Health Improvement System,[1][4] which incorporates a very low calory diet.[5]

In 1960 she began developing her system of natural health improvement. To prove her theories she and her patients undertook a 311-mile (500 km) hike through the desert in 1990.

Her book Vybor Puti (The choice of the way), published in 1996, describes her system. One of the theories she attempts to debunk is that people require about 1200 to 1700 kcal per day. These figures date back to statistical research done in Germany at the end of the 19th century; she claims that the requirements are in fact around 250 to 400 kcal, assuming a natural rather than processed diet.

The four elements of her system of natural health improvement are:

  • Correct breathing
  • Healthy motion
  • Hardening of the organism
  • Appropriate nutrition

She also was a neurosurgeon,[2][4][6] MD, PhD (Candidate of Sciences);[1][2][7] clinical researcher and Burdenko Award prizewinner.[1] She was chief of the Astronauts Training Sector of the Institute of Space and Aviation Biology.[5]


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