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Gallery may refer to:


  • An art museum (art gallery)
  • A retail art shop (also often known as an art gallery)
  • An exhibition room in a museum
  • Long gallery, an element in architecture: a long hallway or long, narrow room, frequently decorated with sculptures and frescoes
  • A narrow balcony, usually including a railing, inside or outside of a building
    • A minstrels' gallery, a balcony used by performing musicians
    • An observation deck, usually on the upper floors of a building, used to afford visitors a long-distance view
    • Gallery, in a theatre or concert hall, one or more raised seating platforms towards the rear of the auditorium – see Theater (structure)
    • In UK television production, gallery is used as a substitute for production control room
  • An audience or a group of spectators
  • In mining, a horizontal passage in an underground mine
  • An oil gallery, a lubricating oil passage within an internal combustion engine




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